Most bankable actors of 2018

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August 7, 2018
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Most bankable actors of 2018

In the current cinematic climate where franchises indisputably dominate at the box office, the concept of a movie star has undergone radical changes. Whereas decades ago, audiences flocked to the latest Harrison Ford or Jim Carrey movie, a wide number of moviegoers are now more invested in the characters and spectacles than they are the actors. That said, a certain amount of name recognition and talent is still generally required when casting for a role like "Iron Man" or "Black Panther." Furthermore, the actors who land these roles are still very much “movie stars” in the classic sense of the term. In other words: the concept has changed, but it hasn’t necessarily gone away.

Where things get tricky, however, is when these same actors are cast in average, non-franchise films. For example, does Robert Downey Jr. deliver the same amount of value to a mid-size film as he does when playing Iron Man? If the answer is no, then how does a studio determine how much to pay him for the role, or whether or not to cast him in the first place? What if there are a number of A-list actors being cast for the same movie? How does a studio figure out which names bring the most value to the project?

Enter The Numbers Bankability Index, a popular resource among Hollywood studios. Put simply, the index determines how much value any given actor brings to the average non-franchise film, regardless of whether he’s playing the lead role, a supporting role or even appearing on-screen. To derive said value, the index looks at the worldwide box office earnings for every film the actor has worked on in any capacity over the course of his career, making adjustments based on his output over the last decade.

Consequently, studios are able to get an idea of an actor’s total value, and likewise his value per movie. Additionally, by analyzing the respective values of all the talent in a given film, studios can even predict what the movie itself can expect to make at the box office. Will this “Moneyball”-style approach always deliver as promised? Definitely not. But when millions of dollars are on the line, executives and producers will do whatever it takes to hedge their bets.

The studios aren’t the only ones with access to this data—it’s public. Stacker is listing out the most bankable actors in Hollywood, as per The Numbers Bankability Index as of February 2018. Please note a few adjustments: Stacker eliminated actors that are more or less retired, primarily voice actors or almost exclusively known as a producer or director.

#49. Luke Evans

Value per movie: $5,451,359

Total value: $11,508,364

Movies per year: 2.1

While Chris Evans might seem like the bigger name in Hollywood, Luke Evans (unrelated) delivers slightly more value to the average film—according to The Numbers Bankability Index, at least. That’s in no small part due to his performance as Gaston in Disney’s recent live-action remake of “Beauty and the Beast,” along with appearances in the respective “Fast and the Furious” and “Hobbit” franchises. Given Evans’ respectable value per movie, it’s no surprise that he has five films on the horizon.

#48. Jude Law

Value per movie: $5,476,414

Total value: $10,405,186

Movies per year: 1.9

Actor Jude Law’s career began in the late 1980s, but it wasn’t until movies like 1997’s “Gattaca” and 1999’s “The Talented Mr. Ripley” that he truly became a star. In the time since, Law has starred in a massive number of flops interspersed with the occasional box office smash, like “Sherlock Holmes.” For the past few years, Law has been in full comeback mode, and will even play an important role in the upcoming superhero film, “Captain Marvel.”

#47. Jeremy Renner

Value per movie: $5,496,263

Total value: $11,542,152

Movies per year: 2.1

Not only was Jeremy Renner a struggling Hollywood actor for a number of years, his tireless pursuit of success was documented in a 2003 reality show called “The It Factor.” He starred in the hit movie “S.W.A.T.” that same year. It wasn’t until his Oscar-nominated performance in 2008’s “The Hurt Locker,” that Jeremy Renner became an A-lister, but he’s been a big screen icon ever since, with an impressive value per movie to show for it.  

#46. Kevin James

Value per movie: $5,504,450

Total value: $8,256,675

Movies per year: 1.5

Before he became the “King of Queens,” Kevin James was making regular appearances on TV shows like “Everybody Loves Raymond” while performing stand-up on a number of late-night talk shows. Of course, his star didn’t truly soar into the stratosphere until he played the title role in 2009’s “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” an unexpected smash hit. In the time since, he’s become a fixture in Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison universe, most recently providing the voice for Frank in “Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation.” It’s not all good news for James, however, as his latest sitcom, “Kevin Can Wait,” was canceled by CBS after just two seasons.  

