Former Major League Baseball player Derek Jeter during a Fox shoot before the Gatorade All-Star Workout Day at T-Mobile Park on July 10, 2023 in Seattle, Washington.

Richest MLB players

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May 19, 2023
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Richest MLB players

When Alex Rodriguez signed a $252 million contract in 2000, some people could not fathom a professional baseball player making that much money. Twenty years later, contracts have entered the $400 million stratosphere, thanks to Mike Trout's 2019 deal. Will it be 20 years before we see the first $1 billion baseball contract?

For now, let's dive into the numbers at hand. To uncover the richest MLB players, Stacker consulted Celebrity Net Worth and ranked the world's baseball players by their latest net worth figures. The net worth figures in this list were calculated using a proprietary formula that factored in all publicly-available data about each person, including salaries, real estate holdings, divorces, record sales, royalties, and endorsements—minus estimated taxes, manager's fees, agent fees, and lifestyle expenses. Other information, such as career spans, nationalities, salary data, and stats came from

We included notable career achievements, sources of wealth, and post-baseball ventures of some of the older players on the list. Some players have gone the common route by investing in restaurants, real estate, or even entering the television booth. Others have sought to invest in tech startups, social media platforms, and hunting and outdoor shows. One slugger who socked more than 500 home runs in his career is trying to get newer players paid, working as a sports agent. And then there's the former All-Star outfielder who cashed in by selling a house to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Because of the relative newness of some of baseball's current biggest deals, some active stars did not qualify, and older players with more years of accumulated wealth still earn more, according to Celebrity Net Worth's data. You'll also find out which baseball superstar outearns the rest.

Ivan Rodriguez takes off his cap and salutes the crowd.
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Ronald Martinez // Getty Images

#50. Iván Rodríguez

- Net worth: $45 million
- Career span: 1991-2011
- Nationality: Puerto Rico

Iván Rodriguez spent 21 years throwing out baserunners, but in 2018 he switched to tossing pizzas. Rodriguez, who was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2017, also is a partner of z9 Capital, which invests in the tech industry.

Andy Pettitte walks off the field at Yankee Stadium.
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Rob Tringali // Getty Images

#45. Andy Pettitte (tie)

- Net worth: $65 million
- Career span: 1995-2013
- Nationality: United States

Andy Pettitte won 256 games and five World Series rings over an 18-year career that earned him nearly $140 million. He was a pitching coach for the U.S. team at the 2023 World Baseball Classic, headed by Mark DeRosa.

Carl Crawford smiles in the dugout.
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Tom Szczerbowski // Getty Images

#45. Carl Crawford (tie)

- Net worth: $65 million
- Career span: 2002-2016
- Nationality: United States

Carl Crawford was a four-time All-Star and still oozed potential when he signed with the Boston Red Sox before the 2011 season. Crawford's $142 million deal is now considered one of the most ill-fated deals in recent baseball history (he only lasted two seasons in Boston before being traded). Crawford discovered early success in his post-playing career by founding 1501 Certified Entertainment. However, one of the label's stars, Megan Thee Stallion, is currently suing the company over a contract dispute.

Carlos Delgado smiles for the camera.
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Steve Russell/Toronto Star // Getty Images

#45. Carlos Delgado (tie)

- Net worth: $65 million
- Career span: 1993-2009
- Nationality: Puerto Rico

Carlos Delgado hit 473 home runs during his career and earned almost $150 million in contracts. Most of Delgado's time and investment is now spent on his not-for-profit foundation, Extra Bases, which helps people in need in Puerto Rico and abroad.

Jeff Bagwell watches a game from the dugout.
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Leon Halip // Getty Images

#45. Jeff Bagwell (tie)

- Net worth: $65 million
- Career span: 1991-2005
- Nationality: United States

In 15 seasons with the Houston Astros, Jeff Bagwell smacked 449 home runs. A Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player, Bagwell's contracts totaled over $100 million during his Hall of Fame career. In retirement, Bagwell invested in a tequila company. In 2023, he was named the Astros' senior advisor to ownership and baseball operations.

