Santa Claus: A town in Arizona or just festive vocabulary?

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December 10, 2021
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Santa Claus: A town in Arizona or just festive vocabulary?

Can you imagine living in a town where it’s Christmas all year round? From coincidental names like Garland and Snowflake to over-the-top holiday tributes (like the town that changed its name to a Secret Santa website), cities across the country are more than happy to embrace their wintry names—regardless of season or climate.

Using information from the United States Census Bureau, Stacker found 29 cities and towns across America with names that embody the spirit of Christmas. Some towns take the festivities more seriously than others—think Christmas-themed streets, year-round Yuletide attractions, and huge holiday markets—while others reflect on the story behind the season. Let’s take a virtual sleigh ride across America as we learn about these festively named locations and the different ways they celebrate.

Snowflake, Arizona

- Founded: 1878

The small town of Snowflake is a three-hour drive from Phoenix. Its name comes from Mormon leaders Erastus Snow and William Jordan Flake. Even though Arizona winters typically aren’t white, Snowflake residents get into the holiday spirit with a 12 Days of Christmas event every December.

Santa Claus, Arizona

- Founded: 1937

Fans of ghost towns will covet this abandoned Christmas-themed settlement in the Mojave Desert. The town’s Santa’s Land attraction was once a popular year-round holiday stop, but it ceased operations in the mid-1970s. If you’re looking for a (slightly creepy) blast from the past, you’re in luck: Its candy-striped buildings are still standing.

Continue reading to learn about other cities and towns named after Christmas in your neck of the woods, or read the national story here.


- Founded: 1979

Depending on your opinion of this polarizing holiday beverage, the name of this community may delight or disgust you. Eggnog, Utah, is located in Garfield County and is believed to be named after the beverage served to ranchers there.


- Founded: 1853

Located just southwest of Houston, the evocative city of Sugar Land is actually named for its connection to the sugar industry. The city celebrates Christmas with events in Sugar Land Town Square, including photos with Santa, caroling, and the lighting of a 40-foot Christmas tree.

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