#45. Chris Hemsworth

Value per movie: $5,519,955

Total value: $12,143,901

Movies per year: 2.2

Actor Chris Hemsworth is certainly all-powerful when playing the mighty Thor, but relatively speaking, his value per movie isn’t as high as one might expect. That’s likely due to the fact that many of his films outside the Marvel universe are relative disappointments. For example, recent films like the “Ghostbusters” reboot, “Blackhat,” “In the Heart of the Sea” and “12 Strong” all delivered underwhelming results at the box office.

#44. Mark Ruffalo

Value per movie: $5,542,715

Total value: $12,193,974

Movies per year: 2.2

Since the late 1990s, Mark Ruffalo has demonstrated a knack for starring in acclaimed non-franchise films, many of which perform well at the box office. A few choice examples are “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” “Shutter Island,” “Spotlight,” and “The Kids Are All Right.” Adding substantially to Ruffalo’s bottom line are his roles in the respective “Avengers” and “Now You See Me” franchises. Suffice it to say, the actor makes for a sound investment when it comes to movies of all sizes.

#43. Mads Mikkelsen

Value per movie: $5,554,958

Total value: $7,776,941

Movies per year: 1.4

Before he enraptured American audiences with his portrayal of Dr. Hannibal Lecter in the cult hit TV show, “Hannibal,” Mads Mikkelsen was a huge star in his native country of Denmark, where he’d been voted “Sexiest Man” in 2012. At the same time, he was playing important roles in blockbuster films like “Casino Royale” and “Clash of the Titans.” Nowadays, he’s appearing in franchise films and Cannes contenders alike.

#42. Tyrese Gibson

Value per movie: $5,645,445

Total value: $6,774,534

Movies per year: 1.2

A quintessential multi-talented artist, Tyrese Gibson simultaneously launched a music and acting career in the late 1990s. While his earliest mainstream success was as a musician, it would take just a few years for him to carve out a presence on the big screen, starting with 2001’s “Baby Boy.” Nowadays, he’s best-known for playing Roman in the “Fast and Furious” franchise, though that doesn’t mean he won’t still drop the occasional #1 album.

#41. Jamie Foxx

Value per movie: $5,707,669

Total value: $11,986,105

Movies per year: 2.1

Another supremely versatile talent, Jamie Foxx first made a name for himself on the hit sketch comedy show, “In Living Color.” In 2004, Foxx delivered a breakout performance as Ray Charles in the hit biopic, “Ray,” winning an Academy Award for his effort. A certifiable A-list career soon followed, with appearances in a number of hit films. As if all that wasn’t enough, he’s also forged a career as a best-selling R&B singer.  

#40. James Cromwell

Value per movie: $5,778,310

Total value: $6,356,141

Movies per year: 1.1

At first glance, actor James Cromwell might not seem very “bankable” in 2018, but remember that The Numbers Bankability Index evaluates actors according to how much value they bring to average non-franchise films, even if they take franchise films into consideration when doing the math. To that end, Cromwell has starred in a wide number of successful movies and TV shows over the course of his decades-long career, including “L.A. Confidential,” “The Artist,” “Babe,” and “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.” He also lent his voice to the character of Robert Callaghan in Disney’s “Big Hero 6.”  

#39. Vince Vaughn

Value per movie: $5,811,162

Total value: $8,135,627

Movies per year: 1.4

After appearing in bit roles in a number of TV shows and movies, actor Vince Vaughn burst onto the mainstream in 1996’s “Swingers,” which additionally helped launch the career of Jon Favreau (who both wrote and starred in the film). In the years that followed, Vaughn delivered iconic performances in bona fide comedy hits like “Wedding Crashers,” “Dodgeball,” and “The Break-Up.” Vaughn’s career has experienced plenty of ups and downs since the mid-1990s, but that hasn’t stopped him from tackling a variety of challenging roles. Meanwhile, his big screen value remains intact.

#38. Josh Gad

Value per movie: $5,846,687

Total value: $12,278,043

Movies per year: 2.1

Between his impressive resume as a voice actor, his headlining role in Broadway’s “The Book of Mormon,” and his live-action performances on the big screen, Josh Gad has generated substantial value over the last decade. Proving that he’s far more than just a catchy voice or a comedic crutch, he’ll be playing author Truman Capote in an upcoming film, “Party of the Century”.

