Ranking every major 2018 film so far from worst to first

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May 10, 2018
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Ranking every major 2018 film so far from worst to first

As of now, the next Academy Awards are but a distant twinkle on the Hollywood horizon. That definitive film industry event in which both movies and outfits are judged without compromise looms nearly a year away. But why should Oscar himself have the only word in movie assessment? Even as the Hollywood Foreign Press hibernates until next March, filmmakers are hard at work, and there are already plenty of 2018 movies to enjoy, appraise and, of course, rank.

Some of 2018's films have delivered laughter, heartbreak and a deep sense of shame over movie theater snacking, while others have broken records or even inspired viewers to adopt puppies upon leaving the theater.

All films on this list were released in 2018 and received at least 5,000 user votes on IMDb. These scores were calculated with a metric combining IMDb scores (based on user votes), Metacritic scores (based on critic reviews), and the Rotten Tomatoes Tomatometer (also based on critic reviews). So without further ado, here are the 36 major films of 2018 so far, ranked from worst to best.

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1 / 36

#36. The Open House

Stacker score: 26.34

IMDb score: 3.3

Metascore: null

Tomatometer: 13

In “Open House,” a widow and her son move in with family only to be terrorized by mysterious occurrences in the up-for-sale home. The film, a Netflix production starring Dylan Minnette of “13 Reasons Why,” raised some questions about Netflix's quality control process, earning it last place on this list.

2 / 36
Universal Pictures

#35. Fifty Shades Freed

Stacker score: 33

IMDb score: 4.4

Metascore: 31

Tomatometer: 13

The newest in the erotic Fifty Shades franchise, “Fifty Shades Freed” sees Anastasia and Christian’s new marriage tested by the arrival of shadowy figures from their respective pasts. The film was critically panned, but still pulled in more than $1 billion at box offices worldwide.

3 / 36

#34. The Titan

Stacker score: 37.25

IMDb score: 4.9

Metascore: 33

Tomatometer: 18

This low-budget, straight-to-Netflix sci-fi thriller is set in 2048, when overpopulation prompts Earth's scientists to consider a move to Titan, Saturn’s largest moon. In the film, fighter pilot Rick Janssen is selected as part of an experimental group which will be trained for galactic survival and sent to live on Titan for two years. The reasoning behind choosing Titan as a new home is based in reality: it is, in fact, the only other celestial body in this solar system with a dense atmosphere and a liquid cycle similar to Earth’s.

4 / 36
Point Grey Pictures

#33. Game Over, Man!

Stacker score: 37.25

IMDb score: 5.4

Metascore: 32

Tomatometer: 9

Action-comedy “Game Over, Man!” sees the “Workaholics” cast up to even crazier, raunchier, Die Hard-inspired escapades, now in feature length. Three friends making a living as hotel cleaners are on the verge of a big break: having their video game financed. Chaos ensues, however, when their prospective financier is kidnapped and held hostage.

5 / 36
Blacklab Entertainment

#32. Winchester

Stacker score: 37.5

IMDb score: 5.4

Metascore: 28

Tomatometer: 14

Even the presence of the esteemed Helen Mirren couldn’t safeguard this Gothic horror flick from critiques like “silly,” “batty” and “cliched” at the hands of New York Times critic Jeannette Catsoulis. In “Winchester,” Mirren portrays turn-of-the-century historical figure Sarah Winchester, who believes ghosts are filling her home, and continues expanding her property in order to house them.

6 / 36
Liberty Films UK

#31. Mute

Stacker score: 39.5

IMDb score: 5.4

Metascore: 35

Tomatometer: 15

Backed by a star-studded cast including Alexander Skarsgård, Justin Theroux, Paul Rudd and Paul Rudd’s mustache, this sci-fi noir thriller had potential. Skarsgård’s character, made mute by a childhood accident, searches a futuristic, Blade Runner-style Berlin for his missing girlfriend and encounters a crew of seedy characters along the way. The film was met with little praise, despite the story taking place in the same universe as director Duncan Jones’ previous success, “Moon.”

7 / 36
Huayi Brothers Pictures

#30. I Feel Pretty

Stacker score: 41

IMDb score: 4.1

Metascore: 48

Tomatometer: 34

“I Feel Pretty,” is comedian Amy Schumer's latest project, in which a woman with low self-esteem hits her head and suddenly sees herself as a supermodel. But despite questions of how feminist and body-positive the film really is, it has nevertheless found itself at the center of some controversy. Schumer maintains that it’s simply a story about self-confidence, and learning to love oneself no matter what.

