Photos of the year from the International Photography Awards

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April 8, 2020
Sritam Kumar Sethy // International Photography Awards, 2019

Photos of the year from the International Photography Awards

Photographs can do so many things. They make us smile, cry, see clearly, fool us, calm us down, enrage us, and stir us to action.

Stacker has selected the best new photographs, turning to the International Photography Awards (IPA) that “salute the achievements of the world's finest photographers, discover new and emerging talent, and promote the appreciation of photography.” Stacker worked with the IPA to compile all the award-winning photographs that were selected as “Best in Show” in 2019.

Several of the best photographs tell compelling stories, like Moscow’s Evgeny Stetsko documenting his battle with lung cancer in a series of self-portraits, disabled boys living in a rundown Moldovan orphanage, and indigenous Bolivian women overcoming bigotry and climbing mountains.

Others capture the astonishing skills of athletes diving deep into the sea, flying off a roaring bull, or guiding a team of sled dogs through the darkness. Creating some images meant photographers putting themselves at risk, scrambling over cliffs at night, hanging precipitously from aircraft, or traveling into war-torn lands.

Many of the best photographs are shot from unique angles, presenting subjects in fresh ways to challenge our views. Some are close-ups, so intimate that the subject is reduced to just a detail or its essence. Others were taken from above, transforming landscapes and architecture to artistic patterns of geometry, shapes, or colors. Some play with techniques such as 19th-century tintypes or intricate collages.

The winning photographs tell the wrenching stories of Rohingya refugees fleeing persecution, factory workers at risk in Bangladesh, Palestinian protesters raging at the border with Israel, and residents trying to survive in disputed Kashmir. The pictures portray people living with disabilities or struggling for survival with dignity, understanding, and kindness.

All of them teach us about our fellow human beings, the things we do, the creations we build, the ideas we conjure up, and the planet we inhabit together.

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Alexis Harper // International Photography Awards, 2019

her: I

- Photographer: Alexis Harper
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Nature, 1st Place for Nature/Other

Part of the “her” series—which looks at the interaction of humans and the environment—this photograph was taken in Trolltunga, Norway, and involved a 20-mile hike. The effort was nearly cut short by a mountain guard who said it was too late in the day to make the trek but relented. The photographer finished and got back to the trailhead at 2 a.m.

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AnneMette Elmelund // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: AnneMette Elmelund
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Book/Other

”Partus” is a collection of photographs linking birth and the tree of life, such as the picture of a human placenta just minutes old. AnneMette Elmelund, of Denmark, is both a photographer and a midwife.

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barbara zanon // International Photography Awards, 2019

The daily life of Michele with autism

- Photographer: barbara zanon
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Editorial/Press/Other

”The daily life of Michele with autism” is a long-term project about a family living with autism. Parents Emilia and Francesco have twins Luisa and Riccardo and their third child Michele. All three children have been diagnosed with autism.

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Bob (Robert C) Newman // International Photography Awards, 2019

The Irish Travellers

- Photographer: Bob (Robert C) Newman
- Prize(s): 1st Place for People/Portrait

Irish Travellers are a group of nomads who roam Ireland, often living in roadside camps and compounds. They traditionally marry only within the group of about 40,000 people. American Bob Newman, who turned to photography after practicing medicine, made the long-term documentary project.

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Christiaan van Heijst // International Photography Awards, 2019

Office with a view

- Photographer: Christiaan van Heijst
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Special, 1st Place for Special/Other

Pilot Christiaan van Heijst shot "Office with a view” of the clouds, stars, and the northern lights from the cockpit of a Boeing 747. He says he believes there would be peace and better understanding if everyone could see and appreciate the beauty he sees from the sky.

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David Knox // International Photography Awards, 2019

The Lost Prophets

- Photographer: David Knox
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Fine Art, 1st Place for Fine Art/Collage

This is a series of portrait collages entitled "The Lost Prophets” set in the American South of the 19th century, mixing historical images with David Knox’ contemporary photography. Each collage comprises about 100 layers.

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Evgeny Stetsko // International Photography Awards, 2019

How I beat cancer.

