Highest rated stouts in Arkansas

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November 2, 2022

Highest rated stouts in Arkansas

The stout is known for being especially full-bodied, dark, strong, lightly sweet, and sometimes creamy. It often features flavor notes of roasted coffee, chocolate, and malt. However, the versatility of a stout lends itself to more experimentation than one might assume.

Yes, there are the more well-known Irish and English stouts, American stouts (and double stouts), Russian imperial stouts, but there are also oatmeal stouts, milk stouts, oyster stouts, blonde stouts, barrel-aged pastry stouts, and more—and they all have varying flavor profiles, colors, and alcohol strengths.

Stacker compiled a list of the best stouts from Arkansas using data from BeerAdvocate. A maximum of 5 stouts per brewery were included. Accompanying each stout is its brewery, its rating on BeerAdvocate, the stout type, and its ABV. Are you interested in expanding your horizons past the most mainstream of the stouts? Check out the best stouts brewed in your very own state.

#4. Java Stout

- Rating: 3.73 (17 ratings)
- Type: American Stout
- ABV: 7.00%
- Brewery: Saddlebock Brewery
- Read more on BeerAdvocate

#3. Cream Stout

- Rating: 4.01 (107 ratings)
- Type: English Stout
- ABV: 5.30%
- Brewery: Ozark Beer Co.
- Read more on BeerAdvocate

#2. Nighty Night

- Rating: 4.27 (62 ratings)
- Type: American Imperial Stout
- ABV: 11.20%
- Brewery: Lost Forty Brewing
- Read more on BeerAdvocate

#1. BDCS

- Rating: 4.51 (541 ratings)
- Type: Sweet / Milk Stout
- ABV: 10.20%
- Brewery: Ozark Beer Co.
- Read more on BeerAdvocate

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