50 of the most expensive things for sale right now

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October 8, 2018

50 of the most expensive things for sale right now

“Treat yo' self,” isn’t just a meme that spawned from a popular “Parks and Recreation” reference, it’s a full-on lifestyle. Stacker researched 50 of the most expensive things you can readily buy—no one-of-a-kind, gem-encrusted, or auction-only items here—to inspire your next shopping spree.

The occasional massive splurge has never been more satisfying, as luxury specialists keep rolling out high-priced experiences, products, foods, materials, accommodations, and animals. Yes, animals. Just wait till you see how much you’ll drop on the most expensive kitten for sale. You’ll need some expensive Kentucky bourbon to wash that bill down.

Which of these finer things will you spend your hard-earned cash on? Perhaps nothing, or perhaps you’ll decide to “treat yo’ self!”

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Royal Carribbean

Most expensive cruise suite: The Ultimate Family Suite on Royal Caribbean’s “Symphony of the Seas”

Cost: $45,000 to $85,000 per week

For families prepared to drop some cash at sea, there’s The Ultimate Family Suite aboard Royal Caribbean’s “Symphony of the Seas.” Here are a few of the kid-friendly amenities in this duplex space that sleeps eight: a LEGO wall, ping-pong table, and a slidebecause who needs stairs? 

There’s also a balcony jacuzzi for the most relaxing possible ocean view. Oh, and if it even matters at that point, the ship sails across the Mediterranean Sea, making stops in Italy, Spain, and France before heading to Miami.

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Jason Douglas // Wikicommons

Most expensive cat: Savannah

Cost: $12,000

Servals are the fifth-largest cat in Africa. When domesticated and bred, they produce a type of kitten called a Savannah. First-generation male or female Savannah kittens retain a good deal of their serval heritage and start at $12,000with premiums for certain rare colors or patterns.

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Le Bon International

Most expensive bottle of sake: Juyondai 'Ryusen' Junmai Daiginjo

Cost: $5,700

For those who wouldn’t be caught dead sitting down to an eight-course sushi feast without the world’s most expensive bottle of sake, there’s Juyondai 'Ryusen' Junmai Daiginjo. A 720-milliliter bottle, which you can purchase from online importers, costs about $5,700. Junmai Daiginjo is the highest grade of sake and is made with Yamada Nishiki rice, the most prized variety available.

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Travelarz // Wikicommons

Most expensive first class cabin: Etihad’s “The Residence” from Abu Dhabi to New York City

Cost: $32,000

Are you ready for 14 of the comfiest, most pampered in-flight hours of your life? Book “The Residence” on Etihad Airways the next time you need to fly from the UAE to New York’s JFK. There’s a double-wide bed, a dedicated bathroom with a shower, a private chef on-call, two dining tables, leather armchairs, and a 32-inch flat screen television pre-loaded with thousands of movies, shows, and games. Start saving your miles now.

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Wilson Audio

Most expensive speakers: Wilson Audio Alexx

Cost: $110,000 per pair

If your neighbors don’t complain about these speakers, they’re probably deaf. Wilson Audio’s Alexx model uses complex, sophisticated technology to produce crystal-clear sound for the ultimate music experience dubbed “the best you’ll ever have.” Buying a customized pair of Alexx speakers means you probably don’t have neighbors, anyway.   

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Fleur Las Vegas

Most expensive burger: the FleurBurger 5000

Cost: $5,000

Renowned French chef Hubert Keller developed this fancy burger for Fleur, his restaurant at Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay. The Kobe beef patty is topped with foie gras and truffles and comes with a bottle of 1995 Chateau Petrus. Is it worth it?

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D. Porthault Paris

Most expensive set of sheets: D. Porthault Luxury Linens

Cost: $2,350 for a king set

Once you slip into these sheets, you may never go back to those oh-so-cozy and cheap jersey sets again. Then again, you may also go bankrupt, as these crisp linens will set you back more than two grand.

What’s so special about them, especially since they feature a relatively low thread count of 400? They’re made from meticulously selected 100% Egyptian cotton and are woven to last from generation to generationif you’re into sleeping on another generation’s fancy sheets. They’re also damaged by fabric softener, and they need to be tumble-dried 90% of the way, ironed or steamed, then stored in a place “they can breathe.” Good luck!


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Most expensive set of golf clubs: Honma Beres S-05 T117 Complete Set

Cost $75,000

Only 10 of these sets have been produced, owing to the price tag, but Japanese golf club “artisans” Honma would be happy to precision-engineer a set for you. The brand has celebrity fans like Jack Nicholson, Joe Pesci, and Marc Anthony. A Honma Beres S-05 T117 complete set, with 14 pieces, costs a cool $75,000. Does that include the golf bag? It does not, but the heads are gold-plated.