#37. Kevin Kline

Value per movie: $5,879,745

Total value: $7,643,669

Movies per year: 1.3

Kevin Kline has more than $7.5 million in total value to his name. That might have something to do with his recent role as Maurice in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast,” which earned a mind-boggling amount of money at the box office. Furthermore, Kline was a genuinely bankable talent in the 1980s and 1990s, playing the lead in hit films like “Dave,” “A Fish Called Wanda,” and “In & Out.”

#36. Chris Pratt

Value per movie: $5,928,207

Total value: $13,042,056

Movies per year: 2.2

With his recent headlining roles in the respective “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Jurassic World” franchises, not to mention his performance in the 2016 hit film “Passengers,” Chris Pratt seems like an actor who could be higher on this list. However, his A-list status is still relatively fresh, as it was just a few years ago that he was best-known for playing loveable goofball Andy Dwyer on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Even when taking algorithms out the equation, Pratt arguably has yet to prove himself as a truly versatile actor who can consistently tackle smaller dramatic roles. In other words, there may be more to Pratt’s relatively low ranking than first meets the eye, despite his undeniable success.

#35. Sam Worthington

Value per movie: $5,996,317

Total value: $12,592,266

Movies per year: 2.1

Sam Worthington might not carry the same tier of clout as some other A-listers, but he’s integral to a number of wildly successful films. Not only did he play a lead role in James Cameron’s “Avatar,” but he also starred in 2016’s “Hacksaw Ridge”, which overperformed at the box office. With four more “Avatar” movies in current states of production, Worthington’s total value shouldn’t be going down any time soon.

#34. Ben Stiller

Value per movie: $6,034,636

Total value: $13,879,662

Movies per year: 2.3

While arguably not the comedy legend he once was, Ben Stiller remains a perennial workhorse in front of the camera and behind the scenes. That said, the actor/director/producer does appear to be in a rut of sorts, and 2016’s “Zoolander 2” did little to help. Currently, Stiller has a number of projects in development through his production company, Red Hour Productions.

#33. Kevin Costner

Value per movie: $6,052,947

Total value: $9,079,420

Movies per year: 1.5

Kevin Costner's long-spanning career is what puts him high up on this list. Plus, he did recently star in the 2017 smash hit “Hidden Figures,” as well as films like “Molly’s Game,” “Criminal,” and “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” Perhaps Costner is still fairly bankable after all.

#32. Ryan Reynolds

Value per movie: $6,199,133

Total value: $16,737,660

Movies per year: 2.7

As the star of the “Deadpool” franchise and hit films like “The Hitman’s Bodyguard,” actor Ryan Reynolds appears to be on a veritable hot streak. However, closer inspection will reveal that for every bona fide hit, there’s a box office failure like “Self/less” or “Mississippi Grind,” the latter of which made a paltry $130,541 during its limited theatrical run. Additionally, Reynolds’ career was arguably floundering before he tackled the iconic superhero role. 

#31. Giovanni Ribisi

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Value per movie: $6,248,264

Total value: $9,997,223

Movies per year: 1.6

Actor Giovanni Ribisi doesn’t exactly scream “box office gold” to the average moviegoer, but he has starred in a number of successful films since the mid-1990s, albeit largely in a supporting capacity. To that end, just a cursory glance beneath the surface shows a highly fruitful career, which includes roles in movies like “Saving Private Ryan,” “Cold Mountain,” and “Avatar.” And who can forget his turn as a perverse, hip-swinging weirdo named Donny in “Ted” and “Ted 2”?

#30. Samuel L. Jackson

Value per movie: $6,253,533

Total value: $30,642,312

Movies per year: 4.9

As one of the hardest working men in show business, Samuel L. Jackson continues to earn his keep by starring in an average of 4.9 movies per year, including a host of franchise films. Consequently, his total value is sky-high, while his value per movie is more grounded. True to his established trajectory, Jackson will appear in a number of original movies, adaptations and franchise films within the next year.  

#29. Eddie Redmayne

Value per movie: $6,411,673

Total value: $7,694,007

Movies per year: 1.2

Eddie Redmayne’s career may be two decades in the making, but didn’t really take off until he played physicist Stephen Hawking in 2014’s “The Theory of Everything.” On the heels of that Oscar-winning performance, he starred as Lili in 2015’s “The Danish Girl” to rapturous acclaim (and yet another Oscar nomination). From there, he segued into the Harry Potter world, playing the role of Newt Scamander in the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise. Suffice to say, the British actor is a true double threat, in that he can deliver tangible value to both expensive blockbusters and mid-range films alike.

