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How Halloween has changed in the past 100 years

Stacker takes a close look at how Halloween has changed over the course of the last century, from changing traditions to purchasing trends.

Major conspiracy theories of the last century and the stories behind them

Stacker creates a comprehensive list of conspiracy theories from a variety of countries and time periods, ranging from scientific diseases to why certain sports victories occurred. From lizard people to torn jeans, learn all about the conspiracy theories that informed the world.

Most common words used to describe UFOs from reported sightings

UFOs (unidentified flying objects) have been reported throughout history and people have used similar words to describe them throughout. We talk about the National UFO Reporting Center’s top list of UFO descriptors and famous examples of each UFO in history.

Famous declassified government secrets

Stacker looks at the top 30 declassified government secrets, from Operation Paperclip to previously unknown Cold War facts. There’s no conspiracy in these slides—these government secrets are all true to history.

Popular hairstyles through the decades

Stacker evaluates the trendiest haircuts from the last 100 years, including those of social significance as well as the radical hair trends that shaped ideas of beauty around the world.

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