Stacker Editorial Standards

Stacker is on a mission to produce and distribute engaging data journalism to the world’s news organizations. Since 2017, we’ve combined data analysis with rich editorial context to drive a unique blend of storytelling made easily available to publishers and readers across the country.

Today, Stacker is read by millions each month on as well as across our vast network of publishing partners. Our newswire of local and national features provides a sustainable source of engaging content for thousands of newsrooms across the country, including MSN, Newsweek, and Hearst Newspapers. 

Additionally, Stacker Studio works with select brands to fund the production of even more stories. By lending our journalistic expertise to third parties, we’re able to help brands reach new audiences through newsworthy, data-driven storytelling while providing even more objective, data-driven journalism to our publishing partners. Readers and publishers alike trust us to maintain the same Stacker ethos of rigorous data analysis, fact-checking, and editorial standards to all Studio pieces as we do our own, native content.

Stacker Newsroom

Stacker’s newsroom consists of two teams of journalists: researchers who analyze data and writers who contextualize that data for our readers. Every story starts with in-depth examinations of public and private data sets. From there, our editorial team brings data to life, weaving in rich insights and images to produce engaging stories through various formats from rankings and lists to quizzes and data visualizations.

In addition to data-driven stories, Stacker independently curates lists that serve to contextualize history, explain today’s biggest stories, or enrich our understanding of the natural world. Whether celebrating milestones in women’s history, exploring stats around the U.S. prison system, or tracking historic weather events of the last 100 years, our deep network of expert writers and access to rich image archives afford us novel approaches to making sense of the world around us.

Stacker Studio

Stacker Studio partners with companies that underwrite Stacker pieces in topical areas related to their industry. All Studio-produced content follows the same editorial standards and process as every other Stacker story.

Stacker Studio clients give us the opportunity to brainstorm fresh ideas around a particular subject matter and produce even more unique content for publishers via our robust distribution network. Studio pieces are also published on clients’ websites. In this way, Studio clients have the opportunity to fund great, objective journalism that reaches local and national markets throughout the U.S.

Stacker’s Promise

Our standards hold true for every story. Regardless of whether a piece is produced on behalf of a Studio partner, every Stacker story relies on objective, data-driven reporting, with an unwavering devotion to facts. Studio clients and Stacker readers can rest assured that these principles serve as the common thread through all Stacker content.

Stacker’s editorial team works independently and maintains the final say on every aspect of our stories. Even when research is underwritten by a third party, Stacker stories will never advertise or promote products, services, or brands.

Full transparency. Every piece produced through our Studio clearly communicates the underwriter and cites the original source of the article on their website. We will never shoe-horn links or promotional content into our pieces.

Curious about something Studio-related that isn’t covered here? Let’s talk! We’re always open to hearing new ideas and requests.