Top NBA draft picks from Arkansas

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April 6, 2022

Top NBA draft picks from Arkansas

Summer may not be professional basketball season, but there is one thing that brings fans, teams, and college ball players the same excitement and anticipation as any headline matchup—the National Basketball Association's annual Draft.

The draft has evolved over the years from the sort of thing you'd read about in the newspaper to a fully televised event that has become a significant draw for the NBA, both from a revenue and brand reinforcement standpoint. The draft's key role for teams is to allow them to pinpoint their deficiencies in order to identify precisely what kind of player they need coming out of the annual raffle, and also to effect strategic trades either for (or with) draft picks to plan for the future.

The draft's impact at the college level is even bigger. Since it is the ambition of most college ball players to go pro, each year's draft presents them with a new chance to level up. Now that high school players cannot qualify except after a gap year (of either college ball or not) due to 2006's "one-and-done rule," the annual pool of eligible college players is the NBA's best source of fresh talent.

In summer 2022, colleges and universities across the country will see their top players try to fulfill their dream of playing at the professional level. Many schools are known for their basketball programs, and many more seem to slip under the radar while surprising teams and fans alike by producing some of the greatest players ever to take the court. For every Reggie Miller (UCLA), there's a Stephen Curry (Davidson College). That's what makes the draft so exciting for sports fans—they get to bear witness to dreams coming true and potential being rewarded. After more than 70 years, the NBA Draft retains its power to change the face of the game and help teams transform themselves into championship contenders.

With the next draft set for June 23, 2022, Stacker compiled a list of the highest NBA draft picks from [university], using data from Before the 2022 draft class is decided, take a look back at the top picks from your favorite college team down through NBA history.

#10. Bob Burrow (C)
- Born: Malvern, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #9 overall in 1956
- Drafted by: Rochester Royals
- School: Kentucky
- Years in NBA: 2

#9. Ron Brewer (SG)
- Born: Fort Smith, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #7 overall in 1978
- Drafted by: Portland Trail Blazers
- School: Arkansas
- Years in NBA: 8

#8. Bryant Reeves (C)
- Born: Fort Smith, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #6 overall in 1995
- Drafted by: Vancouver Grizzlies
- School: Oklahoma State
- Years in NBA: 6

#7. Sidney Moncrief (SG/PG)
- Born: Little Rock, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #5 overall in 1979
- Drafted by: Milwaukee Bucks
- School: Arkansas
- Years in NBA: 11

#6. Scottie Pippen (SF)
- Born: Hamburg, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #5 overall in 1987
- Drafted by: Seattle SuperSonics
- School: University of Central Arkansas
- Years in NBA: 17

#5. Eddie Miles (SG/PG)
- Born: North Little Rock, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #4 overall in 1963
- Drafted by: Detroit Pistons
- School: Seattle University
- Years in NBA: 9

#4. Glen Rice (SF)
- Born: Jacksonville, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #4 overall in 1989
- Drafted by: Miami Heat
- School: Michigan
- Years in NBA: 15

#3. Mike Conley (PG)
- Born: Fayetteville, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #4 overall in 2007
- Drafted by: Memphis Grizzlies
- School: Ohio State
- Years in NBA: 15

#2. Jim Barnes (PF/C)
- Born: Tuckerman, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #1 overall in 1964
- Drafted by: New York Knicks
- School: Texas-El Paso
- Years in NBA: 7

#1. Joe Barry Carroll (C)
- Born: Pine Bluff, Arkansas
- Draft pick: #1 overall in 1980
- Drafted by: Golden State Warriors
- School: Purdue
- Years in NBA: 10

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