Cultural events now available from home

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May 18, 2020

Cultural events now available from home

The “new normal” due to COVID-19 has required humankind to experience life 6 feet apart from one another, causing a social shift in how people engage in cultural events. Stacker compiled a list of 100 cultural events available online as of April 2020, using a selection of news, art, and culture websites to put together a combination of plays, Broadway shows, concerts, art exhibits, talks, book clubs, zoos, and other events you could watch or participate in online.

Collective cultural sites around the world are ensuring fans of every type of art can get their fill during the quarantine. Take, for example, London’s WhatsOnStage, which updates its musical theater streaming daily with hits including “Wasted,” a three-women performance depicting literary siblings Emily, Anne, and Charlotte Bronte as if the writers were high and promiscuous.

For museum lovers, touring London’s most-renowned galleries is an option. From the British Museum’s “A History of the World in 100 Objects” podcast to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s Design a Wig game, there are countless events to engage in globally right from your living room.

Music addicts can tune into beats at global quarantine dance parties or celebrity DJs’ live streams. While Rolling Stone dubs DJ D-Nice’s Instagram club nights a hit, the magazine also features the “In My Room” series, with artists such as Sting and Joan Jett performing from their personal space.

Dance fans can drop in on the New York City Ballet, which offers two performances weekly as well as livestream movement instruction and podcasts. For modern dance lovers, the renowned Alvin Ailey dance troupe also has an all-access website that streams full-length performances and classes. As for audio and visual arts, leave it to Google to let viewers experience culture in 360 degrees, with art, natural history, and space exploration among just a few of the exhibits offered from all angles.

Read on for one of the most-comprehensive lists of cultural events available during the COVID-19 self-quarantine.

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Bumble Dee // Shutterstock

New York Philharmonic performances

- Type of event: Orchestra
- Available on: NY Phil Plays On portal

Through the NY Phil Plays On portal, patrons can view performances from home rather than concert hall seats during social distancing. From video segments of Beethoven’s “Symphony No. 7” to radio broadcasts of Franz Liszt’s “A Faust Symphony,” the website also entertains and educates music listeners with past featured festivals.

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gilead // Shutterstock

American Film Institute’s AFI Movie Club

- Type of event: Film
- Available on: AFI

The movie club for the American Film Institute (AFI), founded in 1965, is made up of industry leaders who created an exclusive movie club they now share during social distancing. There are dozens of classics in the database to choose from, as well as the “First 100 Years” film series, which breaks down the history, credits, synopsis, and genre of each major motion picture. Memberships range from the base-level patron option to the director’s chair choice, which offers VIP access to festivals and entrance to the AFI Conservatory.

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Donna Ward // Getty Images

Alvin Ailey Dance Theater performances

- Type of event: Dance
- Available on: Alvin Ailey’s website

The iconic New York dance company founded in 1958 created Ailey All Access, offering everyone a chance to stream full-length performances for free during social distancing. The website also provides online classes, including modern, tap, yoga, salsa, and Pilates. Also, the troupe’s “Dancer Diaries” and “The Show Must Go On” series on YouTube give viewers a chance to get acquainted with performers off stage.

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Walt Disney Productions

First filming of ‘Peter Pan’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime and Playbill are making many Broadway musicals available during social distancing, including classics like the 1954 motion picture “Peter Pan.” The rendition is one of many films based on the classic children’s story. Along with Peter Pan, the Playbill Club gives customers a chance to take advantage of children’s theater-related classes online.

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King of Hearts

BAM Hamm archives

- Type of event: Performance art
- Available on: BAM’s website

The Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Hamm archives feature dance performances, festivals, interviews, discussions, and concerts for free. Some featured festivals and interviews include ‟DanceAfrica 201l” and “Paul Simon with Phillip Glass in 2008.” BAM also opens up some of its archives to interested film junkies at different costs.

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cwales // Shutterstock

Archived Chichester Festival Theatre shows

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: Chichester Festival Theatre’s website

Chichester Festival Theatre offers free entertainment for young people, including the “Beauty and the Beast” feature adapted from the original fairytale. The theater, located in West Sussex, England, also offers free family-friendly events weekly, including remote puppetry at home, marble maze craft, and musical theater dance.

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The Gentle Barn’s virtual tours

- Type of event: Animal sanctuary
- Available on: Gentle Barn’s website

Virtual tours at the Gentle Barn Animal Sanctuary let children remotely connect to donkeys, cows, dogs, emus, and more. If requested, personal two-hour tours are available for a $400 donation for families or groups who want to have a more intimate and engaging barnyard experience. Additionally, the Gentle Barn offers grade-level, science-based educational programs for students.

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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Hubble Control Center

- Type of event: Virtual tours
- Available on: Google Arts & Culture

Google Arts & Culture 360 videos let laymen into the Hubble Control Center, giving visitors a glimpse of the day-to-day management of the famed telescope in a short clip. For even more out-of-this-world videos and reports on the NASA instrument, visit the organization’s website, which allows visitors to view and identify constellations and explore various educational resources.

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BET2020 // Getty Images for BET NETWORKS

DJ D-Nice’s ‘Club Quarantine’ Instagram parties

- Type of event: DJ party
- Available on: Instagram

New York City native DJ D-Nice’s Instagram dance parties are rocking the house, according to Rolling Stone. One of his Saturday night parties saw the most elite guests including Michelle Obama, presidential candidate Joe Biden, Rihanna, Will Smith, and Oprah Winfrey. The turntable parties first started as a small gathering for friends, according to DJ D-Nice, who now welcomes all to boogie down.