Todd Helton waves to the crowd.
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Lisa Blumenfeld // Getty Images

#45. Todd Helton (tie)

- Net worth: $65 million
- Career span: 1997-2013
- Nationality: United States

Over 17 years with the Colorado Rockies, Todd Helton collected 2,519 hits and batted .372 in 2000. In 2011, Helton deferred $13 million from his contract and will receive payments through 2024. After Helton's career ended, he opened up a burger stand at Coors Field, the Rockies' home ballpark. He narrowly missed entry to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2023.

Bobby Abreu in the dugout.
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Jim McIsaac // Getty Images

#36. Bobby Abreu (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1996-2014
- Nationality: Venezuela

In 18 MLB seasons, Bobby Abreu earned almost $125 million. Abreu collected 2,470 hits and was a two-time All-Star. He is still wildly popular in his native Venezuela, though today he lives a quiet life in New Jersey.

Greg Maddux at the National Baseball Hall of Fame ceremony.
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Elsa // Getty Images

#36. Greg Maddux (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1986-2008
- Nationality: United States

Greg Maddux helped popularize the phrase: "chicks dig the long ball," but the four-time Cy Young Award winner also proved that great pitchers get paid. Aside from his Nike endorsement, Maddux earned over $153 million and won 355 games over his 23-year career. Maddux later used that backing and influence to raise money for those affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Johan Santana sitting down and smiling.
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Brace Hemmelgarn // Getty Images

#36. Johan Santana (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 2000-2012
- Nationality: Venezuela

During the 2000s, Johan Santana was one of baseball's best left-handed pitchers and will forever be remembered in Queens for throwing the first no-hitter in New York Mets history. In 2008, Santana signed a $137.5 million deal with the Mets. He also had endorsement deals with SoNu Beverages and an apothecary liniment.

Mike Mussina waves to the crowd at Yankee Stadium.
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Jim McIsaac // Getty Images

#36. Mike Mussina (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1991-2008
- Nationality: United States

Mike Mussina was not recognized as an overly-charismatic pitcher (during his ascent as one of the game's top pitchers, he made an estimated $500,000 in endorsements), but he was near-dominant on the mound. The Hall of Famer earned over $144 million with 270 wins for the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees. Mussina entered the Hall of Fame in 2019.

Mike Piazza gives the peace sign to the crowd.
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Paul Bereswill // Getty Images

#36. Mike Piazza (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1992-2007
- Nationality: United States

Many former baseball players dream of becoming team owners one day. Mike Piazza achieved that goal, but in Italian soccer, where for two years he held a majority stake in Reggiana, a third-tier team that later filed for bankruptcy. Piazza, one of baseball's greatest hitting catchers, no longer owns the team but is a big investor in tech startups. He managed Italy in the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

Pedro Martinez dressed in formal wear for an event.
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Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox // Getty Images

#36. Pedro Martinez (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1992-2009
- Nationality: Dominican Republic/United States

Pedro Martinez's Hall of Fame career included three Cy Young Awards and over $146 million in earnings. Martinez now works as a TV baseball analyst for TBS, and he helped lead humanitarian efforts to aid those impacted by the coronavirus in the Dominican Republic.

Roy Halladay pitching for the Philadelphia Phillies.
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Jim McIsaac // Getty Images

#36. Roy Halladay (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1998-2013
- Nationality: United States

When Roy Halladay retired in 2013, he'd earned almost $150 million from baseball. After baseball, Halladay began investing in real estate but died in 2017 while piloting a plane. Halladay was posthumously inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2019.