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dw drums

Most expensive drum set: DW Limited Edition 6 Piece Exotic Pure Tasmanian Timber Shell Pack

Cost: $7,200

These drums by Drum Workshop come with a hefty price tag because they were engineered by legendary drum-maker John Good. The set is constructed from rare Tasmanian timber, which lends warm tones, allows for absolute precision in tuning, and resists warping better than other materials. Only 200 sets were made—grab yours before they're gone.

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sadjack // Pixabay

Most expensive tea: Aged Da Hong Pao

Cost: $1,400 per gram

This heavily oxidized oolong tea comes from Wuyishan in Fujian Province, China. Few of the original ancient tea trees remain, making this coveted cup one of the most expensive caffeine fixes you can currently buy at $1,400 per gram or about $10,000 per pot.

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PROCity Foodsters // Flickr

Most expensive caviar: Iranian Almas Beluga White Caviar

Cost: $17,000 per pound

It should be no surprise the most expensive caviar in the world is from Iran—the country has long-cultivated the highest-quality fish eggs required to make this pricey delicacy. Caviar comes from the Persian word “khag-avar,” which means “roe generator.” Almas, a premium albino variety of the already sky-high-priced beluga, earned a Guinness World Record for its cost. You may even have enough cash left over for toast points to spread it on.

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Most expensive headphones: Sennheiser HE 1 Orpheus

Cost: $50,000

Which album will you listen to first with these marvels of engineering, constructed from 6,000 meticulously designed and assembled parts—and come with their own white marble stand? The Sennheiser Orpheus headphones are based on the audio tech company’s popular and very costly Orpheus HE90 model, the world’s original most expensive headphones: a crystal-clear feat of “one-upmanship.”  

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Most expensive coffee table book: Taschen’s Ferrari (Art Edition)

Cost: $30,000

You won’t actually find this book on anyone’s coffee table—even if it’s an extremely expensive coffee table. This edition of the famed high-end publisher’s Ferrari book, filled with hundreds of photos of the most famous cars ever produced, perches atop a custom sculptural stand created just for this occasion by renowned industrial designer Marc Newson.

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Takuya ASADA // Flickr

Most expensive strawberries: Japanese Bijin-hime strawberries

Cost: $500 each

Many Japanese prefectures are known for growing a variety of this coveted berry, especially Fukuoka, Togichi, and Gifu. The most expensive? Bijin-hime strawberries, which can weigh up to 100 grams each—the size of a medium apple or larger. They’re traditionally given as gifts of affection, and they are renowned for their unblemished appearance and extra-sweet flavor. Head to the renowned Okuda Farm in Gifu to pick them yourself.

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Most expensive mattress: Hästens Vividus

Cost: $149,000

If you don’t get the best night’s sleep of your life, then Swedish high-end mattress manufacturer Hästens has taken you for quite the financial ride. Mattress-makers to Swedish royalty—who are already some of the best sleepers in the world—Hästens mattresses are handcrafted and require over 320 hours of meticulous work from “cotton, wool, flax, and hand-teased horsehair.” Yes, horsehair. Believe it or not, it helps you stay cool during the night. If you’re not sleeping on horsehair, you’re nobody.

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Crocodile Rocks // Flickr

Most expensive marble floor: Calacatta

Cost: $250 per square foot

Calacatta is the creme de la creme of Italian Carrara marble and is considered the finest in the world. Its unique striations and color variations enhance its natural beauty, making it a must for high-end kitchen and bathroom design. You could easily drop $25,000 just redoing the floor of your master bathroom—forget the fixtures and tub—and that’s before labor costs.    

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Most expensive salt: Korean amethyst bamboo salt

Cost: $398 per pound

To make this coveted salt, artisans pack Korean gray sea salt into aged hollow bamboo tubes and seal it in using clay. The tubes are roasted in a searing hot oven, causing the salt to melt. As the salt crystals re-harden, they take on a dark pink-purple hue. The intense aromatic flavors of the salt are used to add a finishing touch to simple foods. Try it for yourself, and experience the magic that has sent this culinary wonder’s price sky-high.    

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Sandro Senn // Wikicommons

Most expensive hotel room: The Royal Penthouse Suite in Hotel President Wilson

Cost: $80,000 per night

The Royal Penthouse Suite located in Geneva, Switzerland’s Hotel President Wilson sleeps 12 comfortably. It’s 5,500 square feet of over-the-top luxury. The suite sports an unobstructed view of Geneva’s majestic Lac Léman, and all the bells and whistles necessary to accommodate your massive security detail.

