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Pitching to Stacker

Stacker stories are based on authoritative data and expert research.

The goal of our brand is to combine objective, expert analysis with editorial insights. We make data accessible for readers by breaking down studies and adding context with copy and images across seven verticals: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Money, News, Science & Health, Sports, and Weather. 

Pitches should similarly be based on authoritative data and research, either focusing on a single dataset or suggesting jumping-off sources for research.

Stacker’s Research Team reviews pitches on a monthly basis. 

First things first, search to make sure we haven’t already produced a similar story.

Pitching a story based on a single dataset?

We look for recent public, national-, or global-level data with the potential for adding context in slide copy. The source must be willing to have its data featured on Stacker.

Pitching a story based on multiple sources?

Make sure the topic is relevant for a broad U.S. audience and is tied to recent news or common conversation topics. The story must also be a fit for Stacker’s slideshow format. Please note that if your pitch is successful, but you haven’t written for Stacker before, our Editorial Team will be in touch. 

Check out our Pitch Guide for more details and examples of our best stories.
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