Sammy Sosa smiles for the camera.
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Jeff Kravitz // Getty Images

#36. Sammy Sosa (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1989-2007
- Nationality: Dominican Republic/United States

Since retiring from baseball in 2007, Sammy Sosa has been CEO of a business specializing in needleless injections, and he's also invested in housing. Over his career, where he hit 609 home runs, Sosa earned $124 million, playing for four teams. He is the co-subject of an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary that explores his 1998 home run race with Mark McGwire.

Vernon Wells answers questions from reporters.
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Rick Madonik // Getty Images

#36. Vernon Wells (tie)

- Net worth: $70 million
- Career span: 1999-2013
- Nationality: United States

Vernon Wells retired in 2013 but has more than $110 million in career earnings to fall back on. Wells was a three-time All-Star and a fixture with the Toronto Blue Jays for 12 seasons. After baseball, Wells helped run a winery and made a pretty penny selling an estate to Rex Tillerson.

Cal Ripken Jr. waves to the crowd at Oriole Park at Camden Yards.
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Rob Tringali // Getty Images

#30. Cal Ripken Jr. (tie)

- Net worth: $75 million
- Career span: 1981-2001
- Nationality: United States

Cal Ripken Jr. is known for his Ironman streak of 2,632 games, and he's just as busy after baseball. Ripken attracted investments for a youth baseball facility and an online platform he founded. Ripken Baseball is now moving beyond baseball and softball, purchasing a sports venue that can host soccer, lacrosse, and youth football tournaments. During a 21-year career that included 3,184 hits, Ripken earned about $70 million.

David Wright smiles for a photo.
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Eric Espada // Getty Images

#30. David Wright (tie)

- Net worth: $75 million
- Career span: 2004-2018
- Nationality: United States

David Wright was the captain of the New York Mets and for the last few years has been captaining the push for more meatless food options. Wright, a seven-time All-Star, is one of several notable celebrities who invests in Beyond Meat. Wright released his memoir in 2020.

Jayson Werth on the field at Nationals Park.
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Rob Carr // Getty Images

#30. Jayson Werth (tie)

- Net worth: $75 million
- Career span: 2002-2017
- Nationality: United States

Jayson Werth cashed in with a $126 million contract from the Washington Nationals in 2010. Werth had only hit 120 homers in eight seasons prior and never made an All-Star team in Washington, but his signing paid off symbolically, as the team built a foundation with Werth as a veteran leader for young stars like Bryce Harper and Stephen Strasburg. After baseball, Werth became involved in organic farming.

 José Reyes looks out to the field.
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Adam Hunger // Getty Images

#30. José Reyes (tie)

- Net worth: $75 million
- Career span: 2003-2018
- Nationality: Dominican Republic/United States

The Miami Marlins signed José Reyes for $106 million before the 2012 season after he won a batting title with the New York Mets. During his career and after, Reyes has been heavily invested in his own music career.

Mark Teixeira throws out a ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium.
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Al Bello // Getty Images

#30. Mark Teixeira (tie)

- Net worth: $75 million
- Career span: 2003-2016
- Nationality: United States

During his career, Mark Teixeira began investing in social apps and juice presses. In addition to raking in over $200 million from four teams, Teixeira, who hit 409 home runs, is using retirement to invest in real estate. He spent four years as an analyst for ESPN. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he pursued his degree from Georgia Tech, graduating in 2022.

Matt Kemp holds a bat in the dugout.
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Mark Brown // Getty Images

#30. Matt Kemp (tie)

- Net worth: $75 million
- Career span: 2006-2020
- Nationality: United States

In 2011, Matt Kemp signed the biggest contract in Los Angeles Dodgers history, a $160 million deal. Kemp only hit more than 30 home runs once after signing the contract and was traded from Los Angeles after the 2014 season. In February 2020, Kemp sold a California mansion for more than $4 million.

