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Best public elementary school in every state

  • Hawaii: Education Laboratory Public Charter School

    School district: Hawaii Department of Education

    Students: 444 (Grades K-12)

    Student-teacher ratio: 11:1

    Reading proficiency: 89%

    Math proficiency: 62%


  • Idaho: Heritage Community Charter School

    School district: Caldwell, ID

    Students: 485 (Grades K-8)

    Student-teacher ratio: 19:1

    Reading proficiency: 85%

    Math proficiency: 79%


  • Illinois: Meadow Glens Elementary School

    School district: Naperville Community Unit School District No. 203

    Students: 447 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 14:1

    Reading proficiency: 86%

    Math proficiency: 79%


  • Indiana: Happy Hollow Elementary School

    School district: West Lafayette Community School Corporation

    Students: 509

    Student-teacher ratio: 18:1

    Reading proficiency: 88%

    Math proficiency: 87%


  • Iowa: Lincoln Elementary School

    School district: Iowa City Community School District

    Students: 234 (Grades K-6)

    Student-teacher ratio: 15:1

    Reading proficiency: 95%

    Math proficiency: 92%


  • Kansas: Lakewood Elementary School

    School district: Blue Valley Unified School District (Overland Park)

    Students: 648 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 17:1

    Reading proficiency: 89%

    Math proficiency: 80%


  • Kentucky: Anchorage Independent Public School

    School district: Anchorage, KY

    Students: 380 (Grades K-8)

    Student-teacher ratio: 10:1

    Reading proficiency: 87%

    Math proficiency: 86%


  • Louisiana: Lusher Charter School

    School district: Orleans Parish Public Schools

    Students: 1,691 (Grades K-12)

    Student-teacher ratio: 14:1

    Reading proficiency: 99%

    Math proficiency: 97%


  • Maine: Yarmouth Elementary School

    School district: Yarmouth Schools

    Students: 329

    Student-teacher ratio: 14:1

    Reading proficiency: 83%

    Math proficiency: 80%


  • Maryland: Carl Sandburg Learning Center

    School district: Montgomery County Public Schools

    Students: 92 (Grades K-5)

    Student-teacher ratio: 4:1

    Reading proficiency: 65%

    Math proficiency: 65%