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Signature breakfast foods in every state

  • Hawaii: Portuguese sausage, eggs and rice

    Hawaii was built on the influence of so many different cultures, from indigenous Hawaiian to Asian, European, and beyond. Nowhere is this more exemplified than on the breakfast plate. True to Hawaii morning form, the best breakfast recipes often include Portuguese sausage, eggs, and a giant scoop of white rice—and don't forget the condiments, which can be anything from soy sauce or ketchup to even a side of local fruit.

  • Idaho: Potatoes

    The potato is one of the great American breakfast staples (home fries or hash, anyone?). Idaho produces 29% of the U.S. potato crop, according to the USDA. Idahoans love potatoes so much they even put ice cream on them. Tip: For the best breakfast in Boise, numerous sites recommend Goldy's, which has a pick-your-potato option.

  • Illinois: Apple pancakes

    At the heart of America, Illinois is definitely known for its salt-of-the-earth, no-frills breakfasts like eggs and bacon. But another Illinois favorite can be found at breakfast chain Walker Bros. (which advertises as “The Original Pancake House”). The chain restaurant can trace its roots to 1953 and, according to the Daily Herald’s Barbara Vitello, the apple pancakes continue to be the favorite recipe at each location.

  • Indiana: Fried mush

    If you're from America's heartland, you have probably grown up on fried mush. Indigenous to the grassroots states of the Midwest (Indiana in particular), this mixture of cornmeal, water, and salt, fried in butter, is a delicacy that can shoot any Hoosier straight back to childhood, according to Andrea Arnold of Extra Crispy.

  • Iowa: Breakfast pizza

    Any Iowan worth their salt knows Casey's General Stores, a chain of gas stations across the Midwest and the South which got its start in Iowa. Back in 2001, the chain introduced its now-iconic “breakfast pizza,” which comes with veggies, sausage, or bacon, writes Leesa Friend-Teale in The News Gazette. Today, it is a signature Iowa breakfast staple.

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  • Kansas: Donuts

    The residents of Kansas love their doughnuts. Whether it's a traditional chocolate frosted from Druber's Donut Shop or one from Varsity Donuts sprinkled with bacon or in the shape of Cookie Monster, there is a style and taste for everyone in Kansas.

  • Kentucky: Spoonbread

    Kentucky's cuisine is a little bit of this, a little bit of that, but it’s mostly rooted in traditional Southern cooking. Spoonbread, a pudding-style cornbread that is one of the South's staples, is one of Kentucky’s most popular breakfast dishes, writes Sara Moulton in The Concord Monitor.

  • Louisiana: Beignets

    Louisiana's mix of cultures, from Creole and Cajun to Vietnamese and French, means it has some pretty creative eats. But one of the most iconic breakfast treats is the beignet, made famous by Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. Beignets are fried dough pastries topped with powdered sugar, paired perfectly with a strong cup of coffee.

  • Maine: Blueberry pancakes

    Maine has many cuisine claims to fame, but blueberries top the list. When it's time for breakfast, tables across Maine are sure to use their native fruit as often as possible, particularly in blueberry pancakes. It's not difficult to find superb blueberry pancakes in Maine, but Eater recommends starting at A1 Dinner in Gardiner.

  • Maryland: Crab cake eggs Benedict

    Crab may be the most important ingredient on Maryland menus (50% of blue crab in the U.S. comes from the Chesapeake Bay), so when it comes to breakfast, it's no wonder crab cake eggs Benedict is a statewide favorite. Topped with a poached egg and doused in hollandaise, crab cake eggs Benedict is a Maryland masterpiece.

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