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Largest tech company in every state

  • Largest tech company in every state

    The rise of the tech industry in the United States over the past several decades has been staggering. Businesses whose primary function is to produce or sell tech and tech services are on the rise, with Silicon Valley in California’s Bay Area serving as the epicenter of this rapid development. Unfortunately, the financial transgressions of these companies can have a major impact on the American stock market, with significant ripples often traced back to a few heavy-hitters. Every state is home to technology companies in some capacity—do you know the largest one in yours?

    “Tech means more than just producing hardware or software,” Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, told The New York Times. “It is synonymous with with innovation, research and development, and long-term thinking.”

    With that in mind, Stacker used data compiled by Utopia Global to look at companies developing new technology in communications, IT software, health care, aviation, or data solutions.

    Read on to discover the largest tech company in your state.

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  • Alabama: GATR Technologies

    Location: Huntsville, Alabama

    Industry: Telecommunications

    Year founded: 2004

    Employee size: 77

    Revenue: $65.3 million

    Runner-up: Hospicelink

  • Alaska: GCI

    Location: Anchorage, Alaska

    Industry: Communications and telecommunications

    Year founded: 1979

    Employee size: 1,734

    Revenue: $934 million consolidated

    Runner-up: Alaska Communications

  • Arizona: Avnet

    Location: Phoenix, Arizona

    Industry: Distributes electronic components and solutions

    Year founded: 1921

    Employee size: 17,700

    Revenue: $26.2 billion

    Runner-up: Insight Enterprises

  • Arkansas: Acxiom Corporation

    Location: Conway, Arkansas

    Industry: Data and marketing management solutions

    Year founded: 1969

    Employee size: 4,320

    Revenue: $850 million

    Runner-up: Windstream Communications

  • California: Apple

    Location: Cupertino, California

    Industry: Mobile devices, computers, and software

    Year founded: 1976

    Employee size: 115,000

    Revenue: $215.6 billion

    Runner-up: Hewlett Packard

  • Colorado: Level 3 Communications

    Location: Broomfield, Colorado

    Industry: Telecommunications, fiber-optic, and internet

    Year founded: 1985

    Employee size: 13,500

    Revenue: $68.3 billion

    Runner-up: Echostar

  • Connecticut: United Technologies

    Location: Farmington, Connecticut

    Industry: Aircraft, aerospace, and transport technologies

    Year founded: 1934

    Employee size: 197,200

    Revenue: $56.1 billion

    Runner-up: Xerox

  • Delaware: DuPont USA

    Location: Wilmington, Delaware

    Industry: Science, chemicals, and electronic communications

    Year founded: 1802

    Employee size: 52,000

    Revenue: $25.3 billion

    Runner-up: Incyte

  • Florida: Tech Data

    Location: Clearwater, Florida

    Industry: IT products and services

    Year founded: 1974

    Employee size: 9,100

    Revenue: $26.4 billion

    Runner-up: Jabil Circuit

  • Georgia: Cox Communications

    Location: Atlanta, Georgia

    Industry: Broadband, and automation and media services

    Year founded: 1962

    Employee size: 60,000

    Revenue: $18 billion

    Runner-up: First Data Corporation