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100 best Seinfeld episodes of all time

Stacker ranks the best "Seinfeld" episodes.

Oscar Best Picture winner from the year you were born

Who won the Oscar for Best Picture the year you were born? Not sure? Check out this Stacker list that explores best picture winner every year since 1928.

Top holiday toys from the year you were born

With the holiday spirit in the air, it’s the perfect time to dive into the history of iconic holiday gifts.

States where you are most likely to hit a deer

Stacker explores the states where you are most likely to hit a deer. You probably won’t be surprised to find that more rural Appalachian and Midwestern regions had some of the highest odds in the country, while the desert Southwest had some of the lowest.

Best children's books from the last 100 years

A formative and downright essential part of youth, children’s books fuel childhood imagination and education alike.