- Photographer: Evgeny Stetsko
- Prize(s): 1st Place for People, 1st Place for People/Self-Portrait

Moscow photographer Evgeny Stetsko shot a series of self-portraits entitled "How I beat cancer" when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. The photographs document his treatments over eight months. “Through photography I wanted to control my life and win,” he wrote in an accompaniment to the series.

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Evgeny Stetsko // International Photography Awards, 2019

Children's playgrounds

- Photographer: Evgeny Stetsko
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Architecture, 1st Place for Architecture/Cityscapes

Photographer Evgeny Stetsko shot "Children’s playgrounds” in Moscow’s apartment building courtyards. The works pop with graphic shapes and vivid colors.

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Francesco Ruffoni // International Photography Awards, 2019

Sepak Takraw

- Photographer: Francesco Ruffoni
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Book, 1st Place for Book/People

Sepak Takraw is a sport played in Southeast Asia with a woven rattan ball. Players cannot use their hands and mostly use their feet to kick the ball over the volley-ball like net. The series of black and white photographs captures the intensity of the players and their prowess at the ancient game.

10 / 56
Franklin Neto // International Photography Awards, 2019

Mirror of Myself

- Photographer: Franklin Neto
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Architecture/Buildings

"Mirror of Myself" is a series of photographs of contemporary Portuguese architecture. The images by Franklin Neto, a Brazilian fine art, landscape, and architecture photographer based in Lisbon, are characterized by minimalism, shadows, and light.

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Franklin Neto // International Photography Awards, 2019

Jewels of the Republic

- Photographer: Franklin Neto
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Architecture/Historic

Photographer Franklin Neto’s portrays architecture of the art déco movement in Portugal, created between the 1930s and 1950s. The images of "Jewels of the Republic" emphasize the buildings’ symmetry and lines.

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Gabriele Ceccon // International Photography Awards, 2019

The Wretched and the Earth

- Photographer: Gabriele Cecconi
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Editorial/Press/Environmental

"The Wretched and the Earth," depicting Rohingya refugees who in 2017 fled to Bangladesh to escape persecution in Myanmar, captures the environmental impact of their mass migration. The series looks at the refugees’ struggle in a region highly threatened by climate change.

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Gaelen Morse // International Photography Awards, 2019

The Community of Tuppers Plains, Ohio

- Photographer: Gaelen Morse
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Editorial/Press/Photo Essay/Feature Story

"The Community of Tuppers Plains, Ohio" is a photo essay of life in the rural hills and fields of southeastern Ohio. The images provide a glimpse of daily life and the strength of family and faith.

14 / 56
Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes // International Photography Awards, 2019

Static night

- Photographer: Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Nature/Landscape

"Static Night” depicts the 2017 eruption of the Colima volcano in Mexico. The dramatic images by Hernando Alonso Rivera Cervantes show lightning strikes in the volcanic clouds, a rare phenomenon called a dirty storm, plumes of smoke and streams of red-hot lava.

15 / 56
Ingo Rasp // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Ingo Rasp
- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Sports/Winter sports

The “slopeSeries” was shot from a helicopter, looking down on skiers and structures at the Swiss Arosa/Lenzerheide ski resort. The photographs are filled with patterns and dots that upon inspection are trails, lift lines, pulleys, and skiers with their shadows set against the snow.

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Iztok Medja // International Photography Awards, 2019

Low-light worlds

- Photographer: Iztok Medja
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Nature/Landscape

"Low-light worlds" is nature photography shot under challenging light conditions in Slovenia. Using natural light, artificial light, and long exposures, photographer Iztok Medja shot starry night scenes, the interiors of caves, and mountain landscapes buried in heavy snow.

17 / 56
James Ritchie // International Photography Awards, 2019

Night Lights

- Photographer: James Ritchie
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Special, 1st Place for Special/Night Photography

The "Night Lights” photographs are scenes set at dusk or night. Familiar sights like gas pumps and streetlights can appear serene, lonely, and mysterious with photographer James Ritchie’s use of light, shadow, and color.

18 / 56
Jean Bérard // International Photography Awards, 2019

Owen Foundation promotional video.