8 / 36
Bad Robot

#29. The Cloverfield Paradox

Stacker score: 41.25

IMDb score: 5.6

Metascore: 37

Tomatometer: 16

This sci-fi horror flick follows a group of space station-based scientists who think they have discovered the ultimate energy source–“The God Particle”–but soon find that it releases unexpected horror. The film’s original script was entirely unrelated to the “Cloverfield” franchise, and it was only once production began that J.J. Abrams realized changes could be made in order to link the plot to other events in the “Cloverfield” universe.

9 / 36
Warner Bros.

#28. The 15:17 to Paris

Stacker score: 43

IMDb score: 5.1

Metascore: 45

Tomatometer: 25

On Aug. 21, 2015, three young American men successfully thwarted an act of terrorism aboard a train from Amsterdam to Paris. Clint Eastwood’s film adaptation of this act of heroism is unique in its choice to cast the real-life heroes as actors in the film, which both amplifies the movie’s truthfulness and creates a kind of walking-selfie imitation of authenticity.”

10 / 36
Walt Disney Pictures

#27. A Wrinkle in Time

Stacker score: 44.25

IMDb score: 4.2

Metascore: 53

Tomatometer: 40

At the urging of three mysterious beings, Meg Murry, her brother and their friend travel across dimensions to rescue the Murrys’ father, a missing scientist. “A Wrinkle in Time” brings a deeply beloved children’s book to the screen, and it does so with female direction and a diverse leading cast.

11 / 36
Cave 76

#26. Death Wish

Stacker score: 44.75

IMDb score: 6.5

Metascore: 32

Tomatometer: 17

Bruce Willis stars in this remake of the 1974 film of the same name, in which a Chicago doctor seeks vengeance against the men who attacked his family, wounding his daughter and killing his wife. The movie follows a long tradition of vigilante action films, but the act of releasing such a gun-heavy narrative in the aftermath of a mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, struck some as insensitive.

12 / 36
Linson Entertainment

#25. The Outsider

Stacker score: 45

IMDb score: 6.3

Metascore: 30

Tomatometer: 24

In this Netflix original, an American soldier escapes from prison in post-WWII Japan. Once free, he must repay his debt to those who helped him: dangerous members of the Yakuza. Starring Jared Leto, “The Outsider” raised some concerns of whitewashing, but it also suggests that Leto simply does not age.

13 / 36
Blumhouse Productions

#24. Insidious: The Last Key

Stacker score: 48.75

IMDb score: 5.7

Metascore: 49

Tomatometer: 32

The fourth installment in the “Insidious” franchise, “The Last Key” serves as a prequel to the original “Insidious” film and sees parapsychologist Elise Rainier forced to face a haunting case developing in her trauma-filled childhood home. The film’s box office success has some thinking there may be more insidious happenings to come.

14 / 36
Aviron Pictures

#23. The Strangers: Prey at Night 

Stacker score: 49.75

IMDb score: 5.7

Metascore: 48

Tomatometer: 37

Openly and almost ironically embracing all the best-known tropes of the horror genre, “The Strangers: Prey at Night” is a quasi-sequel to 2008’s “The Strangers.” In this chapter, a family of four becomes trapped in an abandoned mobile home park at the mercy of three masked psychopathic killers.

15 / 36
Footprint Features

#22. When We First Met

Stacker score: 50.5

IMDb score: 6.4

Metascore: 35

Tomatometer: 39

In this high-concept romantic comedy, Max (Adam Devine) meets the girl of his dreams and is crushed when she winds up engaged to someone else. That is, until he realizes he has the ability to travel back in time to the night they first met and do whatever it takes to win her love. Though still a traditional, generic rom-com in many senses, the film won some points for unexpected twists.

16 / 36
Clear Angle Studios

#21. Pacific Rim: Uprising

Stacker score: 51.25

IMDb score: 5.9

Metascore: 44

Tomatometer: 43

Set two decades after 2013’s “Pacific Rim,” “Uprising” follows a former Jaeger pilot as he teams up with his sister to fight off the Kaiju, a breed of giant monster trying to destroy the world. While generally received less favorably than its predecessor, “Pacific Rim: Uprising” was still said to deliver the kind of action excitement fans of the original would enjoy.

