Dangerous toys recalled this year

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December 10, 2019

Dangerous toys recalled this year

December may be "the most wonderful time of the year" for many, but those 31 days also represent Safe Toys Month when the American Public Health Association shines a light on safety risks posed by popular holiday toys. To be sure, toy safety has significantly increased in the last 11 years: The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), founded in 1972, reported 172 recalls in 2008 compared to just 11 this year. That isn't to say the last decade hasn't had its share of scares. In 2012 alone, 265,000 children sought medical attention for toy-related injuries, according to the CPSC. Those medical emergencies and others cataloged by the CPSC since its inception have helped to educate consumers on age-appropriate toys—and other toys that shouldn't be on the market to begin with.

History is littered with dangerous toys, from Lawn Darts (recalled in 1988 for their ability to puncture skulls) to Cabbage Patch Snacktime Kids dolls (recalled in 1997 for battery-operated mouths having no discerning abilities between fake food or children's fingers). More recently, Razor scooters caused a 40% spike in injury rates between 1990 and 2011, Aqua Dots in 2007 poisoned some children with date-rape drug GHB, and Hoverboards caught fire in 2015.  

Today, the most common risk posed by toys for small children is far and away choking hazards, commonly due to small parts that easily separate from the toy itself. While some recalls are prompted by consumer reports of danger, others are made willingly by toy companies through the CPSC Fast Track Recall process, which entails retailers voluntarily reporting any risk or harm in a product.

Stacker used the recall database of the CPSC to curate a gallery of the 11 toys recalled in 2019 for the dangers they posed to children. Data is current as of November 2019. If any of the following toys are already in your possession, we've also included information on how to have those toys repaired or refunded.

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Children’s Power Wheels Barbie Dream Campers

- Retailer: Fisher-Price
- Recall date: Feb. 5, 2019
- Hazard: The children’s ride-on Power Wheels can continue to run after the foot pedal is released, posing an injury hazard.
- CPSC report link

In February 2019, Fisher-Price voluntarily recalled 44,000 hot pink and blue Power Wheels Barbie Dream Campers due to a faulty acceleration system in the ride-on vehicle. There were 17 reports of children releasing the gray foot pedal to slow down the Barbie Dream Camper, complete with a campfire and fold-out grill, and it didn't stop; however, no children were reported injured. The battery-operated vehicle, sold exclusively through Walmart between July 2018 and January 2019 for $400, has model FRC29 printed under the hood. Parents already in possession of the toy are asked to contact Fisher-Price for free repair, noting the recall number 19-058.

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Bullseye’s Playground Wooden Toy Vehicles

- Retailer: Target
- Recall date: April 18, 2019
- Hazard: The wheels on the vehicles can detach, posing a choking hazard to children.
- CPSC report link

Nearly 500,000 Bullseye’s Playground Wooden Toy Vehicles—sold separately for $1 or in an eight-pack for $8 exclusively at Target in October/November 2018—were voluntarily recalled due to choking hazards. The permanently attached wooden wheels on four toys, with different model numbers and UPCs on the bottom of each, have reportedly detached, causing no injury thus far.

Any consumers who purchased any or all of the vehicles, including the caboose, ice cream/food truck, train, police car, fire truck, taxi, digger, or Santa in a sleigh, should immediately return them to Target for a full refund, noting the recall number 19-108.

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Wooden Train Carts

- Retailer: Flying Tiger Copenhagen
- Recall date: April 23, 2019
- Hazard: The steam dome on the toy train’s engine car can come loose, posing a choking hazard.
- CPSC report link

Flying Tiger Copenhagen voluntarily recalled its wooden train cart set sold between November 2018 and March 2019. Though the engine car’s steam dome reportedly loosens, causing a choking hazard—all carts, including the apple, wood log, milk, and caboose, are recalled.

Each blue-base car, sold separately for $2 on a string with a white label which has the model number 3010874 and batch number 211693US on it, can be returned to any Flying Tiger Copenhagen location for a full refund, noting the recall number 19-110.

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Forky 11” Plush Toys

- Retailer: Disney
- Recall date: July 8, 2019
- Hazard: The “googly” plastic eyes on the toy can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.
- CPSC report link

Disney Pixar’s “Toy Story 4” toy Forky—a red, white, and blue plush doll with poseable arms—was voluntarily recalled by the entertainment conglomerate due to possible choking hazards by its googly eyes. Up to 80,000 toys, sold for $20 between April–June 2019 at Disney Theme Parks, nationwide stores,

ShopDisney.com and Amazon Marketplace include tracking codes FAC-024868-18338, FAC-024868-19032, FAC-024868-19060, and FAC-024868-1909 inside the toy label. Though there are no reported injuries, consumers are encouraged to return it to any Disney Store or theme park for a full refund with the recall number 19-159.

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Cat Mobile Fireworks

- Retailer: Winco Fireworks
- Recall date: July 10, 2019
- Hazard: When ignited, the device can burst and spread sparks and pyrotechnic materials upward and outward instead of on the ground as intended, posing explosion, burn, and projectile hazards to bystanders.
- CPSC report link

The Winco Fireworks Black Cat Mobile, a $7 spark-shooting toy vehicle with whistles and lights similar to the Batmobile, is recalleddue topossible burn, explosion, and projectile hazards. Approximately 21,000 units, wrapped in a black-and-yellow packaging and bearing model number BC396, were sold between April and June of 2019. Consumers are encouraged to return the toy, with recall number 19-163, for a full refund or exchange where they sold at Black Cat Fireworks, Pyro City, and Fireworks Supermarket.