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Mindy Best // Getty Images for SXSW

John Hodgman’s ‘Get Your Pets’ comedy show

- Type of event: Comedy
- Available on: Instagram

Livestream comedy is all the roar during quarantine, with John Hodgman’s “Get Your Pets” featuring one-on-one interviews with animals. The former “Daily Show” humorist and widely-published author broadcasts his show from Brooklyn, New York. An emu, turtle, owl, and chameleon have been guests on the show, which streams weekdays at various times.

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John Lamparski // Getty Images


- Type of event: Online learning
- Available on: MasterClass

Leaders in film, music, writing, politics, sports, photography, and culinary arts can instruct their biggest fans with MasterClass. Virtual cooking lessons with Wolfgang Puck, acting instruction by Jodie Foster, and directing insight by Judd Apatow give students a chance to learn from the very best for a minimal cost. The website, which has more than 80 instructors, offers unlimited access for $180 annually.

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Ilya S. Savenok // Getty Images for Saks Fifth Avenue

NYC’s Nowadays’ nightly sets

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Nowadays website

A four-hour free livestream 8 p.m. ET nightly in May from New York City-based Nowadays gives listeners access to DJ sets and gear tutorials during the quarantine. The website features a variety of sounds, including the Planetarium series, performed by resident DJ Eamon Harkin and master mixer Russell Butler. Listeners are asked to make donations directly to the artists through a Venmo fund.

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Quarantine Book Club

- Type of event: Books
- Available on: Quarantine Book Club’s website

Chatting with your favorite author is possible at Quarantine Book Club for only $5 a discussion. “Stealing Home” author Eric Nusbaum discusses Dodger Stadium, and “Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me” writer Anna Mehler Paperny discusses depression in the May series. Additional authors of many other genres, including young adult fiction, children’s literature, and business, meet over Zoom with visitors, who are promised a money-back guarantee.

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Apostolis Giontzis // Shutterstock

The Metropolitan Opera’s nightly operas

- Type of event: Opera
- Available on: The Metropolitan Opera’s website

The nightly Opera stream from the Met gives patrons who cannot frequent the famed New York City musical theater a chance to experience it virtually during social distancing. But according to the Met, the cost of doing so is taking a toll, which is why it’s encouraging viewers to donate to an emergency fund.

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The Pandemic Faire

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: The Pandemic Faire’s website

Curated to “aesthetically invigorate” during quarantine, this website boasts the only virus able to shut it down is digital. New contemporary artists from all over America are featured weekly on The Pandemic Faire, which details their backgrounds, fields of study, accomplishments, and social media and websites.

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Keith Tsuji // Getty Images

‘Pay it Forward LIVE’

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Twitter

In an effort to financially back small businesses during social isolation, Verizon hosts “Pay it Forward LIVE” concerts on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8 p.m. EDT. Featured acts help raise money through the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, that immediately provides assistance to financially-strapped mom and pop shops. Artists featured on the series include Billie Eilish and Luke Bryan.

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United We Stream

- Type of event: Nightlife
- Available on: United We Stream

Clubs may be closed, but that has not stopped United We Stream from broadcasting parties from any one of Berlin’s 300 nightclubs. Livestreaming DJ sets, performances, discussion sessions, and presentations are all available on the website. A minimum monthly fee of 10 euros gives partygoers a virtual club ticket to some of Germany’s hottest spots.

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Dimitrios Kambouris // Getty Images

Alton Brown’s ‘Quarantine Quitchen’

- Type of event: Cooking classes
- Available on: YouTube

Alton Brown’s YouTube channel “Quarantine Quitchen” racks up thousands of views from followers who tune in to his weekly cooking show. The unorthodox chef, along with his wife Elizabeth, performs pantry raids, showing viewers how the simplest ingredients can make the most-delicious dishes.

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Ververidis Vasilis // Shutterstock

Cirque du Soleil’s hour-long free shows

- Type of event: Circus and acrobatics
- Available on: YouTube

Cirque du Soleil is keeping “audiences sated” with its hour-long free performances broadcast on the troupe’s YouTube channel. The high-flying entertainment group has cancelled all its resident and touring shows from Las Vegas to Moscow until further notice.

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BW Press // Shutterstock

Friday series of Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: YouTube every Friday

Andrew Lloyd Webber, renowned composer and theatre director of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “Phantom of the Opera,” “Cats,” and other breathtaking musicals, is streaming his work for free weekly on YouTube. Social isolation or not, sitting back to a free production of one of Webber’s iconic Broadway musicals is the perfect way to end a long week with the family on Friday night.


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Dmytro Zinkevych // Shutterstock

The Moth

- Type of event: Talks
- Available on: YouTube

Global, live storytelling on The Moth gives speakers a chance to share their tales, either for humor or lesson learning. Storyteller Isobel Connelly shares the drama of her childhood in “360 Beats Per Minute,” about a supraventricular tachycardia heart condition that almost killed her. “For 6-year-old Isobel, this is very terrifying,” she says.

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GaudiLab // Shutterstock


- Type of event: Books
- Available on: A Public Space

Fifteen pages of Leo Tolstoy’s “War and Peace” novel per day is good for the psyche during social distancing, according to Chinese-American author Yiyun Li, who hosts a Public Space virtual book club started on March 25. Past book club notes are available for interested readers who want to jump in before the novel ends.

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Cookie Studio // Shutterstock

Adelaide Fringe Festival

- Type of event: Performing arts
- Available on: Adelaide Fringe Festival’s website

Aerial acrobat Bailey Freeman teaches the art form during COVID-19 by way of social media. Her work, as well as other aerialists, is now visible on the Adelaide Fringe Festival’s website, and can turn any living room into an exciting exercise space. Donations to the company’s artist fund are encouraged, since aerialists and acrobats often have to pay for their own marketing.