17 / 36
Gotham Group

#20. Maze Runner: The Death Cure

Stacker score: 55.25

IMDb score: 6.4

Metascore: 51

Tomatometer: 42

Another of 2018's many sequels, “The Death Cure” is the third and final film in the Maze Runner saga. In this last chapter, escaped Gladers embarks on their most dangerous mission yet in order to rescue their friends.

18 / 36
7 Bucks Entertainment

#19. Rampage

Stacker score: 56

IMDb score: 6.4

Metascore: 45

Tomatometer: 51

In “Rampage,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson plays a primatologist charged with the care of a silverback gorilla. Blockbuster chaos ensues when the animal is turned monstrous by rogue genetic experiments, which have impacted other animals as well. The film is based on a 1980s arcade game, which also “unofficially inspired Disney’s ‘Wreck-It Ralph.’”

19 / 36
Atmosphere Entertainment MM

#18. Den of Thieves

Stacker score: 57.5

IMDb score: 7

Metascore: 49

Tomatometer: 41

In modern-day Los Angeles, a group of sheriff’s deputies face off with a heist crew looking to rob the Federal Reserve. The film, inspired by other classic heist films, has already stirred up talk of a sequel.


20 / 36
GK Films

#17. Tomb Raider

Stacker score: 58.25

IMDb score: 6.8

Metascore: 48

Tomatometer: 49

Inspired by the action-adventure video game of the same name, “Tomb Raider” is the story of adventurous Lara Croft, who embarks on a perilous journey to solve the case of her father’s disappearance. In previous film adaptations, the role of Croft was portrayed by Angelina Jolie, but this version has Alicia Vikander as a more rough-and-tumble Lara who “requires no romance.”

21 / 36
Chernin Entertainment

#16. Red Sparrow

Stacker score: 58.5

IMDb score: 6.7

Metascore: 53

Tomatometer: 47

Jennifer Lawrence, sporting a Russian accent, stars as a new recruit in the Sparrow School, which trains young people to use both their minds and bodies to obtain information as intelligence officers. But the film is a far cry from slick spy thrillers of the past–this take on the genre is “shockingly brutal” and “a cavalcade of pain and depressing sexual encounters.”

22 / 36
Ombra Films

#15. The Commuter

Stacker score: 59.75

IMDb score: 6.3

Metascore: 56

Tomatometer: 57

This action thriller, starring Liam Neeson, follows Michael MacCauley as his daily train commute is transformed into unwitting involvement in a criminal scheme and a race against time. Critical consensus was that the plot eventually goes “off the rails,” perhaps as the result of one too many twists. Still, it’s hard not to be impressed that Neeson can still pack a punch at age 65.

23 / 36
Alcon Enteertainment

#14. 12 Strong

Stacker score: 60

IMDb score: 6.6

Metascore: 54

Tomatometer: 54

Based on real events as detailed in Doug Stanton’s book “Horse Soldiers,” “12 Strong” tells the story of the first Special Forces team deployed to Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11. Multiple sources have confirmed that the film is largely truthful, and one of the main cast members, Rob Riggle, is in fact a veteran.

24 / 36
2.0 Entertainment

#13. Peter Rabbit

Stacker score: 61.5

IMDb score: 6.6

Metascore: 52

Tomatometer: 62

Peter Rabbit, the animated update to the classic Beatrix Potter character, steals vegetables from a neighbor’s garden and gets into all kinds of mischief. The film stars Domhnall Gleeson and Rose Byrne as Peter’s neighbors, who eventually fall in love. Peter himself is voiced by James Corden.

25 / 36
Principato-Young Entertainment

#12. A Futile and Stupid Gesture

Stacker score: 63

IMDb score: 6.8

Metascore: 55

Tomatometer: 61

This biopic, based on Josh Karp’s book of the same name, follows the life of National Lampoon co-founder Doug Kenney over the course of the humor magazine’s rise and fall. The magazine was published from 1970 to 1998, but the troubled Kenney died in 1980 at the age of 33 after either falling or jumping from a cliff in Hawaii.

26 / 36
Braven NL

#11. Braven

Stacker score: 65.5

IMDb score: 6.3

Metascore: 61

Tomatometer: 75

A fairly standard-order action movie, “Braven” is about a father and son who head to a remote cabin in hope of a quiet weekend, but instead find a stash of heroin and crew of angry drug traffickers. The film stars Jason Momoa, best-known for playing Dothraki warlord Khal Drogo in “Game of Thrones.”

