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100 best sitcoms of all time

  • #80. Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law (2000–2007)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 10,263
    - Stars: Gary Cole, Stephen Colbert, Thomas Allen, John Michael Higgins

    In this “Space Ghost” spin-off, former superhero Harvey Birdman reinvents himself as a third-rate attorney who mediates various legal matters between once-famous cartoon characters. Throughout most of the series, Harvey answers to crazed billionaire Phil Ken Sebben, voiced by Stephen Colbert. Although the series ended in 2007, it will return in the form of an animated special later this fall, with Colbert on-board to reprise the role.

  • #79. Life in Pieces (2015–2019)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 11,778
    - Stars: Colin Hanks, Betsy Brandt, Thomas Sadoski, Zoe Lister-Jones

    This CBS sitcom depicts a range of Short family milestones from multiple perspectives. To warm the crowd, each episode opens with the promise of “four Short stories,” representing a play on words. James Brolin, Dianne Wiest, and Colin Hanks star, among others.  

  • #78. Daria (1997–2001)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 22,535
    - Stars: Tracy Grandstaff, Wendy Hoopes, Julian Rebolledo, John Lynn

    In this animated series, teenager Daria Morgendorffer maintains a dry, sardonic disposition while dealing with the complexities of adolescence. The character was first introduced in Mike Judge’s “Beavis & Butthead,” and named after one of Judge’s old classmates. Nevertheless, Judge was not involved in the spin-off, as he was busy working on other projects.  

  • #77. F Is for Family (2015– )

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 25,180
    - Stars: Bill Burr, Laura Dern, Justin Long, Debi Derryberry

    Comedian Bill Burr harkens back to a simpler era in this semi-autobiographical cartoon. Set in the 1970s, the show finds Burr tackling the voice of a foul-mouthed Irish-American named Frank Murphy who lives in the suburbs with his wife and three children. Also featured are the voices of Laura Dern, Justin Long, and Sam Rockwell.

  • #76. Raising Hope (2010–2014)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 34,222
    - Stars: Lucas Neff, Martha Plimpton, Garret Dillahunt, Shannon Woodward

    In this wacky sitcom, a man named Jimmy Bon Jovi Chance (Lucas Neff) impregnates a serial killer. He raises their baby, Hope, while the mother sits on death row. There to help is Jimmy’s oddball family, which includes his quirky mother, Virginia Slims Chance (Martha Plimpton) and great-grandmother Barbara June “Maw Maw” Thompson (Cloris Leachman).  

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  • #75. Big Mouth (2017– )

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 48,408
    - Stars: Nick Kroll, John Mulaney, Jessi Klein, Jenny Slate

    This Netflix comedy series might host a range of young cartoon characters, but it’s most definitely not suitable for children. Specifically, “Big Mouth” takes an uncompromising approach toward teenage puberty, sparing no graphic detail. Comedian Nick Kroll co-created the sitcom and provides the voice for one of its most memorable characters: Hormone Monster. Fellow comedic talents John Mulaney, Maya Rudolph, Fred Armisen, and Jordan Peele also lend their voices.

  • #74. The Orville (2017– )

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 55,607
    - Stars: Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes

    Created by “Family Guy’s” Seth MacFarlane, this Fox series takes the traditional “Star Trek” premise to new and exciting places. While a light-hearted and even mischievous rapport persists between the crew members of The Orville, the series isn’t afraid to dive into dramatic territory or expound upon a number of prescient themes.

  • #73. Frasier (1993–2004)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 70,804
    - Stars: Kelsey Grammer, Jane Leeves, David Hyde Pierce, Peri Gilpin

    A former “Cheers” regular got a sitcom all his own in 1993, and the result was this highly rated award-winning series, starring Kelsey Grammer in the title role. In the show, Dr. Frasier Crane moves back to his hometown of Seattle, having landed a job as a radio psychiatrist. As he dispenses advice to strangers, Frasier experiences his own psychological strife, butting heads with his equally pretentious younger brother (David Hyde Pierce) and “everyman” father.

  • #72. Married with Children (1987–1997)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 93,929
    - Stars: Ed O'Neill, Christina Applegate, Katey Sagal

    The sitcom that arguably put Fox on the map, “Married with Children” boldly went where its contemporaries wouldn’t dare venture. While the crude exploits of shoe salesman Al Bundy (Ed O’Neill) and his unfathomably shallow family might seem tame by today’s standards, the comedy was quite revolutionary for its time. During its early days, the show struggled to reach a wide audience, but after Michigan housewife Terry Rakolta organized a public boycott, ratings shot through the roof. For better or worse, TV has never been quite the same.

  • #71. Malcolm in the Middle (2000–2006)

    - IMDb user rating: 8.0
    - IMDb user votes: 112,594
    - Stars: Frankie Muniz, Bryan Cranston, Justin Berfield, Erik Per Sullivan

    Bryan Cranston plays the goofy patriarch of a dysfunctional family in this hit Fox series. Of course, it was star Frankie Muniz who most frequently took center stage in “Malcolm in the Middle,” commonly breaking the fourth wall as he dealt with his rambunctious brothers and kooky parents. Sadly, Muniz would later forget much of the experience due to a number of health issues.

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