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Playtive Junior Wooden Grasping Toy

- Retailer: Lidl
- Recall date: July 11, 2019
- Hazard: The wooden wheels can detach and release small parts, posing a choking hazard to young children.
- CPSC report link

Only 300 units of the PlaytiveJunior Wooden Grasping Toy sold at Lidl stores on the East Coast, and all got recalled because of possible choking hazards. After being sold for $4 in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia from March through May 2019, Lidl voluntarily disclosed the four blue wooden wheels on the elephant-shaped toy could detach and release small pieces. Consumers are encouraged to return the toy, which caused no reported injuries thus far, with the model number HG04414 on the bottom to any Lidl store for a full refund, noting recall number 19-164.

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Infant Sock and Wrist Rattle Sets

- Retailer: Maison Chic
- Recall date: July 31, 2019
- Hazard: Rattles sewn inside the socks and wristbands can detach, posing a choking hazard to young children.
- CPSC report link

Maison Chic voluntarily recalled 7,500 London Bridge matching 0–6 month baby socks and wristbands with small rattles for one report of the shaker pieces detaching, posing a choking hazard. The sets, sold in sports, animals, ladybug, and strawberry patterns for $7 at independent boutiques nationwide between January and May of 2019, have caused no injury.

Consumers are encouraged to return any of the sets, with item numbers LB5000, LB5001, LB5002, LB5003, LB5004, LB5005, LB5006, or LB5007 found on the inner tag, where they purchased them from for a full refund, or contact London Bridge for reimbursement, noting recall number 19-178.

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Activity Push Walkers

- Retailer: Crate and Barrel
- Recall date: Aug. 20, 2019
- Hazard: Walkers can be damaged over time exposing sharp points and small parts, posing choking and laceration hazards to small children.
- CPSC report link

Choking and laceration hazards were why Crate and Barrel recalled up to 1,500 Activity Push Walkers, which were sold exclusively online between January–April 2019. Four months later, the retailer voluntarily informed the CPSC that the overuse of the walkers could cause sharp points and small, detached parts. Though there are three reported instances of little pieces coming off the 17-inch walker, complete with integrated child development activities, no injuries to any children are reported. Consumers should immediately remove the walker from toddlers and contact Crate and Barrel for a refund on the product with SKU number 124-248, underneath the walker, and recall number 19-184.

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Ubbi Connecting Bath Toys

- Retailer: Pearhead Inc.
- Recall date: Aug. 29, 2019
- Hazard: The recalled toys can break and create a sharp point, posing laceration and choking hazards to young children.
- CPSC report link

Ubbi Connecting Bath Toys, sold in a set of red, orange, yellow, navy, blue, and green attachable pieces, can cause lacerations and choking hazards to small children, causing the August 2019 recall of up to 6,200 units. The simple toy sold for $8 individually nationwide at Bump Box, Buy Buy BABY, Nordstrom, Amazon Prime, and UbbiWorld.com, while also being sold for $40 in the Ubbi Bath Toy Gift Set from January–August 2019. Since voluntarily recalling the bath toy, Pearhead is offering consumers a full refund and replacement for the toy, with recall number 19-195, which has two reports of breakage without injury.

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The Beaufort Bonnet Company Handmade Knit Dolls

- Retailer: Beaufort Bonnet Company
- Recall date: Sep. 03, 2019
- Hazard: A sewing needle was discovered in the stuffing of one of the handmade knit dolls, posing a puncture injury hazard.
- CPSC report link

Almost two dozen Beaufort Bonnet Company knit dolls, handmade in Peru and priced between $40 to $65, were voluntarily recalled because of a sewing needle found in the stuffing of one of 4,500 units sold between September 2016 through August 2019 at TheBeaufortBonnetCompany.com and in specialty boutiques nationwide. The animal-themed dolls include Drayton Hall Hare, Ellie Mae the Cat, Frat E. Fox, Giftmore the Mouse, Gull to Bed, Iwant A. Hippopotamus, Imma Bunny, King Charles Woodward, Lady Lullaby, Lily Pad Prince, Lionel the Lion, McDuffie the Duck, Morris Mallard, P. Nutt, Pudge the Pig, Shellebrate, Sill E. Goose, Ted E. Bearington, Waldorf Wabbit, Waverly Wabbit, Woodmont Wabbit, and Wooly. Full refunds in the form of a gift card are available through the retailer with recall number 19-198.

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Safety Goggles from Throw Throw Burrito Dodgeball Card Game

- Retailer: Exploding Kittens
- Recall date: Sep. 19, 2019
- Hazard: The goggles contain glass lenses, posing a laceration hazard if shattered.
- CPSC report link

Up to 10,500 Exploding Kittens Extreme Edition goggles and scissors that sold with prototype Throw Throw Burrito Extreme Going Pro Edition Dodgeball Card Outdoor Game sets have been recalled. Two cases of the goggles' lenses cracking are reported, but no injuries were sustained. They were sold in neon and black game sets, including a backpack for $85 between February–March 2019. Exploding Kittens is replacing cracked goggles with a receipt and a photo of the damaged product, while they also inform all known parties who purchased and sold the product with recall number 19-780.

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