- Photographer: Jean Bérard
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Still in Motion/Video, 1st Place for Still In Motion/Video/Other

This image of a smiling child appears in a moving promotional video for The Owen Foundation in Mexico City, where a program entitled “Rehabilitation without Pain” uses dogs to assist children and young people with severe multiple disabilities. Writing about the project, photographer Jean Berard said we all can learn from the children “to value the smallest moment, the fact we can walk, interact, and speak.”

19 / 56
Joey L. // International Photography Awards, 2019

We Came From Fire: Kurdistan's Armed Struggle Against ISIS

- Photographer: Joey L.
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Book, 1st Place for Book/Documentary

The book “We Came From Fire: Kurdistan's Armed Struggle Against ISIS” tells the stories of armed Kurdish groups in their fight against violent Islamic militants in Iraq and Syria. Canadian-born and New York-based photographer Joey L. combined formal portraits, written history, and personal notes to recount their experiences.

20 / 56
John Chakeres // International Photography Awards, 2019

First Fleet NASA's Space Shuttle Program 1981-1986

- Photographer: John Chakeres
- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Book/Documentary

”First Fleet” shows NASA’s Space Shuttle program as it grew from research and development into a commercial space program from 1981 to 1986. The inspiring views capture the scale of the endeavor and optimism about the promise of space travel.

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Jonathan Knowles // International Photography Awards, 2019

2049 - DiorSHOW

- Photographer: Jonathan Knowles
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Advertising, 1st Place for Advertising/Beauty

The "2049 - DiorSHOW” photographs are close-ups of detailed and futuristic makeup looks by the French fashion house. They were shot for The Rebel Edition of Luxure Magazine by advertising photographer Jonathan Knowles, who specializes in still life and unique lighting styles.

22 / 56
Jorg Karg // International Photography Awards, 2019

Photographic collages of Jorg Karg

- Photographer: Jorg Karg
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Fine Art/Collage

The “Photographic collages of Jorg Karg” use arresting images, drawing from bodies, buildings, and fabric. The German photographer described the work as a combination of modern techniques and historic tenets of painting and drawing.

23 / 56
Julia SH // International Photography Awards, 2019

Studio Practice

- Photographer: Julia SH
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Fine Art, 1st Place for Fine Art/Nudes

"Studio Practice" is a set of nudes posed as museum sculptures and works of art. Writing about her work, Swedish photographer Julia SH stated she hoped viewers would not judge whether the bodies were sexually attractive or acceptable, but would see aesthetic value in their form and texture.

24 / 56
K M Asad // International Photography Awards, 2019

Deadly Blaze

- Photographer: K M Asad
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Deeper Perspective, 1st Place for Deeper Perspective/Deeper Perspective

The stark black and white photographs of "Deadly Blaze" show fire dangers in Bangladesh’s capital city, Dhaka, where a lack of building regulations and fire prevention measures combines with corruption and greed to put millions of workers at risk. Documentary photographer K M Asad describes himself as training his eye to realize and portray those who suffer.

25 / 56
Kaiwen Jiang // International Photography Awards, 2019

Blue Planet

- Photographer: Kaiwen Jiang
- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Nature/Other

The nature photographs of "Blue Planet" illustrate the blue elements found on Earth. Photographer Kaiwen Jiang spent two years finding and photographing such images as floes and glaciers, luminescent plankton, glowing forest worms, and the interior of an ice cave.

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Katherine Young // International Photography Awards, 2019

Elements II

- Photographer: Katherine Young
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Architecture, 1st Place for Architecture/Abstract

The series "Elements II" comprises details of building facades, emphasizing their texture with light and shadow. The traditional Chinese elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal were used to show the facades’ unique characteristics.

27 / 56
Kiliii Yuyan // International Photography Awards, 2019

Women of the Iditarod

- Photographer: Kiliii Yuyan
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Editorial/Press/Photo Essay/Feature Story

The "Women of the Iditarod" captures the power and beauty of long-distance sled racers, their dogs and the Alaskan landscape. Photographer Kiliii Yuyan focuses on stories in polar regions and the wilderness to look at humans’ relationship with the natural world.