#28. Steve Carell

Value per movie: $6,419,520

Total value: $16,048,801

Movies per year: 2.5

The final seasons of “The Office” may have suffered without the presence of Steve Carell, but TV’s loss was cinema’s gain. Of course, Carell’s big screen career was well underway by the time he left his hit comedy show behind, with his portrayal of Andy in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” being the stuff that legacies are made of. Meanwhile, his serious performance as John Du Pont in 2014’s “Foxcatcher” proves that the actor is good for far more than just laughs. Expect those hard-earned acting chops to be on full display in the upcoming biopic, “Welcome to Marwen.”

#27. Daniel Craig

Value per movie: $6,503,010

Total value: $7,153,311

Movies per year: 1.1

British actor Daniel Craig was already a recognizable name by the time he tackled the role of James Bond in 2006, yet his current value would assuredly be much lower had he never taken the part. Perhaps that’s why Craig announced last year that he would once again portray the iconic spy, despite previous reports to the contrary. Look for the next Bond film to arrive in theaters in 2019.

#26. Mark Wahlberg

Value per movie: $6,565,651

Total value: $19,696,954

Movies per year: 3.0

In addition to starring in a number of hit films, Mark Wahlberg is also a highly successful producer—he knows how to pick a winner when he sees one. Pair that with his admirable work ethic and it’s no wonder he’s able to retain such high value. Put simply, Wahlberg continues to be a veritable Hollywood player, and one that doesn’t plan on slowing down any time soon.  

#25. Geoffrey Rush

Value per movie: $6,737,689

Total value: $10,780,302

Movies per year: 1.6

Even in the age of omnipresent spectacle, genuine talent can still pay off. For proof, look no further than Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush, who earns his keep by way of solid acting chops, in lieu of big-name recognition. That said, his role as Barbossa in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise is probably why he’s so high on the list.  

#24. Morgan Freeman

Value per movie: $6,789,621

Total value: $20,368,863

Movies per year: 3.0

The man with the golden voice, Morgan Freeman, is yet another example of how starring in multiple films a year can play a significant role in determining overall value. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s also profoundly talented, and preceded by a long, well-established career. Even at 81 years old, Freeman is still churning out movies at an impressive speed. Not even a recent scandal can slow this workhorse down.  

#23. Mel Gibson

Value per movie: $6,832,151

Total value: $7,515,366

Movies per year: 1.1

There was once a time when Mel Gibson was among the most coveted and valuable actors in the world. While those days have since waned due to numerous controversies, he still manages to deliver high value, in part due to his work behind the camera. Specifically, movies like 2004’s “The Passion of the Christ,” and 2016’s “Hacksaw Ridge” both performed exceptionally well at the box office. Reportedly, a sequel to “The Passion of the Christ” is currently in pre-production.

#22. Bradley Cooper

Value per movie: $6,969,284

Total value: $19,513,994

Movies per year: 2.8

Since his breakout performance in “The Hangover,” actor Bradley Cooper has become the stuff that Hollywood dreams are made of. Accordingly, he’s been involved in a number of wildly successful films in the time since, including numerous non-franchise hits like “Silver Linings Playbook” and “American Hustle.” Look for him next in “A Star is Born,” a remake which he wrote, directed and stars in.

#21. Harrison Ford

Value per movie: $7,116,276

Total value: $10,674,414

Movies per year: 1.5

With regards to non-franchise films, Harrison Ford probably doesn’t represent the same tier of value that he once did, but given how much bankability he used to bring to the table, there was nowhere to go but down. Nowadays, it’s likely his involvement in the “Star Wars” and “Indiana Jones” franchises accounts for his high total value. Speaking of high value, both the original Han Solo jacket and original Indiana Jones fedora are expected to fetch some serious money at an upcoming auction.

#20. Russell Crowe

Value per movie: $7,125,663

Total value: $14,251,325

Movies per year: 2.0

“Are you not entertained?” Russell Crowe famously asked as Maximus in 2000’s “Gladiator.” Given his legendary career and current value, it’s safe to say that audiences are most definitely entertained. On the other hand, the Australian actor isn’t soaring to the same heights he used to. It’s never too late for a comeback.

