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Best Xbox One Games of 2017

  • Best Xbox One Games of 2017

    Every gamer has been there. Getting so invested in leveling up a character or becoming so engrossed in a story that they realize they just played for hours without noticing -- a sign of a great game. Video Games allow us to embark on adventures from the comfort of our homes, and with certain games utilizing VR, that experience will only get better with time.

    Whether you prefer to strike out on your own in a single-player role-playing game, join friends in an online first-person shooter, or try something entirely different from an indie developer, 2017 kept gamers busy with a steady stream of new games from a variety of genres. Between sequels, new franchises, and groundbreaking experimental titles, it can be hard to keep up with all the action. Which is why here at Stacker, we put together a list of the best Xbox One titles that will keep you entertained well beyond the New Year.

  • #30. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

    Metascore: 82
    User Score: 7.9

    The 17th installment of the internationally renowned franchise features improved gameplay from previous editions, enhanced visuals based off real-world locations, and motion capture models. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 also features online co-op with up to six plays as you compete in online leagues with players from around the world.

  • #29. The Evil Within 2

    Metascore: 82
    User Score: 8.7

    The Evil Within 2 continues the story of the original game released in 2014, where protagonist Sebastian Castellanos unravels a mystery of horrors that haunt him long after his discovery. The Survival horror has been hailed as a worthy successor that builds off the best elements of survival horror, and will leave players screaming for more.

  • #28. RiME

    Metascore: 82
    User Score: 6.7

    After several years in development limbo, the long-awaited puzzle game has finally arrived. Players explore a desolate island with a magical fox and solve environmental puzzles on a quest to uncover the mystery of the island and the red-caped man.  

  • #27. The Sexy Brutale

    Metascore: 82
    User Score: 7.5

    Inspired by Groundhog day and The Legend of Zelda, this adventurous puzzle game has players explore the casino mansion on a quest to solve mysterious murders as time continually rewinds, forcing characters to relive their deaths over again. Put together the clues and find out the murders identity before time resets!

  • #26. Super Hydorah

    Metascore: 82
    User Score: TBD

    Super Hydorah is based on classic arcade side-scrollers and has players select their own starship as they embark on a non-linear adventure to face biomechanical creatures set to destroy the galaxy. Players enjoy 21 different levels, weapon and power-up selection, online multiplayer, achievements, and rankings.

  • #25. Little Nightmares

    Metascore: 83
    User Score: 7.8

    A mix of puzzles, horror, and adventure sets Little Nightmares sets itself apart from other games -- with an aesthetic that can only be described as creepy and immersive. Players take on the role of a character trapped in the confines of a vessel, and must solve puzzles in order to escape.   

  • #24. Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath

    Metascore: 83
    User Score: 7.3

    Set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast, Path of Exile centers on skill progression, character customization, and competitive player vs. player rankings. The Fall of Oriath expansion to the online action RPG set to restructure the progression system, which previously forced players to grind their way through levels, now offers new challenges and quests.  

  • #23. Sonic Mania

    Metascore: 83
    User Score: 8.2

    Commended for its retro presentation and faithfulness to the original games, Sonic Mania features redesigned levels of the of the original Sega Genesis release. Players follow Sonic, Knuckles, and Tails as they battle Doctor Eggman and his robotic minions in classic and remastered levels.  


  • #22. FIFA 18

    Metascore: 83
    User Score: 8.9

    The 25th installment of FIFA includes a continuation of the FIFA 17 story mode, and features updated rosters and kits. Compete in more than 80 fields and stadiums as players build their team with professional athletes from around the world including Lev Yashin, Thierry Henry, and Roberto Carlos.

  • #21. Thimbleweed Park

    Metascore: 84
    User Score: 7.2

    The Kickstarter funded mystery game tasks players with an FBI murder investigation in this point-and-click adventure to solve the secret of Tumbleweed Park. The game is influenced by early point-and-click style computer games, and allows players to toggle between five different characters in order to progress the story.