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David M. Benett // Getty Images

Final performance of ‘Rent’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: Amazon Prime, Google Play, Vudu, YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, DVD/Blu-ray from Amazon

The four-time Tony Award- and Pulitzer Prize-winning musical “Rent” played more than 5,000 times before the curtain closed, and up to seven streaming networks, including Amazon Prime, Google Play, and iTunes, are showing the final performance. In 2005, composer and writer Jonathan Larson’s rock musical became a film starring A-lister Rosario Dawson.

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Shannon Finney // Getty Images

Garth Brooks ‘Live From Studio G’

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Facebook

Performances from the 2020 Library of Congress Gershwin Prize winner Garth Brooks are free to view via the country music star’s Facebook page. Brooks reviews fans’ Twitter posts and asks listeners to send in set lists he promises to play. The broadcasts made available by Inside Studio G are also viewable on the singer’s website.

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Farm Sanctuary’s Humane Education

- Type of event: Animal sanctuary
- Available on: Farm Sanctuary’s website

The animal-loving nonprofit offers sing-alongs, storytime, and humane educational resources for pre-K through 12th grade students. Live virtual classes include drawing animals and exploring the food system. The organization, which encourages donations, also has a plethora of fun-loving pictures and content on its Facebook page.

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Andrew Matthews/PA Images // Getty Images

Banksy murals around the world

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: Google Arts & Culture

No one knows the true identity of the British street artist Banksy, yet his art around the globe is openly cool: Google Arts & Culture displays 12 of his sketches from spots ranging from London to New Orleans. The elusive “pop-up” artist most recently left his mark at Southampton General Hospital in London, with a picture of a child idolizing a mask-wearing Red Cross nurse doll rather than the action heroes at his feet.

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Jeff Kravitz // Getty Images

Catherine Cohen’s ‘Cabernet Cabaret’ variety show

- Type of event: Comedy
- Available on: Instagram

In the new age of comedy, women break all traditional molds for laughs, and one of those funny females is cabaret comedian Catherine Cohen. Regardless of social distancing, the Brooklyn voice-over artist, featured on “Late Night with Seth Meyers” in 2019, keeps the laughs coming with her raw Seek Treatment podcast and her 8 p.m. Wednesday performances on the Club Cumming Instagram feed.

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silverkblackstock // Shutterstock

Club Q

- Type of event: Nightlife
- Available on: Instagram

“The Cut” reports the virtual LGBTQ venue Club Q, symbolic for queer and quarantine and hosted at 9 p.m. nightly via Zoom, is the “hottest” social distancing underground club. Individual screens display up to 400 party-goers twerking, smoking, and flirting, while others simply show up at Club Q to be more of a backdrop, watching rather than participating.

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Pier Marco Tacca // Getty Images

Massimo Bottura’s ‘Kitchen Quarantine’

- Type of event: Cooking classes
- Available on: Instagram

Chef Massimo Bottura, of three-Michelin-star restaurant Osteria Francescana, is sharing his savory secrets to 1.3 million Instagram viewers daily, with “Kitchen Quarantine” at 6 p.m. EDT. Filming with loved ones, Bottura gives fans food tips and enjoyable family banter on his social media streams. For even more of Buttura’s mouthwatering dishes, fans can learn how to whip up plates of ravioli from the expert in his MasterClass.

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Tim Mosenfelder // Getty Images

Pitchfork Live’s Instagram concert series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Instagram

Stay-at-home broadcast concerts and individual artist performances, including James Blake covering Stevie Wonder, as well as Blake Mills, Margo Price, and Waxahatchee, keep viewers pleased with Pitchfork. Along with the live concert series, the music venue reports on the latest tour and festival dates rescheduled due to COVID-19.

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Netflix Party virtual movie theater

- Type of event: Film
- Available on: Netflix (Google Chrome only)

Since social distancing has nixed going to the movies or bingeing on a series together, Google Chrome customers can enjoy Netflix’s virtual movie theater collectively. The streaming service boasts of watch parties and long-distance movie nights, promising intimate gatherings at a distance. The only thing friends can’t share is popcorn.

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Walter McBride // Getty Images

2017 production of ‘Present Laughter’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: PBS Passport, BroadwayHD

Catch Kevin Kline’s Tony-award winning performance in the 2017 production of “Present Laughter” on BroadwayHD. Kline plays a narcissistic actor going through a midlife crisis in the comedy, which runs a little over two hours, and earned the actor his third Tony, and first since 1981.

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encierro // Shutterstock

Social Distancing Festival

- Type of event: Performance art
- Available on: Social Distancing Festival’s website

Visual arts, dance, music, and theater are all players in the Social Distancing Festival, a venue of global artwork and livestreams available for all to view. Dance projects and photographs from Los Angeles to London, and comedy and talk performances from diverse artists, entertain for hours during social isolation.

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John Myers // Wikimedia Commons

Archived Southwark Playhouse shows

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: Southwark’s ‘Stayhouse’ website

Southwark Playhouse’s performance of “Wasted,” which depicts the lives of the famous Bronte literary family sisters—Charlotte, Anne, and Emily— has been dubbed by The Guardian as the rock ‘n’ roll version of the their lives, complete with sex and drugs. The play is is just one of the troupe’s musicals. Donations by viewers are encouraged.

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Mr.Whiskey // Shutterstock

TED Talks

- Type of event: Talks
- Available on: TED Talks website

Thousands of conversations surrounding subjects starting with every letter of the alphabet are continually chattering on TED Talks. And if you don’t speak English, not a problem, because TED Talks is available in more than 100 languages, from Faroese to Turkish. A series of five TED talks give work-at-home tips from CEOs, journalists, and bloggers, serving as an excellent resource for employees working remotely.

