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100 worst horror movies of all time, according to critics

  • #70. The Zodiac (tie)

    Metascore: 21

    Director: Alexander Bulkley

    Year: 2005

    Leading up to the release of David Fincher's modern-day classic, there came this certifiable turkey from Alexander Bulkley. It similarly depicts the reign of terror enacted by the famous Zodiac Killer in late 1960s San Francisco, as seen through the eyes of an investigator and his son. Movie critic Bruce Westbrook fittingly dubbed it “the B-team version of the story” in his review for the Houston Chronicle.


  • #69. Ice from the Sun

    Metascore: 21

    Director: Eric Stanze

    Year: 1999

    Filmed in Super-8 millimeter, this gory horror fantasy puts a dimension-hunting assassin on the trail of a sworn enemy. As the story progresses, so too does the bad acting and poor production value. What results is “barely a movie,” according to one critic.

  • #68. Ghost Team One

    Metascore: 21

    Directors: Ben Peyser, Scott Rutherford

    Year: 2013

    Hoping to impress a female ghost hunter, two male roommates unwittingly unleash a lustful demon inside their home. It all goes down in this 2013 horror comedy, which puts a subversive spin on the typical found footage fare. Critics and audiences alike were horrified by everything but the scare tactics.


  • #67. Hellraiser: Bloodline

    Metascore: 21

    Directors: Alan Smithee, Kevin Yagher

    Year: 1996

    The name of director Alan Smithee alone should serve as a forewarning of a terrible movie, one critic argued after enduring this movie. So it goes with the fourth “Hellraiser,” which partly takes place aboard a space station in the year 2127. Things only get worse from there.


  • #66. The Order

    Metascore: 21

    Director: Brian Helgeland

    Year: 2003

    A rare misfire for star Heath Ledger, this 2003 religious thriller kicks off with a string of unexplained murders involving a secret society known as The Order. When a young priest (Ledger) investigates, he ends up confronting centuries of unspeakable evil. If it all sounds like a half-baked follow-up to “The Exorcist,” that's because it is.


  • #65. I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

    Metascore: 21

    Director: Danny Cannon

    Year: 1998

    In this critically panned sequel, the fisherman and his deadly hook are back to terrorize a pair of survivors from the first film (Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr.). That brings the killer to an exclusive island resort, where plenty of other potential victims roam. If the cheesy title isn't enough to make audiences laugh out loud, the shoddy execution should inspire at least a few chuckles.  


  • #64. Absence

    Metascore: 20

    Director: Jimmy Loweree

    Year: 2013

    Absence does not make the heart grow fonder when it comes to this 2013 found footage fiasco. After a pregnant woman's baby mysteriously disappears from her womb, she and her husband become suspects in a missing child case. Joe Neumaier of the New York Daily News asks, “Can we stop remaking ‘The Blair Witch Project' already?”


  • #62. Would You Rather (tie)

    Metascore: 20

    Director: David Guy Levy

    Year: 2012

    Metacritic goes harder on this 2012 horror flick than Rotten Tomatoes, though most critics agree it represents a missed opportunity. The premise is simple enough: A young woman agrees to partake in a deadly game of “Would You Rather” in order to help her ailing brother. It all sounds like cheap thrills in the making, but the film itself left critics more than a little disappointed.

  • #62. Soul Survivors (tie)

    Metascore: 20

    Director: Stephen Carpenter

    Year: 2001

    After surviving a horrible car accident, a college freshman named Cassie (Melissa Sagemiller) finds herself straddling a world between the living and the dead. Haunted by all sorts of terrifying visions, Cassie searches for love while trying to avoid the lure of darkness. Movie critic Carla Meyer summed things up nicely when she claimed the movie is a “truly awful mix of bad direction, nonsensical storyline and dialogue that appears to have been made up on the spot.”


  • #61. Saw V

    Metascore: 20

    Director: David Hackl

    Year: 2008

    Audiences were slightly more receptive to the fifth “Saw” installment than the critics were, though most agree it represents a low point for the franchise. As one might expect, the movie follows a group of people as they endure a series of gruesome tests. Critic Elizabeth Weitzman said the film was as “disappointing as a Halloween bag filled with nothing but raisins.”