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The stories behind your favorite David Lynch movies

David Lynch films are remarkably strange and extra oddball, often with a totally unique point of view that’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Read on for the stories behind the beautiful, weird, and often disturbing details in your favorite David Lynch film.

Best and worst Will Smith movies

Will Smith appears in some of the most popular films of all time, including those in the “Men in Black” franchise. He’s also starred in clunkers like “Wild Wild West” and the recent “Gemini Man.” Read on to see how they rank.

Movie monsters throughout history

These iconic movie monsters represent the most noteworthy creatures of horror in movie history. They encompass the earliest monsters of the silent film era as well as memorable villains, creatures, and brutes in foreign, popular, and art cinemas.

Best Robert De Niro movies

Robert De Niro remains one of the greatest American movie actors. Though known for playing raging mobsters and men with a dark intensity, his comedic roles are just as iconic. This roundup covers the best movies of his vast career that spans the modern film era.

Exploring minority representation in the biggest box office winners ever

Blockbusters are the most seen movies of all time and that gives them influence. They don’t just entertain the masses, they create belief systems that possess an undeniable cultural force.