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fizkes // Shutterstock

Coronavirus World Tour

- Type of event: DJ party
- Available on: Twitch

Los Angeles-based DJ Diplo is not the only artist livestreaming electronic dance music on Twitch for fans, although thousands tuned in to hear the 2009 Grammy Award nominee for record of the year, for “Paper Planes.” The creative dance party collaborations can turn any room into a dance floor during quarantine, with choices from dozens of artists. Simply move the couch back and coffee table aside and tune in to Twitch.

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Vancouver 125 // Wikimedia Commons

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

- Type of event: Orchestra
- Available on: Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s website

Concerts and post-performance discussions will have any classic music aficionado entertained by the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the third-largest in Canada. The site provides free virtual field trips, a chance to meet the conductor, and orchestra member discussions, with varied prices for adolescent and adult-learning virtual modules and instrument workshops. Until the group can entertain metro Vancouver again, it is sharing the music, while encouraging donations along the way.

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RPBaiao // Shutterstock

The Sistine Chapel

- Type of event: Virtual tours
- Available on: Vatican Museums

Until Michaelangelo fans can visit the Sistine Chapel to see “The Last Judgement” on the ceiling in person, Vatican Museums make it possible virtually. Since it was built between 1475-1481, people from all over the world visit Italy to view one of Christianity’s cornerstones, and to view frescoes from Michaelangelo and other Italian artists, including those of Sandro Botticelli. Now this classic art is available at the click of a mouse.

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Anibal Trejo // Shutterstock

Vienna State Opera nightly performances

- Type of event: Opera
- Available on: Vienna State Opera’s website

The Austria opera house, closely associated with the Vienna State Ballet and Philharmonic, is livestreaming old and new performances for registered viewers who provide an email address and password. End of May performances include “The Nutcracker,” “Don Giovanni,” “Arabella,” and “The Magic Flute.”

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New York City Ballet performances

- Type of event: Dance
- Available on: YouTube

No ticket is needed to watch the renowned New York City Ballet troupe’s individual and group performances on YouTube. Short clips, including ballerina Emily Kikta discussing her opening role in the first movement of Brahms-Schoenberg Quartet, give viewers a backstage view. Individual dancer biographies are available on the troupe site, for fans to get to know their favorite ballerinas better.

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Rob Verhorst // Getty Images

Pink Floyd’s YouTube concert series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: YouTube

Pink Floyd fans have much to look forward to with the free viewing of Pulse on the classic rock band’s YouTube concert series. Dozens of restored and re-edited live recordings of the English band, including “Another Brick in the Wall,” “Us and Them” and psychedelic hit “Time,” can keep any Pink Floyd fan mesmerized for hours. Full playlists of the band’s songs are also available on the YouTube channel for free.

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Aaron Chown/PA Images // Getty Images

BBC’s ‘Culture in Quarantine’

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: BBC iPlayer

Theatre, dance, opera, and shuttered exhibitions, provided by the notable U.K. network BBC’s ‘Culture in Quarantine’ series, are now available for free on BBC iPlayer, available only in the UK. A program schedule keeps visitors informed on when to watch hosted cultural debates, interviews with Martin Scorsese, or live classes from the Birmingham Royal Ballet.

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Mirrorpix // Getty Images

Original production of ‘Cats’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: BroadwayHD, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, DVD from Amazon.

Based on T.S. Elliott’s poetry, the 1998 London production of “Cats” from iconic composer and producer Andrew Lloyd Webber is available for free to watch at your leisure for 48 hours, beginning May 15. While the show is available on several social media channels, Webber’s YouTube channel entertains with other engaging content, including his “Composer in Isolation” series that began at the end of March.

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World of Wonder // Getty Images

A song a day from Rufus Wainwright

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Facebook

Check out singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright’s Facebook page as he plays a song a day from his home during the quarantine. Wainwright has recorded seven studio albums, all of which have reached the Billboard 200, most recently 2012’s “Out of the Game.” His eighth album, “Unfollow the Rules,” is set to be released July 10.

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The Cincinnati Zoo provides ‘Home Safari’

- Type of event: Zoos and aquariums
- Available on: Facebook

Afternoon ‘Home Safari’ at the Cincinnati Zoo Facebook gives adolescents and adults alike a chance to get to know the animals up close. To get even closer, the Ohio-based zoo is hosting an online grade-specific summer camp at $135 for all students, and $64 for pre-K learners. Longer four-week Virtual Zoo Troop classes are also available at varied costs.

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David Silverman // Getty Images

Street Art

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: Google Art Project

The world-famous search engine has a global art exhibit of its own. Street Art, a series of sensational sidewalk scenes, takes viewers around the globe with exhibits including the audio tour of the 2014 Artscape Festival in Malmo, Sweden. Other tours include the “The Talking Walls of Bueno Aires, Argentina,” and “The Water Tank Project” in New York City, an exhibit and awareness campaign.

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Hiroyuki Ito // Getty Images

92nd Street Y events

- Type of event: Talks
- Available on: 92nd Street Y’s website

Paying per event is the way 92nd Street Y events roll. From live origami memory box making to cardio classes, visitors can indulge in dozens of cultural events. Concerts, family events, literature, and more are always on the queue at the website, which also features events for the Jewish faith. Simply filter by keyword and click on any possibility for a cultural experience.

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FOX Image Collection // Getty Images

Christina Tosi’s ‘Baking Club’

- Type of event: Cooking classes
- Available on: Instagram

Christina Tosi, chef and founder of the famous Milk Bar in New York City, hosts the “Baking Club.” Beyond the social media club, Tosi also shares her savory secrets on her website. Some classics from the pastry guru, protégé to noodle bar icon David Chang, include her Cereal Milk ice cream and “naked” birthday cake.

