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Most patriotic states

  • #20. Florida

    - Total score: 45.67
    - Military engagement rank: 19
    - Civic engagement rank: 25

    The Sunshine State places decently on the list according to the metrics, but "astronomical” signs of patriotic pride can be seen elsewhere. Florida is home to both Cape Canaveral, where John Glenn launched from to become the first American to orbit the Earth in 1962 and the Kennedy Space Center, where Apollo 11 launched Neil Armstrong as he became the first person to walk on the moon in 1969.

  • #19. Alabama

    - Total score: 47.43
    - Military engagement rank: 8
    - Civic engagement rank: 26

    Alabama gets high marks for its large degree of military participation. The state also has a number of patriotic attractions, including the Karl C. Harrison Museum of George Washington, the United States Army Aviation Museum, the American Village, and its own miniature Statue Of Liberty.

  • #18. Oregon

    - Total score: 47.7
    - Military engagement rank: 32
    - Civic engagement rank: 12

    One of the most liberal states in the nation, Oregon performed well in 2019's ranking on both metrics. The state received tens of thousands of pioneers during the mid-19th century, who traveled the 2,000-mile Oregon Trail route from Missouri and other Midwest regions, driven by the hopes of land, gold, and Manifest Destiny.

  • #17. Washington

    - Total score: 47.82
    - Military engagement rank: 16
    - Civic engagement rank: 16

    Washington state scores well in both military and civic engagement, placing it #17 on the list. The Evergreen State was a key player during World War II, as the Boeing company based in Puget Sound manufactured heavy bombers. Nearby ports also provided naval depots in Seattle, Tacoma, and Bremerton that produced war ships.

  • #16. Arizona

    - Total score: 48.97
    - Military engagement rank: 13
    - Civic engagement rank: 14

    Although it's not in the top 10 for patriotic states according to the study, Arizona has plenty of signs of national pride, one of which is a public charter school in Phoenix with an entire curriculum devoted to patriotism. The Benchmark School requires all students to learn patriotic and civic-minded lessons that include discussing the Pledge of Allegiance, collecting supplies for troops, writing essays honoring veterans, and taking field trips to war memorials.

  • #15. Colorado

    - Total score: 49
    - Military engagement rank: 12
    - Civic engagement rank: 15

    Colorado excels in military and civic engagement. The lush, green state features some of the most stunning natural beauty in the country—so much so that in 1893, Katharine Lee Bates wrote “America the Beautiful” after an inspirational climb up the famous Pikes Peak.

  • #14. Virginia

    - Total score: 52.36
    - Military engagement rank: 5
    - Civic engagement rank: 17

    Virginia was the most patriotic state in the country in 2018 according to the WalletHub assessment, though this year it fell 13 places. Known as the “birthplace of a nation,” the state is home to Jamestown, the New World's first permanent English settlement. Today, Virginia is also home base for the U.S. Navy's Atlantic Fleet. 

  • #13. Maine

    - Total score: 52.37
    - Military engagement rank: 31
    - Civic engagement rank: 10

    Although its military engagement falls on the lower half of the list, the fact that Maine sneaks into the top 10 in the whole country for its exceptional civic involvement gives it lucky #13 in the overall ranking. In addition to high volunteerism rates, Maine had the nation's highest voter turnout in the 2016 Presidential Election.

  • #12. Montana

    - Total score: 53.98
    - Military engagement rank: 20
    - Civic engagement rank: 11

    Considered one of the last American frontiers, Montana rose to prominence 1852 when gold was first discovered near Garrison. Ten years later, there were additional discoveries of silver, copper, lead, and coal, driving thousands of miners to the region and ultimately statehood in 1889.

  • #11. North Dakota

    - Total score: 54.02
    - Military engagement rank: 33
    - Civic engagement rank: 9

    Although North Dakota is midway down the list in military engagement, there are parts of the state that excel in patriotism. In fact, the town of Mandan won an online vote in 2013 when Rand McNally named it the "Most Patriotic City" in the whole country.

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