#19. Jim Carrey

Value per movie: $7,128,429

Total value: $11,405,487

Movies per year: 1.6

Soon after starring in 1994’s “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” Jim Carrey became the most successful actor in Hollywood. His undeniable hot streak began to lose steam about ten years later, though he was still good for the occasional box office smash. In addition to acting, Carrey has also established himself as an accomplished painter and occasional producer. In the upcoming Showtime series “Kidding,” he plays the star of a children’s TV show whose life is falling apart due to both internal and external forces.

#18. Chiwetel Ejiofor

Value per movie: $7,183,188

Total value: $10,774,782

Movies per year: 1.5

Actor Chiwetel Ejiofor might have a name that corners him into certain roles, but that hasn’t seemed to hurt his career in the slightest. He’s been steadily acting since the mid-1990s, appearing in films of all genres, budgets, and scales. Audiences probably know him best for his Oscar-nominated performance as Solomon Northup in 2013’s “12 Years a Slave.”

#17. Johnny Depp

Value per movie: $7,484,912

Total value: $23,203,227

Movies per year: 3.1

Johnny Depp may make headlines nowadays for all the wrong reasons, but that doesn’t mean he’s not keeping busy as an actor. Not only is Depp still an essential component to the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise, he has no fewer than six movies on the horizon. That said, he’s definitely not the sound investment he once was.

#16. Sacha Baron Cohen

Value per movie: $7,545,390

Total value: $7,545,390

Movies per year: 1.0

When “Borat” landed in 2006, it felt like the second coming of comedy. However, Sacha Baron Cohen has arguably struggled to mine gold out of his numerous alter-egos in the time since. To that end, his high ranking on the list might be confusing to some, since many of his big-screen comedies fail to deliver at the box office. Cohen’s new Showtime series “Who is America?” showcases a handful of his latest characters.

#15. Hugh Jackman

Value per movie: $7,872,670

Total value: $16,532,606

Movies per year: 2.1

Even when not donning claws as Wolverine, actor Hugh Jackman knows how to make a certifiable smash hit. For example, 2017’s “The Greatest Showman,” in which he played P.T. Barnum, earned more than $430 million at the worldwide box office. Jackman may be retiring from the “X-Men” franchise (or so he claims), but that doesn’t mean his impressive value is going down anytime soon.  

#14. George Clooney

Value per movie: $7,873,689

Total value: $17,322,116

Movies per year: 2.2

First things first: George Clooney is doing just fine after his recent motorcycle accident. Actually, he’s doing more than fine, in that he’s still one of the most bankable talents in Hollywood, even as he avoids standard superhero fare (for potentially obvious reasons). Of course, Clooney is not just a seasoned actor, but a busy producer and director as well. He’ll be appearing next in a mini-series adaptation of the classic novel, “Catch-22.”  

#13. Matt Damon

Value per movie: $7,996,652

Total value: $23,989,955

Movies per year: 3.0

“Good Will Hunting” wasn’t Matt Damon’s first major film, but it might as well have been. He’s been an A-lister ever since, tackling a variety of roles with passion and precision. And while it’s the Jason Bourne and “Ocean’s 11” franchises that probably put the most green in his pocket, he’s also no stranger to standalone success stories like “True Grit,” “The Departed” and “The Martian.” Also helping is the fact that Damon stars in a number of films per year, and has found success as a producer as well.

#12. Tommy Lee Jones

Value per movie: $7,997,976

Total value: $10,397,369

Movies per year: 1.3

Tommy Lee Jones is another actor who’s probably not as bankable as he once was, but nevertheless more valuable to the average non-franchise film than one might initially suspect. Throughout the course of his long career, he’s been involved in numerous hit productions, including the “Men in Black” franchise, the most recent Jason Bourne movie and acclaimed films like “No Country for Old Men.” He also occasionally directs and produces, though not to the point of impacting his bankability factor.

#11. Brad Pitt

Value per movie: $8,249,108

Total value: $23,097,501

Movies per year: 2.8

More than one of the most successful actors of all time, Brad Pitt is also a highly accomplished producer (not to mention one of the most famous people in the world). Between that and his seemingly endless workload, Pitt’s value remains sky-high, even if he’s prone to the occasional flop. “World War Z” is basically as close as he gets to franchise fare, with a sequel having been recently announced.

#10. Adam Sandler

Value per movie: $8,779,673

Total value: $21,949,182

Movies per year: 2.5

As both a producer and an actor, Adam Sandler continues to defy expectation when it comes to bankability. After all, who didn’t think that audiences would tire of his schtick ages ago? Instead, he’s signing monolithic Netflix deals and still churning out the occasional hit movie. It just goes to show that sometimes quantity does indeed work better than quality.