28 / 56
Kohei Ueno // International Photography Awards, 2019

Beneath the surface of competitive Freediving

- Photographer: Kohei Ueno
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Sports, 1st Place for Sports/Extreme sports

"Beneath the surface of competitive Freediving" shows champion extreme athletes in Bali who dive as deep and as long as they can on a single breath of air. Photographer Kohei Ueno of Japan, who describes himself as “an underwater addict,” wrote that freedivers perform in a meditative state to lower their heart rates and conserve oxygen and that he wanted to illustrate the calm and stillness of the sport.

29 / 56
KRISTOPHER GRUNERT // International Photography Awards, 2019

Maritime Link

- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Architecture/Industrial

"Maritime Link" is a set of architectural and industrial photographs of Canada’s renewable energy system that transmits hydro-electricity to Nova Scotia from Newfoundland and Labrador. The images show the beauty and clean lines of the system’s facilities, equipment, and sites set in a snow-covered landscape.

30 / 56
Maciej Wójcik // International Photography Awards, 2019

Quiraing sunrise

- Photographer: Maciej Wójcik
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Analog/Film, 1st Place for Analog/Film/Landscape

"Quiraing sunrise" is set on Scotland’s Isle of Skye. Maciej Wójcik is a cardiologist and a photographer based in Lublin, Poland, who specializes in fine art landscape and travel pieces.

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Magali CHESNEL // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Magali Chesnel
- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Nature/Aerial/Drone

Photographer Magali Chesnel shot "Painting-like" from an ultra-light aircraft over the Camargue delta in France. The abstract landscapes were inspired by painter Mark Rothko’s use of form and color.

32 / 56
Mariano Belmar Torrecilla // International Photography Awards, 2019

Visit to the Niemeyer

- Photographer: Mariano Belmar Torrecilla
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Architecture/Other

Photographer Mariano Belmar Torrecilla shot the images of "Visit to the Niemeyer" at the renowned cultural center in Aviles, Spain. He said that while they meant the center to express expansion and integration, he felt it showed the insignificance of man and the crush of modern civilization.

33 / 56
Marina Kazakova // International Photography Awards, 2019

The poetics of childhood

- Photographer: Marina Kazakova
- Prize(s): 1st Place for People, 1st Place for People/Family

The children in "The poetics of childhood" were photographed by Soviet-born Marina Kazakova. The photographer has explained that the concept behind the work is the aesthetics of youth—“boundless sensuality, confidence and a huge need for love, perhaps more than in any other period of life.”

34 / 56
Mark Parascandola // International Photography Awards, 2019

Once Upon a Time in Shanghai

- Photographer: Mark Parascandola
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Book/Documentary

The images in "Once Upon a Time in Shanghai" were taken at movie production sites in China, a giant and growing player in the international film industry, by U.S.-based documentary photographer Mark Parascandola. Taken over the course of five years, the photographs play with concepts of reality and fiction. Entire towns in China have been constructed for making movies, especially period pieces safe to produce amid the country’s film censorship rules, and have become tourist destinations.

35 / 56
Marta Bevacqua // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Marta Bevacqua
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for People/Portrait

"Over" is a set of stylized portraits by photographer Marta Bevacqua, using images of the models overlaid on the models themselves. An Italian fashion photographer and director, Bevacqua is based in Paris.

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Márton Mogyorósy // International Photography Awards, 2019

Barcelona from Above

- Photographer: Márton Mogyorósy
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Architecture/Other

The aerial shots in "Barcelona from Above" show the Catalonian city’s architecture, shoreline, and sea. Created by Budapest-based photographer Márton Mogyorósy using drone technology, the unusual viewpoint emphasizes the geometry, vivid palette, and patterns of the urban center.

37 / 56
Mikkel Hørlyck // International Photography Awards, 2019

The Neglected

- Photographer: Mikkel Hørlyck
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Editorial/Press, 1st Place for Editorial/Press/Contemporary issues

Dark and affecting, the photographs of "The Neglected" are portraits of boys and men with physical and mental disabilities who live in an orphanage in the city of Orhei in Moldova, Europe’s poorest country. Many were surrendered to orphanages by families too impoverished to care for them. A plan to close the country’s orphanages and place the residents in foster care has been slowed by lack of money and will.

38 / 56
Mitsuru Sakurai // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Mitsuru Sakurai
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Architecture/Industrial

Fe is the symbol for the element of iron, and the series depicts massive and imposing towers. Japanese photographer Mitsuru Sakurai has said the project grew from his yearning to be like iron—“strong, heavy, immovable, and masculine.”