Carlos Beltrán poses for pictures at Citi Field.
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Rich Schultz // Getty Images

#24. Carlos Beltrán (tie)

- Net worth: $80 million
- Career span: 1998-2017
- Nationality: Puerto Rico

Carlos Beltrán was one of the biggest free-agent prizes of the mid-2000s and signed a $119 million deal with the New York Mets. In late 2019, Beltran, who had more than 400 home runs and 2,500 hits, received a three-year deal from the Mets to become their manager. However, he was relieved of his duties before ever handing in a lineup card due to his alleged involvement in the Houston Astros' sign-stealing scandal, which is complicating his entry into the Hall of Fame. Surprisingly, in February 2023, he rejoined the Mets as a special assistant to the GM.

CC Sabathia smiles at a press conference.
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Alex Trautwig // Getty Images

#24. CC Sabathia (tie)

- Net worth: $80 million
- Career span: 2001-2019
- Nationality: United States

CC Sabathia made over $250 million in his career and has a series of notable investments and endorsements. Sabathia, who won 251 games, was one of baseball's biggest representatives of Jordan Brand and owns stakes in Topgolf, the sports entertainment company.

Jim Thome throws a ceremonial first pitch.
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Jason Miller // Getty Images

#24. Jim Thome (tie)

- Net worth: $80 million
- Career span: 1991-2012
- Nationality: United States

Jim Thome, who socked 612 home runs, made over $142 million during his Hall of Fame career. Occasionally, Thome starred in local ads hawking cars, but after baseball, he has worked as an assistant to the general manager in the Chicago White Sox front office.

Mariano Rivera stands with his National Baseball Hall of Fame plaque.
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Jim McIsaac // Getty Images

#24. Mariano Rivera (tie)

- Net worth: $80 million
- Career span: 1995-2013
- Nationality: Panama/United States

Mariano Rivera is the highest-ranking relief pitcher on this list, which is fitting for the game's all-time saves leader. Rivera has owned restaurants and car dealerships and had endorsements with The Hartford and Skechers.

Prince Fielder waves the crows in Milwaukee.
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Stacy Revere // Getty Images

#24. Prince Fielder (tie)

- Net worth: $80 million
- Career span: 2005-2016
- Nationality: United States

Prince Fielder's career ended prematurely due to injury, but he still received his full payments through 2020 thanks to insurance and guaranteed contracts. If Fielder played football, he could have been out almost $106 million, since NFL contracts are usually not guaranteed for their full duration. But Fielder, who was a six-time All-Star and hit 319 homers, was well-compensated years after his last game and started a cooking and lifestyle show, "Fielder's Choice."

Tom Glavine waves for a photo in Atlanta.
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Scott Cunningham // Getty Images

#24. Tom Glavine (tie)

- Net worth: $80 million
- Career span: 1987-2008
- Nationality: United States

Hall of Famer Tom Glavine made almost $130 million during his career, which included 305 wins. In retirement, Glavine appears to be investing wisely, as he's made bids to buy an NHL team and the Miami Marlins. In 2019, Glavine sold a home for over $5 million.

David Price poses for a photo at Dodger Stadium.
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Jayne Kamin-Oncea // Getty Images

#23. David Price

- Net worth: $85 million
- Career span: 2008-present
- Nationality: United States

In 2015, the Boston Red Sox shelled out $217 million to sign lefty David Price. By age 29, Price won 46 games for the Sox before eventually leaving the ballclub in 2019. From 2020-22, he was part of the Los Angeles Dodgers franchise but is no longer on a team despite not being officially retired. Price has not had many high-profile endorsements but has put his name behind Nardo's Natural Muscle Rub.

Chipper Jones sits in a car and waves to the crowd in Atlanta.
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Todd Kirkland // Getty Images

#18. Chipper Jones (tie)

- Net worth: $90 million
- Career span: 1993-2012
- Nationality: United States

Chipper Jones earned almost $170 million in 19 seasons with the Atlanta Braves. During that time, Jones endorsed Wendy's while winning a batting title, MVP award, and World Series ring. Jones most recently worked as an ESPN analyst in 2020, has hosted a few shows related to outdoor sports and has been a part-time hitting coach for the Braves since 2021.