#9. Michael Keaton

Value per movie: $9,268,848

Total value: $12,976,387

Movies per year: 1.4

After headlining a fairly consecutive string of hit films in the 1980s and 1990s, actor Michael Keaton consciously took a step back with his career to focus on his personal life. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he was in full comeback mode, starting with his unforgettable performance in 2014’s “Birdman.” In the time since, he’s played major roles in a range of quality films. And while he might not seem like an obvious top 10 contender from a bankability perspective, he does bring significant value to the average non-franchise film.

#8. Leonardo DiCaprio

Value per movie: $9,286,972

Total value: $21,360,035

Movies per year: 2.3

Since the days of “Romeo + Juliet” and “Titanic,” Leonardo DiCaprio has been a perennial favorite among directors, producers and fans alike. He’s also another actor who’s able to retain high value despite his avoidance of franchise fare. Accordingly, he’ll be starring in hotly anticipated films like Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” and Martin Scorsese’s “Killers of the Flower Moon.”

#7. Vin Diesel

Value per movie: $10,066,876

Total value: $17,113,689

Movies per year: 1.7

While The Numbers Bankability Index might conclude that Vin Diesel brings a high amount of value to the average non-franchise film, he’s more or less built a career out of starring exclusively in blockbuster franchises. Naturally, “The Fast and The Furious” is the most obvious example, but he’s also part of the “Guardians of the Galaxy” franchise, the “xXx” franchise and the “Chronicles of Riddick” franchise, all of which have installments in various stages of production.

#6. Tom Hanks

Value per movie: $10,175,442

Total value: $24,421,061

Movies per year: 2.4

Tom Hanks is perhaps the quintessential actor when it comes to successful non-franchise films. He’s been an absolute screen legend for decades now, and with good reason. Whether he’s playing Forrest Gump, Walt Disney or Captain Phillips, Hanks remains both compulsively watchable and highly convincing, and the box office frequently thanks him for it.

#5. Ben Affleck

Value per movie: $10,262,313

Total value: $17,445,932

Movies per year: 1.7

For a good decade or so, Ben Affleck seemed down for the count in terms of bankability, and yet he’s risen from the ashes to become a modern Hollywood player. Before taking on the role of Batman (or The Batman, if you want to be specific), he was producing and directing hit films like “Argo.” Meanwhile, his recent effort, “The Accountant,” proved to be a surprise hit at the box office.

#4. Robert Downey, Jr.

Value per movie: $10,332,849

Total value: $20,665,698

Movies per year: 2.0

He might be best known today for his deft performance as Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man), but the truth is that Robert Downey Jr. endures as one of the most celebrated actors of all time, period. That said, he does seem to stick primarily to franchise fare these days, though possibly not for long. To think, there was once a point where it seemed the actor might not survive his drug addiction. Iron Man, indeed.

#3. Will Smith

Value per movie: $11,790,864

Total value: $21,223,555

Movies per year: 1.8

Will Smith is such a dominant name in cinema that it’s almost easy to forget he was also once among the biggest names in both TV and music. And while his career seems to have cooled off a bit in recent years, it’s still piping-hot compared to most actors. To that end, he would be an essential addition to any average non-franchise film. The problem is that most non-franchise films probably couldn’t afford his salary.

#2. Denzel Washington

Value per movie: $13,303,162

Total value: $17,294,110

Movies per year: 1.3

Screen icon Denzel Washington is currently proving his worth in “The Equalizer 2,” which opened at #1, and represents the actor’s only sequel to date. This goes to show that Washington is still a major force in Hollywood, even after all these years. On the non-franchise front, he doesn’t shy away from mid-range dramatic work. In fact, one might even say that smaller, topical films are where his passion truly lies.

#1. Tom Cruise

Value per movie: $17,903,417

Total value: $25,064,784

Movies per year: 1.4

There is no movie star on the planet quite like Tom Cruise, with the numbers to prove it. Since the early 1980s, the hard-working actor (and producer) has been a box office sensation, barring the occasional clunker. Bigger, bolder and buffer than ever before, Cruise is currently starring in “Mission Impossible-Fallout,” which opened to rave reviews and instant box office success. Meanwhile, a “Top Gun” sequel is slated for release in 2019. Needless to say, not even a broken ankle is getting in this actor’s way.   

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