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Jim Spellman // Getty Images

New York City Ballet live classes

- Type of event: Dance
- Available on: Instagram

New York City Ballet’s principal dancer Tiler Peck hosts live classes every weekday on her Instagram. The dancer from Bakersfield, California has been with the company since 2004, becoming a principal ballerina in 2009. Peck’s weekly classes have been a hit since March, with the dancer even hosting private classes for Playbill viewers.

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AFP Contributor // Getty Images

Opera on the MOVE

- Type of event: Chamber opera
- Available on: Opera Philadelphia

The MOVE bombing on May 13, 1985, was carried out by police who had targeted a Philadelphia rowhouse containing members of an environmentalist Black libertarian group called MOVE. Eleven of the 13 people living inside were killed, and 250 others living in the neighborhood were left homeless by the blast and subsequent fire. Opera Philadelphia will stream its chamber opera “We Shall Not Be Moved,” based on the bombing, through Aug. 31 on its website.

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Yuliya Yesina // Shutterstock

Quarantine Cabaret

- Type of event: Circus and acrobatics
- Available on: Instagram

Cabaret dancers from around the world are featured through Quarantine Cabaret on Instagram. Followers can watch the full archive of episodes, leave tips for their favorites, and buy tickets to future events. New episodes are added weekly.

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Andrew Toth // Getty Images for iHeartMedia

Rolling Stone’s “In My Room” series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Instagram

Sting, Johnny Rzeznik, and Graham Nash are just a few of the artists featured in Rolling Stone’s “In My Room” series on Instagram. Acoustic performances go live every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 3 p.m. EDT, with artists typically playing a few songs.

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wavebreakmedia // Shutterstock

‘Comedians of the World’

- Type of event: Comedy
- Available on: Netflix

Find time to laugh with Netflix’s “Comedians of the World” series, featuring 47 stand-up comics from 13 regions around the globe. Watch comedians from Mexico, Ireland, England, and the Middle East, among others, with a 30-day free trial. Nick Swardson, Nicole Byer, Chris D’Elia, and Neal Brennan each perform half-hour sets representing the U.S. contingent.

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Monkey Business Images // Shutterstock

Silent Book Club

- Type of event: Books
- Available on: Silent Book Club’s website

Silent Book Clubs are a great way to be in a group, without the hassle of too much conversation. Founded in 2012, readers typically meet at a local establishment, but the COVID-19 quarantine has forced things to go virtual. Dubbed “Introvert Happy Hour,” users can join one of hundreds of chapters around the world, and then sit quietly for an hour reading any book they want, followed by a short chat.

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Steve Kelley // Wikimedia Commons

St. Patrick’s Cathedral Mass

- Type of event: Religious
- Available on: St. Patrick’s Cathedral’s website

St. Patrick’s Cathedral has moved services online, with daily mass services at 7 a.m. EDT Monday through Saturday and 10:15 a.m. EDT Sundays. Visitors to the website can also take a tour of the historic New York City landmark, which sees roughly 5 million visitors each year. Previous masses are also available, and many cable providers in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area play them on live TV.

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Noam Galai // Getty Images

‘Mello After Dark (Live From Quarantine)’

- Type of event: DJ party
- Available on: YouTube

The artist known as Marshmello is sporadically hosting concerts from the comfort of his own home in a “Mello After Dark (Live From Quarantine)” series. The enigmatic Marshmello, real name Chris Comstock, rose to fame in 2015 and was the second-highest-earning DJ in 2019, at more than $40 million.

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Ian Forsyth // Getty Images

Opera North production of Leonard Bernstein’s ‘Trouble in Tahiti’

- Type of event: Opera
- Available on: YouTube

Filmed at the Leeds Grand Theatre in 2017, musical fans have until June 1 to enjoy a free live stream of Leonard Bernstein’s “Trouble in Tahiti.” Presented by Opera North, the play tells the story of a couple in 1950s suburbia that are feeling increasingly trapped in their lives. “Trouble in Tahiti” was one of only two musicals Bernstein wrote both the music and words for, with the other being 1950’s “Peter Pan.”

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Rick Kern // Getty Images

Billboard’s ‘Live at Home’ series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Billboard’s website

Billboard’s “Live at Home” concerts are bringing some of music’s biggest names into your home for short concerts. The series began March 19 and airs at 1 p.m. EDT each weekday, featuring the likes of Hanson, Alessia Cara, and Sublime with Rome. Dozens of past episodes are available free, while donations can be made to help a variety of charities.

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Theo Wargo // Getty Images for Tony Awards Productions)

Lincoln Center Theater’s 2016 Broadway revival of ‘Falsettos’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: BroadwayHD

The 1992 William Finn and James Lapine musical “Falsettos” is available to stream free with a seven-day trial of Broadway HD. Telling the story of a gay man navigating 1980s New York City with his ex-wife, child, and boyfriend, “Falsettos” was recorded in 2016 as part of “Live from Lincoln Center.” The 1992 Broadway play was nominated for seven Tony Awards, winning for best original score and best book of a musical.

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The Georgia Aquarium livestream

- Type of event: Zoos and aquariums
- Available on: Georgia Aquarium’s website

Visit The Georgia Aquarium from the comfort of your home with a variety of livestreams. Check out what the African penguins are up to, watch sea otters play, or visit the gator crossing, on just some of the Atlanta-based aquarium’s feeds. The aquarium also offers educational materials for at-home learning, including programs that explore different aquatic wildlife.