39 / 56
Mustafa Hassona // International Photography Awards, 2019

Palestinian rights of return protests

- Photographer: Mustafa Hassona
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Editorial/Press, 1st Place for Editorial/Press/General News

The "Palestinian rights of return protests" photographs depict the protesters gathered to fight at Gaza’s border with Israel. In the images by Palestinian freelance photographer Mustafa Hassona, men hurl rocks with handheld slingshots and run from tear gas, boys crouch in the sand to protect themselves from a flaming explosion, and the injured are carried away.

40 / 56
Nino Jim Bacalso // International Photography Awards, 2019

Rolling Thunder Vol. II

- Photographer: Nino Jim Bacalso
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Editorial/Press/Sports

"Rolling Thunder Vol. II" was a series of skateboarding action shots that Filipino photographer Nino Jim Bacalso started in 2017 when he moved to Dubai to work as a marine engineer. Illustrating the skaters’ acrobatics, agility, and athleticism, he calls skateboarding “an art form, a lifestyle and a sport.”

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41 / 56
Norman McCloskey // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Norman McCloskey
- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Book/Nature

"BEARA" contains landscapes from southwest Ireland’s remote Beara peninsula.The 90 images are the result of a two-year project by photographer Norman McCloskey, who has said he has had a “26-year love affair with this small part of the world.”

42 / 56
Rasmus Flindt Pedersen // International Photography Awards, 2019

The Forgotten Country

- Photographer: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen
- Prize(s): 3rd Place for Editorial/Press/War/Conflict

"The Forgotten Country" illustrates the ravages of civil war in Yemen, where the United Nations has estimated more than 22 million people need humanitarian assistance. Shot by Rasmus Flindt Pedersen, a freelance photojournalist based in Copenhagen who focuses on human interest stories and humanitarian photography, the heart-wrenching works include wounded and malnourished children, an elderly cancer patient unable to afford treatment, and crowds of people reaching for food rations.

43 / 56
Rebeka Legovic // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Rebeka Legovic
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Advertising, 1st Place for Advertising/Fashion

"Siblings" is a graphically striking photograph of two models in color-block coats posed next to the Opatija Imperial Hotel and Gervais Center concert hall in Croatia. Photographer Rebeka Legovic of Rijeka, Croatia has said she sought to use similar looking women to create the surreal scene (roughly translated from Croatian).

44 / 56
Robert Yager // International Photography Awards, 2019

Balenciaga Summer 2019 Campaign

- Photographer: Robert Yager
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Advertising/Fashion

The "Balenciaga Summer 2019 Campaign" was based on black and white photographs taken by freelance photographer Robert Yager, who has been documenting gang life in Los Angeles since the 1990s. The Spanish fashion company asked Yager to shoot its ads in the same stark, unsentimental style of his street culture work.

45 / 56
Sandro Miller // International Photography Awards, 2019

Africa Transgender

- Photographer: Sandro Miller
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Event, 1st Place for Event/Social Cause

The creator of the "Africa Transgender" series, Sandro Miller, has been photographing transgender people around the world for 20 years. The detailed and powerful portraits are part of Miller’s effort to help end the abuse, bigotry, and violence they face each day.

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46 / 56
Simone Mestroni // International Photography Awards, 2019

Kabristan-Land of graves

- Photographer: Simone Mestroni
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Deeper Perspective, 1st Place for Deeper Perspective/Deeper Perspective

Kabristan means graveyard in Urdu, and "Kabristan-Land of graves" portrays the conflict in Kashmir, at the heart of a long dispute between India and Pakistan. Photographer Simone Mestroni, who combines visual storytelling with ethnographic research, has written that frustration over the decades-old strife has fueled more orthodox Islamic ideologies and more militant young people. The photographic series illustrates the region’s paralysis while poised for fresh violence.

