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Most patriotic states

  • #30. Iowa

    - Total score: 39.1
    - Military engagement rank: 39
    - Civic engagement rank: 24

    Iowa scores around the middle of the pack for civic and military engagement. With its abundance of farmers, Iowa played a large role in supporting World War I efforts when “Food Will Win The War” posters were prominent; it became an act of patriotism to help feed the Allied armies.

  • #29. Delaware

    - Total score: 40.35
    - Military engagement rank: 23
    - Civic engagement rank: 31

    Delaware, the nation's very first state, has made up some ground after being ranked 41st most patriotic in 2018. Delaware, formerly a largely Swedish and Dutch settlement, declared independence from Great Britain in 1776 and become the first U.S. state 11 years later.

  • #28. Tennessee

    - Total score: 40.58
    - Military engagement rank: 28
    - Civic engagement rank: 28

    During the American Civil War, the state was divided with West Tennesseans loyal to the South and many in the East supportive of the Union. After the state ultimately joined the Confederacy, a segment of East Tennessee pro-Union separatists attempted to create their own state.

  • #27. Nebraska

    - Total score: 41.42
    - Military engagement rank: 26
    - Civic engagement rank: 27

    Nicknamed the Cornhusker State, Nebraska is full of farmers who played an integral role in the 1890s Populist movement. Omaha was the site of the convention that resulted in the formation of the Populist Party.

  • #26. Mississippi

    - Total score: 43.23
    - Military engagement rank: 14
    - Civic engagement rank: 29

    Mississippi just fails to crack the top half, but it does have one standout town. Tupelo, also the birthplace of Elvis, is famous for the patriotic Fourth of July festival it hosts every year. The small town has been named an All-America City five times by the National Civic League.

  • #25. Louisiana

    - Total score: 43.98
    - Military engagement rank: 29
    - Civic engagement rank: 19

    Home to Fort Polk and the Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana still only has moderate military engagement. The primarily Republican state, which was part of the Confederacy during the Civil War, uses a unique legal system that is based on civil law rather than common law, which is utilized by the other 49 other states. Some scholars argue this is based on French Napoleonic Code, though others dispute this designation.

  • #24. Arkansas

    - Total score: 44.44
    - Military engagement rank: 24
    - Civic engagement rank: 23

    The birthplace of Walmart and former President Bill Clinton, Arkansas has three military bases and more than 213,000 veterans living in the state, landing right in the middle of the group.

  • #23. Kentucky

    - Total score: 44.83
    - Military engagement rank: 27
    - Civic engagement rank: 18

    Kentucky is the birthplace of Abraham Lincoln and has relatively high military enlistment, but low civic engagement. It is the home of Boonesborough, where frontiersman Daniel Boone faced off with the Shawnee Indians. Kentucky was also the first U.S. state west of the Appalachian Mountains. 

  • #22. Maryland

    - Total score: 44.92
    - Military engagement rank: 25
    - Civic engagement rank: 20

    Maryland is another state that has more civically minded citizens than it does military enlistment. The state is the birthplace of Francis Scott Key, the 19th-century patriot who wrote the “Star Spangled Banner.” The song was penned as he watched the “bombs bursting in air” over Maryland's Fort McHenry during the War of 1812, inspiring him to write what would later become the national anthem.

  • #21. North Carolina

    - Total score: 45.15
    - Military engagement rank: 6
    - Civic engagement rank: 30

    North Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies and was the first colony at the Continental Congress of 1774 to give its delegates the order to vote for independence from Britain. 

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