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Sky Wellness

Most expensive gym membership: Sky Wellness

Cost: $30,000 per year

Nestled cozily on the waterfront in Belgrade, Serbia, this high-end fitness center’s design includes an illuminated ceiling that’s reminiscent of a cloud. With stunning river views and a specialized team of experts to help you make the most of the center’s high-end amenities, you may find yourself able to buy a better set of abs, after all.

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Most expensive children’s bed: PoshTots’ Fantasy Coach

Cost: $47,500

These princess coach beds take six months to craft, and the cost doesn’t include shipping. They’re custom-fit to the specifications of your fancy tots’ royal nursery and feature your choice of luxurious interior furnishings—a kid’s dream come true.

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marcosbascuas76 // Wikicommons

Most expensive helicopter: Airbus H225 Super Puma

Cost: $25 million

The priciest helicopter you can own for personal travel is this luxurious flying cabin from Airbus with a cool name to boot. It can be used for any reason you’d need a helicopter, from getting to the airport to flying to your own private island to escaping from it. Pilot not included.

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Most expensive vodka: Stolichnaya Elit Pristine Water Series Andean Edition

Cost: $3,000 per bottle

Stolichnaya Elit Pristine Water Series Andean Edition comes with a gold-plated ice pick in a fancy wooden box. The vodka is made with ultra-pure water from underground reservoirs—one coveted location chosen for each batch—blended with Russian winter wheat. Only 300 bottles were released during the years Stoli produced this line, so hurry get your hands on the Himalayas, New Zealand, or Andes edition while you can.

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Silver Cross

Most expensive stroller: Silver Cross Balmoral Pram

Cost: $2,699

While ergonomic design and modern conveniences have been built into most of the high-end strollers you can buy today, the Silver Cross Balmoral remains the gold standard of English prams. It’s a status symbol as well as a posh means of transporting your little one. Polished chrome accents tie the elegant look together, and a specially developed shock-absorbing mechanism keeps your baby sleeping soundly.

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Blendtec's Will It Blend? // YouTube

Most expensive blender: Blendtec Smoother Q-Series 20 Amp

Cost: $1,199

This commercial blender that’s compact enough for countertop use can pulverize anything in seconds more quietly than you’d think something with this much horsepower could. That’s because it has a muffler built into the motor stand. This blender is also the star of YouTube’s “Will It Blend?”

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Over Yonder Cay

Most expensive private island to rent: Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

Cost: $730,000 per week

This fishing outpost turned eco-tourism haven sleeps up to 30 people. It’s powered by wind turbines and a solar field, drastically reducing its carbon footprint. The weekly rental includes local activities like sailing, golf, and yoga. Oh, the sailing is on a super-yacht, and the rental includes a multi-dock marina and full clubhouse.  

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Christian Louboutin

Most expensive lipstick: Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour

Cost: $90

Purveyors of high-end red-soled high heels and other luxury wear, Christian Louboutin isn’t shy about charging an arm and a leg for its products. The lipstick's packaging was inspired by Babylonian architecture, Middle Eastern antiquities, and the Art Deco movement. 

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Most expensive instant noodles: Ichiran tonkotsu ramen

Cost: $8 per pack

Developed by a chain of popular ramen restaurants, Ichiran’s instant tonkotsu ramen uses premium ingredients to make this quick and hearty meal. The result: you may fool your friends into thinking you slaved over a hot pot of simmering pork bones for two days.   

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Ivan Mlinaric // Flickr

Most expensive wool: Vicuña

Price: $500 per kilo

Wool from Peruvian vicuña—wild relatives of llamas—is highly coveted by high-end clothing makers, owing to its unique breathability, durability, and softness. Why the price? The vicuña population has dropped sharply in the last decade, although shearing the animals for their wool doesn’t hurt them.

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Most expensive turntable: Av Design Haus Dereneville VPM

Cost: $650,000

The most expensive turntable you can readily buy has an air suspension system, Corian base, touch-screen capability, and electronic microscope for the ultimate spinning experience in one sleek package. This all ensures beyond a shadow of doubt that you’ll never hear a skip or scratch, unless you want to.

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Jo Loves

Most expensive candle: Jo Loves

Cost: $550

If burning actual money seems a little on the nose, pick up a candle from luxury perfumer Jo Malone’s Jo Loves line and watch it happen in slow motion while enjoying the delightfully soothing scent of a campfire. The candles burn for about 200 hours, bringing the grand total of scent-per-hour to a $2.75.

