Largest tech company in every state

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September 20, 2018
Joe Ravi // Wikicommons

Largest tech company in every state

The rise of the tech industry in the United States over the past several decades has been staggering. Businesses whose primary function is to produce or sell tech and tech services are on the rise, with Silicon Valley in California’s Bay Area serving as the epicenter of this rapid development. Unfortunately, the financial transgressions of these companies can have a major impact on the American stock market, with significant ripples often traced back to a few heavy-hitters. Every state is home to technology companies in some capacity—do you know the largest one in yours?

“Tech means more than just producing hardware or software,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told The New York Times. “It is synonymous with with innovation, research and development, and long-term thinking.”

With that in mind, Stacker used data compiled by Utopia Global to look at companies developing new technology in communications, IT software, health care, aviation, or data solutions.

Read on to discover the largest tech company in your state.

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U.S. Department of Defense

Alabama: GATR Technologies

Location: Huntsville, Alabama

Industry: Telecommunications

Year founded: 2004

Employee size: 77

Revenue: $65.3 million

Runner-up: Hospicelink

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Didier Moise // Wikimedia Commons

Alaska: GCI

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Industry: Communications and telecommunications

Year founded: 1979

Employee size: 1,734

Revenue: $934 million consolidated

Runner-up: Alaska Communications

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Melikamp // Wikimedia Commons

Arizona: Avnet

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Industry: Distributes electronic components and solutions

Year founded: 1921

Employee size: 17,700

Revenue: $26.2 billion

Runner-up: Insight Enterprises

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Adam Bartlett // Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas: Acxiom Corporation

Location: Conway, Arkansas

Industry: Data and marketing management solutions

Year founded: 1969

Employee size: 4,320

Revenue: $850 million

Runner-up: Windstream Communications

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Joe Ravi // Wikimedia Commons

California: Apple

Location: Cupertino, California

Industry: Mobile devices, computers, and software

Year founded: 1976

Employee size: 115,000

Revenue: $215.6 billion

Runner-up: Hewlett Packard

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Gary J. Wood // Flickr

Colorado: Level 3 Communications

Location: Broomfield, Colorado

Industry: Telecommunications, fiber-optic, and internet

Year founded: 1985

Employee size: 13,500

Revenue: $68.3 billion

Runner-up: Echostar

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DanielPenfield // Wikimedia Commons

Connecticut: United Technologies

Location: Farmington, Connecticut

Industry: Aircraft, aerospace, and transport technologies

Year founded: 1934

Employee size: 197,200

Revenue: $56.1 billion

Runner-up: Xerox

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RevelationDirect // Wikimedia Commons

Delaware: DuPont USA

Location: Wilmington, Delaware

Industry: Science, chemicals, and electronic communications

Year founded: 1802

Employee size: 52,000

Revenue: $25.3 billion

Runner-up: Incyte

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Dlohcierekim's sock // Wikipedia

Florida: Tech Data

Location: Clearwater, Florida

Industry: IT products and services

Year founded: 1974

Employee size: 9,100

Revenue: $26.4 billion

Runner-up: Jabil Circuit

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Taylor2646 // Wikimedia Commons

Georgia: Cox Communications

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Industry: Broadband, and automation and media services

Year founded: 1962

Employee size: 60,000

Revenue: $18 billion

Runner-up: First Data Corporation

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Edmund Garman // Flickr

Hawaii: Hawaiian Telcom

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Industry: Broadband data center and integrated communications

Year founded: 1883

Employee size: 1,400

Revenue: $393.4 million

Runner-up: Kamakura Corporation

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Micron Engineering center, Boise State University / Karthikc123 // Wikicommons

Idaho: Micron Technology

Location: Boise, Idaho

Industry: Semiconductors and memory technology

Year founded: 1978

Employee size: 8,000

Revenue: $12.4 billion

Runner-up: WhiteCloud Analytics

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Jeffrey Zeldman // Flickr

Illinois: Motorola Solutions

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Industry: Telecommunications and data communications

Year founded: Broke off from Motorola in 2011

Employee size: 14,000

Revenue: $6 billion

Runner-up: Telephone and Data Systems

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Nyttend // Wikimedia Commons

Indiana: MS Companies

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

Industry: Technology and training services, and data mining

Year founded: 1999

Employee size: 5,500

Revenue: $87.8 million

Runner-up: Equian

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Davumaya // Wikimedia Commons

Iowa: Rockwell Collins

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Industry: Aviation and IT systems

Year founded: 1933

Employee size: 30,000

Revenue: $5.2 billion

Runner-up: Ready Wireless

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Brylie Oxley // Wikimedia Commons

Kansas: Spring Corporation

Location: Overland Park, Kansas

Industry: Telecommunications

Year founded: 1899

Employee size: 30,000

Revenue: $32.2 billion

Runner-up: Netsmart Technologies

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Bigem 1 // Wikimedia Commons

Kentucky: Lexmark International

Location: Lexington, Kentucky

Industry: Integrated printing and software solutions

Year founded: 1991

Employee size: 12,700

Revenue: $3.7 billion

Runner-up:, Inc.