Félix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners walks off the field after pitching in the first inning against the Oakland Athletics.
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Lindsey Wasson // Getty Images

#18. Félix Hernández (tie)

- Net worth: $90 million
- Career span: 2005-2019
- Nationality: Venezuela

Félix Hernández earned over $200 million during 15 seasons with the Seattle Mariners. During his career, Hernández has built up a portfolio by working with Pepsi and endorsing Kinesio tape. He will be inducted into the Seattle Mariners Hall of Fame in 2023.

Gary Sheffield speaks at a stadium ceremony.
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Duane Burleson // Getty Images

#18. Gary Sheffield (tie)

- Net worth: $90 million
- Career span: 1988-2009
- Nationality: United States

Gary Sheffield had one of the most violent—and recognizable—swings in baseball, and he demolished pitchers' morale to the tune of 509 career home runs. Sheffield earned over $168 million over 22 years in the bigs; after retiring, Sheffield started an agency for players.

Ken Griffey Jr. waves to fans at a National Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremony.
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Alex Trautwig // Getty Images

#18. Ken Griffey Jr. (tie)

- Net worth: $90 million
- Career span: 1989-2010
- Nationality: United States

Ken Griffey Jr. remains one of the standard-bearers of MLB pop culture appeal. Griffey's face was on the cover of video games, cereal boxes, and several other products—not to mention his signature shoe line with Nike. Griffey hit 630 home runs and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2016.

Manny Ramirez smiles at Fenway Park.
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Maddie Meyer // Getty Images

#18. Manny Ramirez (tie)

- Net worth: $90 million
- Career span: 1993-2011
- Nationality: Dominican Republic/United States

Since retiring in 2011, Manny Ramirez has tried a few different careers. He played in Taiwan and coached in the Chicago Cubs organization. During his career, Ramirez hit 555 home runs and was the cover star of the MVP Baseball video game; he supposedly waited so long to cash his endorsement check that it had to be reissued.

Adrián Beltré swings his bat for the Texas Rangers.
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Stephen Brashear // Getty Images

#16. Adrián Beltré

- Net worth: $95 million
- Career span: 1998-2018
- Nationality: Dominican Republic

Adrián Beltré earned over $219 million while collecting 3,166 hits over 21 years in the majors. Beltré was a noted Nike endorser during his career, but he does not have an endorsement deal with JCPenney despite having randomly appeared in one of their holiday commercials.

Randy Johnson waves to the crowd in Seattle.
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Otto Greule Jr // Getty Images

#16. Randy Johnson

- Net worth: $95 million
- Career span: 1988-2009
- Nationality: United States

How much are 303 wins and 4,875 strikeouts worth? In the case of Randy Johnson, over $175 million. The Big Unit, who retired in 2009, was elected to the Hall of Fame in 2015, and now works as an independent photographer.

Adrián González cheers in a Dodgers uniform.
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Hector Vivas // Getty Images

#11. Adrián González (tie)

- Net worth: $100 million
- Career span: 2004-2018
- Nationality: Mexico/United States

Nicknamed "A-Gon," Adrian Gonzalez earned over $140 million in the 15-year major league career that saw him ply his trade for five different ballclubs. Known to hit for both power and average, the San Diego-born, but Mexican-raised player walloped 317 home runs in his career while batting ​​.287. Off the diamond, Gonzalez launched a mobile app in 2020, owns six Jersey Mike franchises, has invested in a Mexican-style beer company called Calidad Beer, and runs his own cigar and athletic apparel lines.

Barry Bonds in a suit walks on the field in San Francisco.
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Lachlan Cunningham // Getty Images

#11. Barry Bonds (tie)

- Net worth: $100 million
- Career span: 1986-2007
- Nationality: United States

Barry Bonds, baseball's all-time home run king, amassed more than $188 million in salary during his career. While Bonds had endorsements with Fila and Franklin, many companies avoided making him the face of their brand as steroid allegations swirled around his vicinity. He briefly worked as a hitting coach for the Miami Marlins but was let go from that position in 2016.