62 / 100
fizkes // Shutterstock

Lez Book Club

- Type of event: Books
- Available on: Instagram

The London-based book club for lesbian and nonbinary book lovers, Lez Book Club has taken the community online through Instagram. Groups can meet and discuss a variety of books on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

63 / 100
Elnur // Shutterstock

New England Center for the Circus Arts’ virtual classes

- Type of event: Circus and acrobatics
- Available on: New England Center for the Circus Arts’ website

The New England Center for the Circus Arts is hosting free daily classes to help “keep people circusing” during quarantine. Sessions are open to the public on a pay-what-you-want basis, with class offerings like “Circus at Home for Tots and Parents,” “Circus Fitness for Teens and Tweens,” and a daily “Early Bird” workout. Private lessons are also available from the NECCA, one of the country’s top circus facilities for teaching.

64 / 100

Supreme Court May 2020 oral arguments

- Type of event: Supreme Court
- Available on: NPR

For the first time in history, the public can listen in remotely as the Supreme Court hears arguments on a variety of landmark cases. During the first two weeks of May, NPR livestreamed six days of the court’s proceedings, which included hearings on religious freedoms, trademark law, and access to the president’s finances. Recording of the hour-long hearings are available free through NPR’s website.

65 / 100
Douglas Mason // Getty Images

Tiny Desk Concerts

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: NPR

Typically shot in NPR’s Washington D.C. studio, a wide array of music artists are streaming boiled-down shows from home for the Tiny Desk (Home) Concerts series. New videos are posted regularly, featuring the likes of Jon Batiste, John Fogerty, and Black Thought of The Roots from their home studios. Past videos from the Tiny Desk Concerts series are available free as well, including The Lumineers April 6 in-studio show.

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littlenySTOCK // Shutterstock

Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturdays

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: The Brooklyn Museum’s web site

The Brooklyn Museum’s First Saturdays program has a little something for all ages, from hands-on art classes to how to make the perfect cocktail. The four-hour virtual experience is the first Saturday of each month from 6-10 p.m. EDT, and featured teen poetry, a community workshop, and two DJs during May’s event. The calendar is updated regularly with events, and visitors can view a variety of exhibits while the museum is closed.

67 / 100
MIA Studio // Shutterstock

305 Fitness cardio dance classes

- Type of event: Dance
- Available on: YouTube

Daily 305 Fitness dance classes are a great way to get up and move around the house, with live workouts daily at noon and 6 p.m. EDT. 305 Fitness’ archive features hundreds of videos for all skill levels, running anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour. Themes like Throwback Thursday and Country Hoedown pop up sporadically to help keep things interesting.

68 / 100
Norio NAKAYAMA // Wikimedia Commons

Archived Royal Opera House performances

- Type of event: Opera
- Available on: YouTube

London’s Royal Opera House is streaming full-length performances as part of its #OurHouseToYourHouse series. “La Traviata,” “The Winter’s Tale,” and “The Metamorphosis” are available to watch through YouTube, while more content can be opened up with a 30-day free trial of Marquee TV. Shorter ballet videos, including dances from “Black Swan,” “Romeo & Juliet,” and “The Nutcracker,” are also viewable.

69 / 100
Elliott Brown // Flickr

National Theatre at Home

Type of event: Theater
Available on: YouTube

London’s National Theatre at Home brings a full-length theatrical production directly to viewers every Thursday on its YouTube channel during the coronavirus closures, and each one can be viewed for one week before a new selection is available. Upcoming productions include the likes of “Barber Shop Chronicles,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and “This House.” Donations are accepted and can be made online directly to the theater.

70 / 100
Scott Dudelson // Getty Images for Coachella

Recorded performances of The Roots

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: YouTube

Make tonight a good, good night with The Roots’ Live from the Archives series on YouTube, featuring past concerts. Catch a set from The Roots Picnic 2018, or watch Questlove, who is podcasting regularly and uploading DJ sets every few days.

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Bettmann // Getty Images

Original production of ‘Sunday in the Park With George’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: Hoopla, iTunes

A young Mandy Patinkin stars in the original 1984 Broadway production of “Sunday in the Park With George,” which is available to view free through Hoopla. The Steven Sondheim play, which won the Pulitzer Prize for drama in 1985, tells the story of an artist working to balance his love life while attempting to paint his masterpiece. Based on painter Georges Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte,” the musical garnered 10 Tony nominations in 1984.

72 / 100
Big Joe // Shutterstock

Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s ‘Virtual Studio Visits’

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago’s website

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art is hosting “Virtual Studio Visits” where artists around the world discuss their works. It also offers The Commons Online, with daily updates of virtual experiences in this time of social distancing, that include virtual tours, discussions, and educational materials for parents.

73 / 100
Alejandro Ivan Suarez // Shutterstock

Steezy Studio

- Type of event: Dance
- Available on: Steezy Studio’s website

Steezy Studio can help teach you to dance in your living room, offering a catalog of more than 600 online classes, ranging from hip-hop to break dancing. Multiple viewing options and world champion dance instructors host daily sessions for dancers of all skill levels. Classes are available with a seven-day free trial and post-trial at $20 per month.

74 / 100
Prostock-studio // Shutterstock

The Rebel Book Club

- Type of event: Books
- Available on: The Rebel Book Club’s website

The Rebel Book Club offers a wide range of activities for book lovers, from community discussions and roundtables to virtual reading challenges and quizzes. Members select from a group of nonfiction books each month, and meet up with fellow readers for discussions, as well as roundtables with the author. Multiple membership options are available for around $18 per month.

75 / 100
Tim Mosenfelder // Getty Images

UnCancelled Music Festival

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: UnCancelled Music Festival’s website

Two Milwaukee natives founded The UnCancelled Music Festival, which livestreams musicians from venues around the world. Launched April 2, users can locate and purchase tickets to live shows, with the UnCancelled Festival featuring more than 400 performances and raising over $80,000 in its first two weeks. Acts who have performed include Colbie Caillat, The Betty Who, Beach Bunny, and Waxahatchee, with a portion of the benefits going to MusiCare’s Covid-19 Relief Fund.

