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Most patriotic states

  • #10. Minnesota

    - Total score: 56.84
    - Military engagement rank: 46
    - Civic engagement rank: 3

    Minnesota has fantastic civic engagement rates, but its dramatically low military enlistment figure brings its overall ranking down quite a bit. During the Civil War, however, the state supplied about 22,000 soldiers to the Union, and the1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry was key during the Battle of Gettysburg. 

  • #9. Missouri

    - Total score: 56.9
    - Military engagement rank: 22
    - Civic engagement rank: 8

    Patriotism is certainly not absent in Missouri. In 2017, the College of the Ozarks announced a mandatory military science course that was aimed at encouraging patriotism among its students. “I think more colleges and universities need to make it their business to be more intentional about teaching about the country, about the military,” the college president said at the time.

  • #8. South Carolina

    - Total score: 57.68
    - Military engagement rank: 3
    - Civic engagement rank: 13

    South Carolina was one of the original 13 colonies and has the third-highest military participation in the nation. The state was the site of numerous Revolutionary War battles, including the infamous two-month Siege of Charleston in 1780.

  • #7. Alaska

    - Total score: 58.52
    - Military engagement rank: 1
    - Civic engagement rank: 21

    Alaska displays only moderate civic engagement but has the highest military engagement in the entire country. Dubbed “The Last Frontier,” Alaska didn't achieve statehood until after World War II when oil was discovered on the Kenai Peninsula. This prompted President Dwight D. Eisenhower to sign the Alaska Statehood Act in 1958.

  • #6. Wisconsin

    - Total score: 59.12
    - Military engagement rank: 42
    - Civic engagement rank: 4

    During the Civil War, Wisconsin offered more than 90,000 soldiers to the Union cause. But as of 2017, the state had only 976 active-duty military personnel enlisted. That low figure keeps Wisconsin in the middle of the pack of the patriotism rankings.

  • #5. Idaho

    - Total score: 61.62
    - Military engagement rank: 9
    - Civic engagement rank: 7

    Last year, Idaho residents had cause for extra patriotic pride when a video from the town of Hayden went viral, showing a schoolboy lying down to protect the American flag from touching the ground as classmates took it down and tried to fold it. Certainly behavior worthy of the #5 state in 2019 and 2018.

  • #4. Utah

    - Total score: 62.12
    - Military engagement rank: 38
    - Civic engagement rank: 2

    Utah does enormously well in terms of civic engagement, coming in second place only after Vermont; its low military enlistment figures don’t do much to bring down its overall ranking. Part of Utah's high civic participation could be attributed to the large presence of Mormons in the state, who settled the area in 1847 and are inclined to volunteerism and community involvement.

  • #3. Vermont

    - Total score: 62.25
    - Military engagement rank: 40
    - Civic engagement rank: 1

    Number one in the country for civic engagement, Vermont is a state full of volunteers, voters, and community-minded citizens. While military involvement is not high today, Vermont was a key player in the Revolutionary War and the site of the Battle of Hubbardton. The Battle of Bennington is also commonly attributed to Vermont, although it occurred on disputed territory that is now Walloomsac, N.Y.

  • #2. Wyoming

    - Total score: 62.67
    - Military engagement rank: 10
    - Civic engagement rank: 6

    Wyoming is the only state on the list besides Idaho to land in the top 10 for both patriotic metrics. Initially a fur-trapping state, Wyoming drew miners in the 1860s for its gold, coal, and other precious metals, though it never received the same degree of population boom as Colorado and Montana. The frontier territory was granted statehood in 1890 after the railroad was established. 

  • #1. New Hampshire

    - Total score: 63.08
    - Military engagement rank: 30
    - Civic engagement rank: 5

    Moving up twelve places from unlucky number 13 is this year’s winner, New Hampshire! New Hampshire residents have always oozed patriotic pride for being the site of Paul Revere's first, lesser known ride in December of 1774 when he warned locals that the British were coming for weapons. The Sons of Liberty were able to hide cannon and gunpowder, preventing the British from taking control of the ammunition just before the American Revolution began.

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