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Most patriotic states

  • #40. Pennsylvania

    - Total score: 33.25
    - Military engagement rank: 45
    - Civic engagement rank: 33

    The Keystone State lands among the bottom set of states due to poor military enlistment. If historical patriotism was a factor, Pennsylvania would be near the top. The state is home to the Liberty Bell and served as the nation's temporary capital from 1790 to 1800 while federal buildings were being constructed in Washington D.C.

  • #39. Rhode Island

    - Total score: 33.75
    - Military engagement rank: 43
    - Civic engagement rank: 32

    Though ranked near the bottom of the pack by WalletHub,  Rhode Island is another example of an “unpatriotic” state that laid a foundation for America's birth. The Ocean State was the first of the 13 colonies to repudiate its allegiance to Britain. As the Rhode Island Society of the Sons of the American Revolution wrote: “Rhode Island responded to [the war for American Independence] with patriotic fervor, enduring the dangers and deprivations of invasion and occupation at home, while sending soldier[s] to almost every major campaign."

  • #38. Hawaii

    - Total score: 34.52
    - Military engagement rank: 2
    - Civic engagement rank: 50

    Hawaii in 2017 had 36,620 active-duty military personnel enlisted and 9,402 reserve forces. The state also reported 106,630 veterans in its 2018 census estimates. It's perhaps not surprising the state, which suffered through the bombing of Pearl Harbor, has such a proudly devoted military community. However, the state's ranking suffers due to poor civic engagement.

  • #37. Ohio

    - Total score: 34.61
    - Military engagement rank: 34
    - Civic engagement rank: 36

    Ohio is somewhere in the middle of the patriotism scale: not unpatriotic by any means, but not at the top of the list either. This middle area reflects the voting patterns of the state that is always a strong battleground region in presidential elections. In fact, the Buckeye State boasts the highest percentage of wins for presidential candidates of any state, picking the commander in chief 93%of the time since 1896. 

  • #36. Nevada

    - Total score: 34.82
    - Military engagement rank: 17
    - Civic engagement rank: 41

    Nevada was home to a primarily Republican voting demographic through most of the second half of the 20th century, but its politics began to shift as the population grew. Today, Nevada is considered a strong swing state.

  • #35. Oklahoma

    - Total score: 34.83
    - Military engagement rank: 7
    - Civic engagement rank: 43

    Oklahoma has had a long history of military engagement and continues to poll highly in that area. Oklahoma was the site of the Battle of Honey Springs, which is considered by some to be the “Gettysburg of Indian Territory" during the Civil War.

  • #34. Massachusetts

    - Total score: 35.3
    - Military engagement rank: 50
    - Civic engagement rank: 22

    Massachusetts has gained since 2018 when it was declared the least patriotic state according to WalletHub’s rankings. The ranking is somewhat ironic since Massachusetts was the site of the Boston Tea Party, the 1773 event that sparked the American Revolution and the nation's original patriots.


  • #33. Kansas

    - Total score: 36.54
    - Military engagement rank: 18
    - Civic engagement rank: 39

    Kansas ranks fairly high in military engagement, landing within the top 20, but fares far worse in civic engagement. The Kansas–Nebraska Act which opened the land to settlement in 1854 and served as a precursor to the unrest that would follow in the next decade. The legislation caused acrimony and is often cited as one of the key factors that prompted the Civil War

  • #32. South Dakota

    - Total score: 36.89
    - Military engagement rank: 21
    - Civic engagement rank: 38

    Falling 20 places from 2018, South Dakota scores in the top half of the list in military engagement but falls in the bottom half for civic engagement. Though it proudly displays the faces of U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt carved into the three-acre stretch of stone at Mt. Rushmore, South Dakota has some ground to make up for future rankings. 

  • #31. Georgia

    - Total score: 37.63
    - Military engagement rank: 4
    - Civic engagement rank: 46

    While Georgia does poorly in terms of citizens being civically engaged, the state is full of veterans and military families who sneak it into the top five for military engagement. The Peach State has a long history of military service, albeit not always for the United States: During the Civil War, Georgia sent nearly 120,000 soldiers to fight in the Confederate Army.

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