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ullstein bild // Getty Images

Remote performance of Alan Seymour’s ‘The One Day of the Year’

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: YouTube

Viewers have until May 31 to catch a remote reading of Alan Seymour’s “The One Day of the Year,” which was performed live on YouTube April 25 in commemoration of ANZAC Day, which honors members of Australia and New Zealand’s Army Corps who served in World War I. A number of top Australian and New Zealand stage performers took part in the play, which tells the darker side of celebrations, with drinking overshadowing the national day of remembrance.

77 / 100
Paul Bergen // Getty Images

Third Man Records’ live YouTube series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: YouTube

Jack White’s Third Man Records is hosting a live series from its Nashville, Tennessee, base through its YouTube channel. Three past episodes are available since the March 19 debut, with the videos reaching nearly 60 minutes and free of charge. Teddy and the Rough Riders and Luke Schneider have each done sets, while the most-recent episode was a compilation of musicians playing from home. White Stripes shows are also available.

78 / 100
WILLIAM WEST // Getty Images

22nd Biennale of Sydney

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: 22nd Biennale of Sydney’s website

The Biennale of Sydney Art Exhibit features more than 700 works by 101 artists from around the world from March 19–June 8. The Biennale was first held in 1973 in conjunction with the opening of the Sydney Opera House, while the 2020 show uses seven themes, and is titled “NIRIN.” The show’s website also offers daily virtual gallery tours, as well as educational resources for parents teaching from home.

79 / 100
Walter McBride // Getty Images

Filmed version of ‘Nicholas Nickleby’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: BroadwayHD

The 1983 filmed version of the play “The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby,” Charles Dickens’ timeless novel, is available through BroadwayHD with a seven-day free trial. Roger Rees stars in the nearly 9-hour play, which tells the story of a young man struggling to help his family survive after the death of his father.

80 / 100
Xavi Torrent // Getty Images

Christine and the Queens daily performances

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Instagram

French singer Christine and the Queens is hosting daily live performances on her Instagram page during the COVID-19 crisis. Paris-based Ferber studios, where Chris is staying during the outbreak, hosts the 6 p.m. EDT showing, complete with “guests and weird concepts included.” Past performances are available, including an acoustic version of her single “People, I’ve Been Sad.”

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Joe Raedle // Getty Images

Dear Class of 2020

- Type of event: Concert, event
- Available on: YouTube

Former President Barack Obama, BTS, and Lady Gaga will be among those scheduled to offer commencement speeches at YouTube’s Jun 6 “Dear Class of 2020” event and online commencement ceremony. The full schedule was announced May 17 and includes big names from Kelly Rowland to Alicia Keys.

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fizkes // Shutterstock

LitHub Presents: Virtual Book Channel

- Type of event: Books
- Available on: LitHub’s website

LitHub’s Virtual Book Channel features dozens of authors discussing their past and upcoming works. Chef and author Tommy Pico discusses his latest book while making ceviche in one episode of the series, which includes roundtables and a weekly recap of book-related news. New episodes are added daily and are free, with opportunities to purchase books.

83 / 100
Kamira // Shutterstock

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater ‘Richard II’

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: Vimeo

Vimeo plays host to the first all-women of color production to hit a U.K. stage, with Shakespeare’s “Richard II.” Ghanian British actress Adjoa Andoh co-directs and stars as the title character in the show, which received rave reviews when it debuted last year. Filmed from the 2019 Globe Season, the show is free to watch and runs two-and-a-half hours.

84 / 100
Daniel Boczarski // Getty Images

Ben Gibbard’s daily concert series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Facebook and YouTube

Following up on his March song “Life in Quarantine,” Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard is performing live through the band’s Facebook and YouTube pages. Featuring fan requests and themed episodes, Gibbard recently did an all-Beatles set, covered Depeche Mode, and has been releasing new songs. The livestream is free, with opportunities to donate to a variety of charities along the way.

85 / 100
BET2020 // Getty Images for BET NETWORKS

H.E.R.’s weekly ‘Girls With Guitars’ series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Instagram

Tori Kelly and Alessia Cara dropped in on the debut episode of “Girls With Guitars” through two-time Grammy winner H.E.R.’s Instagram page. Featuring live performances, music discussion, and interviews, “Girls With Guitars” is posted randomly throughout the week. H.E.R. brought home best R&B album and best R&B performance at the 2018 Grammys and received five nominations in 2019.

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Zarya Maxim Alexandrovich // Shutterstock

New York Public Library free e-books

- Type of event: Books
- Available on: New York Public Library’s website

Though its doors are shuttered during the COVID-19 outbreak, a catalog of more than 300,000 e-books is available through the New York Public Library’s website. Downloading the SimplyE app and applying for a library card opens a vast array of reading and listening options for kids and adults. The app and content are free, but only New York residents can obtain a library card.

87 / 100
Kozlik // Shutterstock

Stratford Festival’s Shakespeare productions

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: YouTube

Canadian production company Stratford Festival has moved its Shakespeare productions onto YouTube, offering a dozen of the Bard’s famous plays for streaming through July. The series kicked off April 23 on the playwright’s birthday, fittingly with “King Lear”—which Shakespeare purportedly wrote while in quarantine from the plague in 1606. Other free showings, which are offered for a limited time, include “Romeo & Juliet,” “Hamlet,” and “Taming of the Shrew.”

88 / 100
TIMOTHY A. CLARY // Getty Images

Yayoi Kusama’s ‘Infinity Mirrors’ exhibit

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: YouTube

Los Angeles’ Broad Museum is offering a free virtual tour into Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama’s “Infinity Mirrors” exhibit. Kusama—who voluntarily lived in a psychiatric hospital for more than four decades—sold a canvas for $7.1 million in 2014, a record for a living female artist. The 91-year-old’s work has been seen more than 2 million times since debuting in 2015.

