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Can you solve these real ‘Jeopardy’ clues about the ’80s?

  • Can you solve these real Jeopardy! clues about the 1980s?

    Readers who grew up in the 1980s will score well in this quiz. Stacker dug into the "Jeopardy!" Archive to take a trip down memory lane and revisit the 1980s, a decade defined by big hair, the wedding of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, MTV, AIDS, the election and assassination attempt of President Ronald Reagan, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster, Black Monday, and so many iconic television shows, music bands, moments, milestones, and trends.

    Stacker researchers dug through decades of "Jeopardy!" to curate this list of 50 clues spanning a wide range of topics, including music, film, politics, world news, and pop culture trends. We had a grand time recollecting seminal moments like finding out who shot J.R. in "Dallas" and belting out ’80s songs from legendary bands like The Bangles and Run-D.M.C.

    The Stacker team also delved a little deeper in the 1980s and added a couple of nuggets of information to each slide that illuminated fun facts about the answers. Who knew that the original name of the "Dynasty" was "Oil" or that if you visit Middlebury, Vermont, you can stay at the inn from "Newhart"?

    Baby boomers, millennials, or readers who adore the era of mobile phones and MTV are likely to have an enjoyable time clicking through this slideshow and testing their knowledge of the 1980s. While some readers may know which TV cop show Don Johnson won a Golden Globe for or be able to remember which first lady famously said, "Just say no to drugs," everyone will have fun traveling back to the 1980s. We've come a long way from the days of Pac-Man, but we still love playing the game of "Jeopardy!"

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  • Clue #1:

    - Clue: The song "Kiss" says, "You don't have to watch" this ABC drama "to have an attitude," but many did watch those Carringtons.
    - Category: Totally Awesome '80s TV
    - Value: $1,200
    - Date episode aired: April 30, 2020

  • Answer #1: What is "Dynasty"?

    "Dynasty" fans will never forget the cliffhanger of the fifth season featuring the infamous wedding massacre. This was the final episode of the season, and it was part of the only season to earn a #1 spot in the Nielsen ratings. No one, not even the cast, knew who survived.

  • Clue #2

    - Clue: "I'm ten years burning down the road."
    - Category: '80s Pop Lyrics
    - Value: $800
    - Date episode aired: Feb. 6, 2020

  • Answer #2: What is "Born in the USA"?

    The prolific song is frequently interpreted to be about patriotism, but it is really about the struggle of Vietnam veterans trying to find work and support in America. President Ronald Reagan referred to the song in his campaign speech.

  • Clue #3

    - Clue: Duuuude! You were a massive Spicoli wearing this brand's checkered slip-on sneakers!
    - Category: The Totally RAD ’80s
    - Value: $400
    - Date episode aired: Jan. 7, 2020

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  • Answer #3: What are Vans?

    Vans recently launched a line of sneakers called Kids of Immigrants. The sneakers celebrate immigrants, the working class, and the underrepresented.

  • Clue #4

    - Clue: This 1980s trio rapped, "It's Christmastime in Hollis, Queens, mom's cooking chicken and collard greens."
    - Category: Christmas Rapping
    - Value: $1,000
    - Date episode aired: Dec. 16, 2019

  • Answer #4: Who are Run-D.M.C.?

    The group has sold 230 million records worldwide. Run-D.M.C. was the first rap group to have a gold-certified album with its 1984 self-titled album.

  • Clue #5

    - Clue: Introduced in the 1980s, this Ferrari has a name that means "redhead."
    - Category: Car Talk
    - Value: $1,000
    - Date episode aired: April 24, 2019

  • Answer #5: What is the Testarossa?

    The car was priced at $181,000 in 1989, with an additional tax of $2,700 for gas-guzzling. Today fans can find one for between $95,000 and $200,000.

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