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25 transgender celebrities who broke barriers

  • Lynn Conway

    As a computer scientist and engineer, Lynn Conway was fired from her job in 1968 when she revealed that she would transition to becoming a woman. Still, her work has been credited for a number of technological and computer innovations, specifically with microchip design. Near retirement, Conway became a trans rights activist, specifically concerning employees in the tech industry.

  • Mj Rodriguez

    Best known for her role in FX’s “Pose,” Mj Rodriguez is the lead actress in what is the largest transgender and queer cast in a television show to date. The show depicts the ballroom scene in 1980s New York City, and Rodriguez portrays the head of the House of Evangelista, who was diagnosed with HIV in the first episode. She has also appeared in multiple stage roles, breaking barriers with each of her castings.

  • Nat Puff

    Better known by the stage name Left at London, Nat Puff is a singer-songwriter and internet personality. She is best known for her viral Vines and her parodies of musicians and comedians, while also being an accomplished musician in her own right, with her albums including “Transgender Street Legend.” Her social media presence continues, and she frequently shares fundraising campaigns for a number of struggling transgender individuals.

  • Natalie “ContraPoints” Wynn

    In response to the increasing number of right-wing video essays on YouTube, Natalie Wynn, best known by her online name ContraPoints, began producing elaborate counterargument video essays on the platform. Her videos are known for their detail in terms of both her nuanced arguments as well as her intricate production and costume design. She remains as one of the most-followed leftist YouTubers, alongside Hbomberguy and Philosophy Tube, both who have campaigned for trans equality.

  • Nikkie de Jager

    Also simply known as “NikkieTutorials” online, Nikkie de Jager is an online influencer and makeup artist with over 1 billion views on YouTube. She has received accolades from Forbes and the Teen Choice Awards for her work, and she came out as transgender early in 2020. In the middle of 2020, Nikkie de Jager had the distinction of serving as the online host of Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light, which replaced the traditional Eurovision Song Contest due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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