89 / 100
Sam Tabone // Getty Images

Live London recording of ‘Billy Elliot the Musical’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: YouTube, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Google Play, Vudu

“Billy Elliot the Musical,” the story of a small-town British boy more interested in dancing than boxing, is available through a variety of streaming services. The play captured numerous Tony Awards during its run on Broadway, while the streamable Live London performance was recorded in 2014, and stars Olivier Award winner Ruthie Henshall as ballet teacher Mrs. Wilkinson.

90 / 100
Jeff Kravitz // Getty Images

‘Elaine Stritch At Liberty’ at London’s West End

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: BroadwayHD

A performance of the one-woman play “Elaine Stritch At Liberty” is available with a seven-day free trial through BroadwayHD. The play, which won Emmy and Tony Awards in 2002, was filmed at London’s West End, with the stage legend in nothing but a white blouse and black tights. Stritch, who passed away in 2014, added another Emmy Award in 2007 for her role on NBC’s “30 Rock” as Colleen Donaghy.

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Charley Gallay // Getty Images

‘Coco Chanel: Modernism’ at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: Google Arts & Culture

Take a glimpse into how Coco Chanel shaped modern fashion with a tour through the Metropolitan Museum of Art. From the birth of the “little black dress” in 1925, Chanel revolutionized fashion post-World War I, with many of her concepts still seen in today’s fashions. Dozens of other gallery exhibits are also available for free through Google Arts & Culture.

92 / 100
Steven Ferdman // Getty Images

Daily ‘Stay Away’ series with Paris venue La Blogotheque

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Instagram

La Blogotheque is attempting to ease quarantine anxiety with a daily “Stay Away” series, featuring daily afternoon performances. Laura Morling, Luke Jenner of Rapture, and Marcus Mumford are just some of the artists to participate in the Paris venue’s series. On top of the daily offerings, La Blogotheque’s Facebook page has an extensive catalog of free live performances.

93 / 100
Kevin Mazur // Getty Images

Phish’s ‘Dinner and a Movie’

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on:

Kick back and relax with the ultimate jam band’s “Dinner and a Movie,” featuring some of Phish’s top live performances. Donations can be made through its website to support a variety of foundations, while Phish’s extensive catalog of concerts is available for purchase through the site. Frontman Trey Anastasio said the series would occur on Tuesday nights “for a while.”

94 / 100
cowardlion // Shutterstock

40 free performances from Shakespeare’s Globe

- Type of event: Theater
- Available on: Shakespeare’s Globe Player service

Shakespeare’s Globe is helping fans of the famous Bard pass the time, offering up to 40 productions for free during the coronavirus quarantine. Shakespeare’s Globe Player service will show each production for two weeks on a rolling schedule, with “Hamlet,” “The Winter’s Tale,” and “The Merry Wives of Windsor” among the titles presented. Educational materials are also available for parents looking to teach their children about Shakespeare.

95 / 100
littlenySTOCK // Shutterstock

‘Sophie Taeuber-Arp’ at the Museum of Modern Art

- Type of event: Art exhibit
- Available on: Google Arts & Culture

Explore the various works of Sophie Taeuber-Arp, the early 20th century abstractionist, with everything from sculptures and architectural designs on display. Before her death from accidental gas poisoning in 1943, Taeuber-Arp was among the most notable artists from Zurich’s avant-garde roots. Many museums and artists are also on display through Google Arts & Culture.

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Rick Kern // Getty Images

Brendan Benson’s daily song

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Instagram

Brendan Benson, solo artist and The Raconteurs' front man, is playing a song on his Instagram page each day. Benson released his sixth solo album, “Dear Life,” earlier in 2020 and will play singles from the record, as well as covers and classics. The daily quarantine show helped “Dear Life” crack the Billboard Top 100 Current Album Sales chart on May 9.

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Rene Johnston // Getty Images

Radiohead concert series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: YouTube

Catch Radiohead concerts from around the world, right from the comfort of your couch, with the band's weekly YouTube concert series. Shows from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Bonnaroo, and Coachella are already available, with a new performance added each week. The first show, “Live from a Tent in Dublin” in 2000, premiered April 9, while the band said it would continue to release shows weekly until the quarantine ends, or until it runs out of shows.

98 / 100
Supertroupers // Wikimedia Commons

Original cast and production of ‘Into the Woods’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: YouTube, Google Play, Vudu, Amazon Prime, iTunes

See the original cast, including Joanna Gleason’s Tony-winning performance, in Steven Sondheim’s classic Broadway show “Into the Woods.” The play, which goes beyond the typical fairy tale, was made into a movie starring Meryl Streep and Anna Kendrick in 2014. The original production is available for viewing through a variety of platforms for a fee.

99 / 100
Tristan Fewings // Getty Images

Elrow DJ series

- Type of event: Concert
- Available on: Facebook

Barcelona’s Elrow collective is bringing the party into your home, with a free show Sunday nights as part of the “Elrow Home Sessions.” Techno and House DJs like wAff, Detlef & Latmun, and Denney have all performed. Although the weekly series ended May 10, past streams are still available through Elrow’s Facebook page.

100 / 100
KF // Wikimedia Commons

2003 production of ‘Kiss Me, Kate’

- Type of event: Broadway
- Available on: BroadwayHD, Google Play

Brent Barrett and Rachel York star in the 2003 filming of “Kiss Me, Kate” from London’s West End. The play centers around two divorced Broadway actors, who agree to star in a production of Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew,” and the backstage drama that ensues. The Cole Porter-scored musical made its Broadway debut in 1948 and captured three Tony Awards the following year. Stream with a free seven-day trial of BroadwayHD.

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