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Billy Hathorn // Wikimedia Commons

Louisiana: CenturyLink

Location: Monroe, Louisiana

Industry: Data, telephone, and broadband services

Year founded: 1968

Employee size: 43,000

Revenue: $17.9 billion

Runner-up: Bellwether Technology Corporation

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John Phelan // Wikimedia Commons

Maine: WEX Inc.

Location: Portland, Maine

Industry: IT services management

Year founded: 1983

Employee size: 700

Revenue: $1 billion

Runner-up: MuniciPay

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Coolcaesar // Wikimedia Commons

Maryland: Lockheed Martin Corporation

Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Industry: Aerospace and defense technology systems

Year founded: 1995

Employee size: 126,000

Revenue: $46.1 billion

Runner-up: Ciena Corporation

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Paul Sableman // Flickr

Massachusetts: General Electric

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Industry: Multiple

Year founded: 1892

Employee size: 333,000

Revenue: $123.7 billion

Runner-up: Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Mxobe // Wikimedia Commons

Michigan: Stryker Corporation

Location: Kalamazoo, Michigan

Industry: Medical technologies and equipment

Year founded: 1941

Employee size: 22,000

Revenue: $11.3 billion

Runner-up: Altair Engineering

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John Polo // Wikimedia Commons

Minnesota: Ecolab Inc.

Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

Industry: Water, energy and hygiene technology

Year founded: 1923

Employee size: 47,000

Revenue: $14.2 billion

Runner-up: Digital River

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Phillip Stewart // Flickr

Mississippi: Venture Technologies

Location: Ridgeland, Mississippi

Industry: IT and cloud services

Year founded: 1986

Employee size: 207

Revenue: $123.3 million

Runner-up: FNC Inc.

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Paul Sableman // Flickr

Missouri: Centene Corporation

Location: St. Louis, Missouri

Industry: Health care services: software, and telehealth

Year founded: 1984

Employee size: 30,500

Revenue: $40.6 billion

Runner-up: Graybar Electric Company

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Feetyouwear // Wikimedia Commons

Montana: Foundant Technologies

Location: Bozeman, Montana

Industry: Online software service platform

Year founded: 2006

Employee size: 43

Revenue: $4 million

Runner-up: Wisetail

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Ron Reiring // Wikimedia Commons

Nebraska: West Corporation

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Industry: Telecommunications and data services

Year founded: 1986

Employee size: 26,430

Revenue: $2.3 billion

Runner-up: Hudl

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Nevada: Scientific Games Corporation

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Industry: Gaming software, security, and algorithms

Year founded: 1973

Employee size: 8,000

Revenue: $2.8 billion

Runner-up: NuSphere Corporation

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Olivier Aumage // Wikimedia Commons

New Hampshire: PC Connection

Location: Durham, New Hampshire

Industry: Cloud computing and storage

Year founded: 1982

Employee size: 2,500

Revenue: $2.6 billion

Runner-up: ProfitKey International Inc.

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Jim.henderson // Wikimedia Commons

New Jersey: Honeywell International Inc.

Location: Morris Plains, New Jersey

Industry: Consumer and business products, and software solutions

Year founded: 1906

Employee size: 131,000

Revenue: $39.3 billion

Runner-up: Cognizant Technology Solutions

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Daniel Schwen // Wikimedia Commons

New Mexico: TechSource, Inc.

Location: Los Alamos, New Mexico

Industry: IT for scientific and engineering industries

Year founded: 1997

Employee size: 47

Revenue: $24.8 million

Runner-up: Flow Science, Inc.