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38 Degress North

Most expensive yoga retreat: 38 Degrees North in Ibiza, Spain

Cost: $2,725 per three-day weekend

If nonstop yoga and wellness on a beach outside of Ibiza sounds like your idea of a fantastic weekend, there’s no better place to drop money than 38 Degrees North. The five-star oceanside retreat is renowned for its spa treatments and luxurious health-focused cuisine. The retreat also offers Pilates, tai chi, and body-balancing classes with unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea. Tack on the cost of flights and round-trip airport transportation, and you’re looking at the most expensive downward dog of your life.

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Hard Rock Stadium

Most expensive NFL suites: Living Room Suites at Hard Rock Stadium

Cost: $75,000 per season

For those with cash to burn and a desire to watch the Miami Dolphins from the most luxurious setting possible, there are the Living Room Suites at Hard Rock Stadium. Each box includes four oversized recliners, private televisions, ample storage, and unlimited premium food and alcohol options. Other things you won’t have to worry about: finding parking or getting into the exclusive on-site 72 Club.

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Parker New York

Most expensive omelet: Zillion Dollar Lobster Frittata

Cost: $1,000

Far be it from you to order a Western omelet when this behemoth is available at NYC restaurant Norma’s for a cool grand. This high-end brunch dish includes 10 ounces of fine sevruga caviar piled high, in addition to the meticulously prepared meat of a whole lobster and lobster-infused sauce. The restaurant’s menu “dares you to expense it.”  

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Montage Hotels

Most expensive spa treatment: The Royal C Treatment at Spa Montage Beverly Hills

Cost: $1,400

Why on earth does this 90-minute spa treatment cost so much? It involves use of the holy grail of skincare technology: a costly Swiss machine that “blasts” oxygen into the spa-goer’s facial skin, rapidly improving signs of aging and infusing the skin with proprietary serums. It probably goes without saying you’re likely to get a killer massage and body wrap here, too.  

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Dixon Golf

Most expensive golf ball: Dixon Fire

Cost: $75 per dozen

Remember those gold-plated clubs? You’ll need a few dozen of these high-end golf balls, too. Other high-end golf balls top out around $50 per dozen, but Dixon balls, designed for professional golfers and made of eco-friendly materials tell the world you don’t care if you lose money in a pond, in the parking lot, or over by the snack bar. Fore!

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Most expensive hair dryer: Dyson Supersonic

Cost: $400

Blow-dry aficionados will know that the less time you spend using a heat-styling tool, the fewer frizzes and fried ends you’ll have. Dyson, maker of some of the world’s best home appliances, sells a brand-new kind of hair dryer that utilizes their signature Air Multiplier technology. The hair dryer also sports sensors that ensure your hair gets only the amount of heat it needs to dry quickly.

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Images Nail Lounge

Most expensive manicure: The Glitz & Glamicure at Images Luxury Nail Lounge in Orange County, California

Cost: $10,000–$25,000

If you think shelling out $50 for a gel mani is steep, consider the Glitz & Glamicure—a favorite treatment for the uber-wealthy of Newport Beach, California. In addition to having the entire salon to yourself, you’ll have a personal jeweler consultation to select the diamonds—real ones—that will be applied, alongside 24-karat gold leaf, to your nails. You’ll also get full hairstyling, makeup, and a day of spa treatments, in addition to French champagne and pastries.  

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Buffalo Trace Distillery

Most expensive bourbon: Old Rip Van Winkle “Pappy Van Winkle’s Family Reserve” 15-Year Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Cost: about $1,400

More expensive whiskeys exist in the world, especially when you get into collectors’ editions from Ireland and Japan—two of the world’s biggest producers of this brown liquor. Van Winkle, however, is the undisputed king of good old fashioned Kentucky bourbon.

Simply referred to by connoisseurs as “Pappy,” this bottle, produced by Buffalo Trace, can be found regularly online for around $1,400. A limited number of bottles are produced each year, making its manufacturer's suggested retail price of $99.99 pretty much moot. The much rarer 20- and 23-year aged bottles run closer to $3,000 on the traders’ market. As much a status symbol as it is an indicator of a highly refined whiskey palate, this bourbon will attract plenty of attention in your home bar.  

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Electric Cinema

Most expensive movie ticket: Electric Cinema in London

Cost: £36 (about $46.50)

Seeing a movie at London’s Electric Cinema will cost you a pretty pound or two, but you’ll be watching it from an incredibly comfy bed. For a few bucks less, you can downgrade your ticket to an incredibly comfy overstuffed armchair. Not recommended for those who fall asleep easily during movies—at that point, it’s just a pricey nap.   