47 / 56
Snezhana Von Büdingen // International Photography Awards, 2019

Meeting Sofie

- Photographer: Snezhana Von Büdingen
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Analog/Film, 1st Place for Analog/Film/Portrait

"Meeting Sophie" is a set of portraits by Russian photographer Snezhana von Büdigen of a young German woman who has Down syndrome. Von Budigen visited Sophie over two years, documenting her first love affair and life on her parents’ farm, where, the photographer said, she has created her own world within its walls. Von Budigen has said she is most interested in “people who are different, people whose lives everyone else can only imagine.”

48 / 56
Sritam Kumar Sethy // International Photography Awards, 2019

Surrounded by yellow

- Photographer: Sritam Kumar Sethy
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Event, 1st Place for Event/Traditions and Cultures

"Surrounded by yellow" was shot by photographer Sritam Kumar Sethy during Holi, a Hindu festival of colors, in India, who had found a boy who had covered his face in yellow. The surroundings are reflected in the close-up image of the child’s eye, made possible by a macro lens designed to handle extreme closeups with sharp detail.

49 / 56
Timothy Duffy // International Photography Awards, 2019

Blue Muse: Timothy Duffy's Southern Photographs

- Photographer: Timothy Duffy
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Book/People

"Blue Muse: Timothy Duffy's Southern Photographs" uses tintype photography, which was popular in the late 19th century. Processing images on thin sheets of metal rather than glass allowed photographers to move around and to create images more quickly. Photographer Timothy Duffy used the distinctive style to make portraits of musicians in the American South.

50 / 56
Todd Antony // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Todd Antony
- Prize(s): 1st Place for People/Other

"Dekotora" is a practice by Japanese truck drivers of decorating their vehicles with lavish lights, fabrics and ornaments. It began in the 1970s with the release of a popular comic action movie about a truck driver who garishly outfitted his truck. Drivers followed suit in hopes of landing roles in its sequels. Photographer Todd Anthony captured the images of the drivers who still practice Dekotora, which is losing popularity.

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51 / 56
Todd Antony // International Photography Awards, 2019

Pride Jubilee in London 2019

- Photographer: Todd Antony
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Advertising/Other

Photographer Todd Antony shot the "Pride Jubilee in London 2019" campaign to mark 50 years of LGBT+ activism. The photographs are based on poses of royal portraits, and each symbolizes a milestone such as the legalization of same-sex marriage. Antony described the series as “subversive.”

52 / 56
Todd Antony // International Photography Awards, 2019

Climbing Cholitas

- Photographer: Todd Antony
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for People/Traditions/Culture

The Climbing Cholitas are a group of Aymara indigenous women of Bolivia who climb mountains. Eye-catching with their long braids and their wide skirts, they carry their equipment in brightly colored shawls rather than using climbers’ backpacks. The word cholita can be a pejorative term for the women who have been marginalized and subjected to discrimination, but the climbing women use it with pride, according to photographer Todd Antony.

53 / 56
Tom Putt // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Tom Putt
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Nature, 1st Place for Nature/Aerial/Drone

The images of "Iceland" by Australian fine art landscape photographer Tom Putt were taken of its southeast coast from a light plane. The pictures of braided rivers, black sandy beaches, cliffs, and rugged coastline from on high look like modern abstract paintings.

54 / 56
Tony Law // International Photography Awards, 2019

Mad Cow

- Photographer: Tony Law
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Sports, 1st Place for Sports/Extreme sports

"Mad Cow” was shot by photographer Tony Law at the Taralga Rodeo in New South Wales, Australia. Law captured the helmeted rider midair as he flew off the lunging bull against a backdrop of dust.

55 / 56
Uffe Mulvad // International Photography Awards, 2019


- Photographer: Uffe Mulvad
- Prize(s): 1st Place for Still in Motion/Video, 1st Place for Still In Motion/Video/Other

The photographs of "Inga" capture an elderly woman as she takes a ritual morning bath in a cold lake. The stills come from a short film by Danish photographer and director Uffe Mulvad of Inga reflecting upon aging and death.

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56 / 56
Xueying Chang // International Photography Awards, 2019

With Grace

- Photographer: Xueying Chang
- Prize(s): 2nd Place for Editorial/Press/Personality

"With Grace” is a series of portraits of an artist called Grace taken in the months before and after she turned 100. Photographer Xueying Chang said she wanted to express Grace’s connection to art, her loneliness, her weakness, and her fear of death, all with gentleness.

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