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25 companies you might not know are owned by Disney

  • BabyTV

    BabyTV gives countless parents across the country a few moments of peace and quiet every single day. Since it's part of the Fox Network Group, which includes FX and National Geographic, Disney gained the network as part of the 21st Century Fox deal.

  • Star TV

    You might not have heard of Star TV—unless you live in India. The Mumbai-based company is one of the biggest in the country, broadcasting across dozens of entertainment and sports networks in India. Thanks to the Fox merger, Disney is now one of that country's biggest media providers, too.

  • Hulu

    Hulu is one of the world's preeminent streaming services—and it's controlled by Disney. It was once a triumvirate owned by Disney, Comcast, and AT&T, but the latter sold its stake to Disney in March of 2019 shortly before Comcast threw in the towel in May. At one point, several other major players had a stake, including 21st Century Fox, whose merger with Disney gave the House of Mouse a majority share and full operational control.

  • A&E

    "The First 48," "Duck Dynasty," "Storage Wars," and "Dog the Bounty Hunter" are among the A&E network's biggest shows, but they're actually all Disney shows—sort of. Disney actually shares the proceeds in this case. It became a 50/50 partner in A&E with Hearst Corp. after Comcast sold its stake in 2012.

  • History Network

    When Disney took control of A&E, it didn't just pick up that one channel, it inherited A&E Networks, which includes the popular and profitable History Channel. It also acquired several spinoff channels, including H2 and Military History.

  • Lifetime Entertainment Network

    Most people know Lifetime as the woman-centric channel that can be counted on to churn out campy and melodramatic yet addictive thrillers and romance movies. Lifetime Entertainment Services—which includes Lifetime, Lifetime Movies, and more—is part of A&E Networks, a Disney company.


  • Vice Media Inc.

    Another reward from Disney's conquest of A&E Networks is Vice Media Inc., which includes both the Vice and Viceland channels. Originally based on Vice Magazine, the network is known for hard-hitting documentaries and reporting, as well as its cross-channel media relationships. The weekly documentary series "Vice" is broadcast on HBO.

  • American Broadcasting Company

    The massive Fox merger had the media industry buzzing about monopolistic media consolidation like the world has never seen. Nearly a quarter-century earlier in 1995, however, the New York Times struck a similar tone when it reported on Disney's $19 billion acquisition of ABC, one of the traditional "big three" networks. While not quite as massive as the Fox merger that would come later, the ABC deal was an undeniable game-changer that put Disney near the top of the media heap.

  • ABC Entertainment Group

    When Disney bought ABC, it got its hands on the massive ABC Entertainment Group, a subsidiary of ABC. That includes ABC Studios, ABC Times Square Studios, ABC Family Worldwide, and several ABC-owned television stations and affiliates.

  • ESPN Incorporated

    Decades before Disney took over the Fox Sports Network with the 2019 Fox merger, it was already the preeminent name in television sports—even if the name "Disney" wasn't part of the marketing scheme. As part of the 1995 ABC buyout, Disney gained control of ESPN and its sprawling list of affiliate channels. They include ESPN Classic, ESPN Films, SEC Network, ESPN Outdoors, and ESPN 2 and 3.