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Aude // Wikimedia Commons

New York: Verizon Communications

Location: New York City, New York

Industry: Telecommunications and wireless services

Year founded: 1983

Employee size: 162,000

Revenue: $126 billion

Runner-up: IBM

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James Willamor // Flickr

North Carolina: QuintilesIMS

Location: Durham, North Carolina

Industry: Health care IT solutions

Year founded: 1982

Employee size: 50,000

Revenue: $4.2 billion

Runner-up: CommScope Holding Company

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Ron Reiring // Flickr

North Dakota: Pedigree Technologies

Location: Fargo, North Dakota

Industry: Software tracking trucks and equipment

Year founded: 2004

Employee size: 63

Revenue: $9.3 million

Runner-up: Razor Consulting Solutions

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Parker Hannifin // Wikimedia Commons

Ohio: Parker Hannifin Corporation

Location: Mayfield Heights, Ohio

Industry: Motion and controls technologies

Year founded: 1918

Employee size: 57,447

Revenue: $13.2 billion

Runner-up: Dana Incorporated

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Fletcherspears // Wikimedia Commons

Oklahoma: InterWorks

Location: Stillwater, Oklahoma

Industry: IT services, data management, and infrastructure

Year founded: 1996

Employee size: 175

Revenue: $32.7 million

Runner-up: MCSG Technologies

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M.O. Stevens // Wikimedia Commons

Oregon: FLIR Systems

Location: Wilsonville, Oregon

Industry: Imagine technology, security, and thermography

Year founded: 1978

Employee size: 2,800

Revenue: $1.5 billion

Runner-up: VanderHouwen & Associates

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Dllu // Wikimedia Commons

Pennsylvania: WESCO International, Inc.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Industry: Supply chain networks, computing, and cloud storage

Year founded: 1922

Employee size: 9,000

Revenue: $7.3 billion

Runner-up: Unisys Corporation

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Clemens Vasters // Wikimedia Commons

Rhode Island: Textron

Location: Providence, Rhode Island

Industry: Aerospace and advanced technologies

Year founded: 1923

Employee size: 35,000

Revenue: $13.4 billion

Runner-up: Nortek

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TimothyJ // Flickr

South Carolina: ScanSource Corporation

Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Industry: Bar code scanning networks and security

Year founded: 1992

Employee size: 2,300

Revenue: $3.5 billion

Runner-up: Blackbaud

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TSGT Oscar M. Sanchez/U.S. Air Force // Wikimedia Commons

South Dakota: Sterling Computers

Location: Dakota Dunes, South Dakota

Industry: IT services for government and education

Year founded: 1996

Employee size: 141

Revenue: $329.4 million

Runner-up: Secure Banking Solutions

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Steven C. Price // Wikimedia Commons

Tennessee: Tevet, LLC

Location: Greeneville, Tennessee

Industry: Computing services and repair for defense systems

Year founded: 2004

Employee size: 33

Revenue: $137.4 million

Runner-up: LPS Integration

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Luismt94 // Wikimedia Commons

Texas: AT&T

Location: Dallas, Texas

Industry: Telecommunications and mass media

Year founded: 1983

Employee size: 273,000

Revenue: $163.8 billion

Runner-up: Dell Technologies

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An Errant Knight // Wikimedia Commons


Location: Midvale, Utah

Industry: E-commerce

Year founded: 1999

Employee size: 1,800

Revenue: $1.8 billion

Runner-up: Vivint

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Superbug2399 // WIkicommons

Vermont: iTech U.S. Inc.

Location: South Burlington, Vermont

Industry: Custom IT management and software solutions

Year founded: 2003

Employee size: 270

Revenue: $66 million

Runner-up: SymQuest Group, Inc.

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John Narewski/U.S. Navy // Wikimedia Commons

Virginia: General Dynamics Corporation

Location: West Falls Church, Virginia

Industry: Aerospace, defense, and IT systems

Year founded: 1952

Employee size: 99,900

Revenue: $31.4 billion

Runner-up: Northrop Grumman Corporation

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Mitchell Haindfield // Flickr

Washington: Amazon

Location: Seattle, Washington

Industry: Internet retailer, cloud computing, and hardware

Year founded: 1994

Employee size: 230,800

Revenue: $136 billion

Runner-up: Microsoft

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Andrew Bossi // Wikimedia Commons

West Virginia: STS International

Location: Berkeley Springs, West Virginia

Industry: Software development solutions for government

Year founded: 1992

Employee size: 85

Revenue: $34.5 million

Runner-up: Allegheny Science & Technology

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Towpilot // Wikimedia Commons

Wisconsin: Johnson Controls

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Industry: Smart technology for buildings and infrastructure

Year founded: 1885

Employee size: 120,000

Revenue: $37.7 billion

Runner-up: Rockwell Automation

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Vasiliymeshko // Wikimedia Commons

Wyoming: Mammoth Networks

Location: Gillette, Wyoming

Industry: Telecommunications

Year founded: 2004

Employee size: 49

Revenue: $21.5 million

Runner-up: Firehole Technologies, Inc.

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