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Year in review: Top country songs of 2018

  • Year in review: Top country songs of 2018

    Booze, babes, and pickup trucks—are these what come to mind when you think of country music? You’re at least partially right; there’s still plenty of booze, from whiskey to tequila, referenced in the top country songs of 2018. There are also plenty of odes to loves lost or found, if that's more your taste. This year’s crop of songs ranges from moody ballads to upbeat, shout-the-lyrics-along anthems—and everything in between.

    Stacker sifted through the Billboard Hot Country Songs Year-End Charts to find the top country songs of 2018. Criteria included radio airplay, sales data, and streaming data. There are songs with positive messages and songs with questionable morals, but in some cases that may all lead back to the booze.

    Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Luke Bryan or more of a Carrie Underwood queen, you’ll find something to like here. Read on to find out if your favorite made the list this time around, or if you’ll be crooning your own wistful ballad by the time you reach the end.

  • #50. Drunk Me

    Artist: Mitchell Tenpenny

    Tenpenny’s single "Drunk Me” was his first to hit the Billboard charts. Originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Tenpenny will release his album "Telling All My Secrets" on Dec. 14.

  • #49. Born To Love You

    Artist: LANCO

    LANCO, short for Lancaster and Company and fronted by Brandon Lancaster, was founded in 2015. This upbeat tune is the band’s third single, and comes from their album "Hallelujah Nights," released this past January.

  • #48. You Broke Up With Me

    Artist: Walker Hayes

    "You Broke Up With Me” put Hayes back on the map after his first album was shelved, prompting the musician to take a graveyard shift at Costco. Hayes says the song is about his relationship with Nashville.

  • #47. I'll Name The Dogs

    Artist: Blake Shelton

    Blake Shelton’s "I’ll Name the Dogs” offers a glimpse into the singer's affinity for canine companionship: "You name the babies and I’ll name the dogs.” The song hit #5 on the Billboard charts.

  • #46. Body Like A Back Road

    Artist: Sam Hunt

    This song was nominated for two Grammy Awards, but is not without controversy: Hunt and his team of writers have been accused of putting in too little effort to produce it. 

  • #45. Coming Home

    Artist: Keith Urban Featuring Julia Michaels

    Keith Urban’s single "Coming Home” was inspired by his love for fellow country singer Merle Haggard’s music. "Hearing that rolling Haggard guitar lick sparked memories of my childhood—and my dream to come to America,” Urban says.

  • #44. Rich

    Artist: Maren Morris

    Maren Morris’ debut album, "Hero," produced three top 10 singles, including "Rich.” The lyrics describe what the artist would do if she had money. Spoiler alert: it's buying yachts and wearing Prada.

  • #43. Best Shot

    Artist: Jimmie Allen

    Allen is currently touring with Scotty McCreery on the singer's "Seasons Change" tour, and released his debut album, "Mercury Lane," earlier this year. "It took about 10 years to get my first record deal,” the singer recalls. 

  • #42. Kiss Somebody

    Artist: Morgan Evans

    Australian singer-songwriter Morgan Evans is often assumed to have written "Kiss Somebody” about wife Kelsea Ballerini. He claims, however, to have written it to cheer up a friend he used to stay with in Nashville. For those wondering, his first song about his wife was "Dance with Me.”

  • #41. Greatest Love Story

    Artist: LANCO

    This wistful ballad by LANCO is also from the band's January 2018 album, "Hallelujah Nights." It was the group’s first #1 country hit.

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