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50 images of parenthood in the animal kingdom

  • Beluga whales

    Pictured: Beluga whale family.

  • Hyenas

    Pictured: Hyena feeds her newborn babies in the African savanna.

  • Pigs

    Pictured: Mother watches over her piglets.

  • Capybara

    Pictured: Capybara family and a bird staring at a lizard crossing their path.

  • Owls

    Pictured: Nesting great horned owls peer out of their tree home in Pennsylvania.


  • West Indian manatees

    Pictured: West Indian manatee and baby in the Crystal River, Florida.

  • Red faced macaques

    Pictured: A red faced macaque (Macaca fuscata) family with two babies. 

  • Sea otters

    Pictured: Sea otter and pup.

  • Sloths

    Pictured: A female sloth with her cub hangs on a branch in the Costa Rican jungle.

  • Deer

    Pictured: Mother deer keeps watch while feeding her baby in Nepal.

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