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Cele4~commonswiki // Wikicommons

Most expensive tropical fish: Asian arowana

Cost: Up to $150,000 each

Prime specimens of this exceptionally rare fish can fetch a tidy six figures. Due to the fish’s endangered status and tendency to grow very large, however, it’s illegal to own as a pet in many parts of the world, the United States included. The fish’s bright colors and oversized iridescent scales resemble those of a dragon, and the global drama over the right to keep one in a tank even inspired an award-winning book.  

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Most expensive bathtub: Herbeau Medicis Copper Bathtub

Cost: $36,277 (plus shipping)

Unless you’ve got seven figures to shell out for a one-of-a-kind tub made by an artist from a single piece of exotic imported crystal, you’ll have to settle for Herbeau’s copper deep-soaking tub. With a weathered exterior and highly polished interior, this is not just a work of art and statement piece, as the water inside stays nice and warm.

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AJ Madison

Most expensive dishwasher: Miele PG8061-240V

Cost: $5,699

When clean and sanitized simply isn’t enough or when you need to blast any potential grime or contaminants into next year—have one of these dishwashers from high-end German appliance manufacturer Miele installed and make caked-on food wish it had never existed. You can even buy one with a built-in liquid detergent pump, so no more messy powders or controversial Tide Pods.

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Atlas Obscura

Most expensive cheese: Pule

Cost: $576 per pound

This Serbian cheese’s rarity is the driving factor in its sky-high price. Made with milk from endangered Balkan donkeys cut with goat milk—the donkey milk is very difficult to obtain, as one might imagine—the crumbly, soft cheese has a flavor like Spanish Manchego.      

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Philip B

Most expensive shampoo: Philip B. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo

Cost: $156 for 12 ounces

You won’t see an Herbal Essences-style commercial touting the restorative properties of this extra-fancy shampoo from luxury hair and skincare brand Philip B—that would be too gauche. Named “best of the best” by Vogue Magazine internationally, Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo contains amber oil, which “channels the opulence of the Romanov dynasty.”  

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Kona, Hawaii // Steve Jurvetson // Flickr

Most expensive bottled water: Kona Nigari

Cost: $402 for a 750-ml bottle

This water is not all about expensive packaging. It’s desalinated water from 2,000 feet underneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, off of Kona, Hawaii. Kona Nigari water is said to contain rare nutrients and other compounds that are beneficial to one’s health and longevity.   

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Jim Bendon // Flickr

Most expensive bird: Palm cockatoo

Cost: $16,000

Topped with a majestic crest and elongated curved beak, this bird is a wonder to behold. Its cheeks turn a vibrant scarlet when it’s excited, a trait many owners find endearing. These are pets for the seasoned bird-owner. This is especially true if they’re bought as hatchlings, as they require a lot of specialized attention. They’re so expensive because cockatoos, and birds in general, can be tricky to breed.

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Allan Salvador // Flickr

Most expensive cut of beef: Tajima Kobe

Cost: $2,500 for 12 ounces

Many confuse Kobe beef for Wagyu, another style of ultra-premium Japanese beef produced in Japan, the United States, Australia, and Canada. To truly be Kobe-certified, however, it must be raised and processed in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture, making the genuine product a much-sought rarity. At the aptly named Wagyumafia in Tokyo’s posh Akasaka neighborhood, a melt-in-your-mouth 12-ounce chateaubriand will run you $2,500—and you won’t forget it any time soon.

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Julien Farel

Most expensive haircut: Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa in New York City

Cost: $950, including tip

Just under a grand is what it will cost you to get a haircut with Julien Farel, New York City’s premiere hairstylist. A coloring will run you another $150, and don’t even think about leaving without an armful of luxury hair products.

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Phase One

Most expensive camera: Phase One XF 100MP

Cost: $50,000

For professional photographers, this is as good as it gets. The most high-end camera from Phase One offers an astounding range of features. Its 101-megapixel sensor was co-created with Sony with the goal of precision-engineering perfect professional image quality.

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Fuji Chair

Most expensive massage chair: Fujiiryoki Cyber-Relax EC-3700

Cost: $9,499

You could easily argue that spending close to $10,000 on a robotic smart massage chair will pay for itself over time. Then again, you’re not doing much arguing at all, as this Japanese feat of engineering solves all your muscular woes. With a wide range of programs and styles programmed in, you can choose from dozens of modes like “super knead,” “shoulder blade massage,” and “total body stretch.” Whether you’re a high-performance athlete or simply someone who would rather have a massage in a chair than on a massage table, this is a splurge that just might be justified.    

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