27 / 36
Extension 765

#10. Unsane

Stacker score: 69.5

IMDb score: 6.8

Metascore: 63

Tomatometer: 79

“Unsane,” starring "The Crown's" Claire Foy and directed and shot by Steven Soderbergh, was filmed entirely on an iPhone 7. After moving to a new city to escape an obsessed stalker, Foy’s character finds herself involuntarily committed to a mental institution. The audience is left to wonder who’s crazy and what’s true.

28 / 36
Point Grey Pictures

#9. Blockers

Stacker score: 71

IMDb score: 6.6

Metascore: 69

Tomatometer: 83

Three high school girls make a pact to lose their virginities on prom night, but the plan is complicated when, unbeknownst to the girls, their parents find out and embark on a covert operation to stop them. The script, originally about three fathers trying to stop their three straight daughters from having sex, was rewritten to make one of the parents a mother and one of the daughters gay and grappling with her sexuality.

29 / 36
Amblin Entertainment

#8. Ready Player One

Stacker score: 73.5

IMDb score: 7.8

Metascore: 64

Tomatometer: 74

In a bleak, futuristic world, virtual reality has taken over as an escape from life. When the creator of popular virtual reality world OASIS dies, various players compete to inherit his fortune. Some have argued that Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Ernest Cline’s best-seller of the same name has even improved on the book.

30 / 36
Access Entertainment

#7. Game Night

Stacker score: 74

IMDb score: 7.4

Metascore: 66

Tomatometer: 82

In order to spice up his friends’ weekly game night, Brooks (Kyle Chandler) arranges an elaborate murder mystery party. When he’s kidnapped, his friends assume it’s a part of the game, but quickly realize it’s far more real than they imagined. Though fairly conventional, a strong comedic cast and plenty of unexpected twists made this a successful film.

31 / 36
DNA Films

#6. Annihilation

Stacker score: 76.5

IMDb score: 7

Metascore: 79

Tomatometer: 87

A group of military scientists, led by Natalie Portman’s character, set off on a mission into the mysterious quarantined zone known as “The Shimmer.” Though concerns over the film being “too intellectual” led to its release solely on Netflix for most countries outside the U.S., critical reception was generally positive.

32 / 36
Fox 2000 Pictures

#5. Love, Simon

Stacker score: 81.75

IMDb score: 8.1

Metascore: 73

Tomatometer: 92

Simon is a happy and well-adjusted teen, but he’s struggling with how to tell his family and friends that he’s gay. He begins an email relationship with an anonymous student from his school who is also gay, and the bulk of the movie centers on finding out who that person is. The film is a fairly typical coming of age story, but even that is groundbreaking in its own way.

33 / 36
American Empirical Pictures

#4. Isle of Dogs

Stacker score: 84

IMDb score: 8.2

Metascore: 82

Tomatometer: 90

In a futuristic, dystopian Japan, all dogs have been banished to an island also reserved for the country’s trash, but one young boy will not rest until he’s reunited with his canine companion. This visually stunning stop-motion film, the latest feature from Wes Anderson, has been met with mostly positive reviews. It has also prompted discussions about its use of Japanese language and culture.

34 / 36
Marvel Studios

#3. Avengers: Infinity War

Stacker score: 84

IMDb score: 9.2

Metascore: 68

Tomatometer: 84

“Infinity War” has big ambitions: its scope is the entire Marvel Universe, and it unites an array of characters in order to stop villain Thanos from devastating and destroying everything in his path. Filming the blockbuster was also a bonding experience, inspiring five of the six original Avengers to get matching tattoos in the process.

35 / 36
Marvel Studios

#2. Black Panther

Stacker score: 84.5

IMDb score: 7.7

Metascore: 88

Tomatometer: 96

T’Challa is king of Wakanda, a secret and technologically advanced African nation, but is challenged when an outsider with a personal vendetta vies for the throne and puts all of Wakanda at stake. The film has broken numerous box office records, features an unusually complex villain and delivers a powerful message about race.

36 / 36
Platinum Dunes

#1. A Quiet Place

Stacker score: 84.75

IMDb score: 8.1

Metascore: 82

Tomatometer: 95

“If they can’t hear you, they can’t hunt you.” In this thriller, the world has been virtually destroyed by blind monsters who are summoned by sound, and a family must live in total silence if they hope to survive. John Krasinski, who directed the film and stars in it alongside his wife, Emily Blunt, has said the horror film is also a love letter to his children.

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