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How to prepare for a COVID-19 winter

  • Don’t get caught in the cold

    Make sure your heating systems have been serviced and are in good working order ahead of cold snaps. Rebates and other incentives are available to help prepare energy systems for winter.

  • Create an emergency kit

    Having supplies accessible in an emergency kit is always important. The CDC has some suggestions for pandemic-specific additions.

  • Get set for outside socializing

    Winter doesn’t need to be a barrier to safe socializing. With cozy additions like a fire pit or patio heater, plus lighting and perhaps a cover for those soggy days, entertaining outside throughout the chilly season is a real option.

  • Garden year-round

    With a winter greenhouse, continuing a pandemic-inspired obsession with gardening is possible. It’s also one way to create community, as long as you have a few social-distancing guidelines in place.

  • Gear up for snowy days

    Get a snow shovel, blower, and/or rock salt to clear sidewalks: That way, you and others can safely navigate the neighborhood while meeting at a distance.

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  • Shop safely outside

    By patronizing outdoor markets, not only do you stay safer, but also support farmers, artisans, and other small businesses that have been hit hard by the pandemic.

  • Travel the world remotely

    Exploring the world without leaving your computer is an option these days. Venues ranging from museums to zoos are inviting patrons into their spaces this way.

  • Be smart when you socialize

    New research from the CDC talks about ways that COVID-19 spreads indoors. One doctor reminds us that we might not want to remove our masks quite so quickly.

  • Build your bubble

    Create a “coronavirus bubble” of friends to better stay under the currently recommended number of people outside your household. But beware: Everyone needs to commit to interacting only with that group, or the game plan won’t work.

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