Bryce Harper gets ready for an at-bat in Philadelphia.
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Michael Reaves // Getty Images

#11. Bryce Harper (tie)

- Net worth: $100 million
- Career span: 2012-present
- Nationality: United States

Bryce Harper's $330 million contract with the Philadelphia Phillies before the 2019 season once gave him the highest total value deal in baseball history. Harper also has lucrative deals with Under Armour, Gatorade, and Jaguar. In 2019, he was the cover athlete of the "MLB The Show" video game and remains one of the sport's most-recognized faces.

Joe Mauer gets ready to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.
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Brace Hemmelgarn // Getty Images

#11. Joe Mauer (tie)

- Net worth: $100 million
- Career span: 2004-2018
- Nationality: United States

Joe Mauer could have been a quarterback at Florida State University but instead chose to play pro baseball. The decision paid off handsomely, as Mauer earned endorsements from Head & Shoulders, Gatorade, and Anytime Fitness. Mauer retired in 2018 with six All-Star appearances, three Gold Gloves, and over $218 million in salary.

Stephen Strasburg pitching for the Washington Nationals.
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Michael Reaves // Getty Images

#11. Stephen Strasburg (tie)

- Net worth: $100 million
- Career span: 2010-present
- Nationality: United States

After winning the 2019 World Series with the Washington Nationals—and being named series MVP—Stephen Strasburg re-signed for a whopping $245 million with the team that drafted him. Before entering the majors, Strasburg signed an endorsement deal with Topps.

Joey Votto waiting for pitch in Cincinnati.
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Norm Hall // Getty Images

#9. Joey Votto

- Net worth: $110 million
- Career span: 2007-present
- Nationality: Canada

Joey Votto, who's earned over $220 million in his Reds career, clearly has money to spend. He's pulled notorious pranks like buying a teammate a donkey and sending 51 pies from California Pizza Kitchen to Ichiro Suzuki. Votto, who is signed through 2024, bought a $10.5 million California home in 2019.

Robinson Canó smiles on the field in a Mets uniform.
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Rich Schultz // Getty Images

#9. Robinson Canó

- Net worth: $110 million
- Career span: 2005-present
- Nationality: Dominican Republic/United States

When Robinson Canó hit free agency after the 2013 season, the big question was if the New York Yankees would retain the star second baseman. After hiring Roc Nation Sports, Canó signed a megadeal worth $240 million with the Seattle Mariners. Canó has had partnerships with Alaska Airlines, Wilson, and New Era. He was part of the Dominican Republic's 2023 World Baseball Classic team but has not played in MLB since July 2022.

Ryan Howard on the field at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia.
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Rich Schultz // Getty Images

#7. Ryan Howard

- Net worth: $120 million
- Career span: 2004-2016
- Nationality: United States

Ryan Howard was one of the most visible players during his career. He had endorsements with Subway, Adidas, Powerade, and Verizon. Howard earned more than $180 million playing for the Philadelphia Phillies, for whom he hit 382 home runs. Now, he's an accomplished children's literature author.

Zack Greinke pitching for the Houston Astros.
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Rich Schultz // Getty Images

#7. Zack Greinke

- Net worth: $120 million
- Career span: 2004-present
- Nationality: United States

Zack Greinke's 2015 deal with the Arizona Diamondbacks was once the largest average annual contract in baseball history. Greinke netted a cool $34-plus million per year and $206 million total. Greinke, who has two ERA titles and 224 wins on his resume, returned in 2021 to the Kansas City Royals, with whom he spent his first seven major league seasons.

Miguel Cabrera sits in the dugout wearing his Tigers uniform.
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Rich Schultz // Getty Images

#6. Miguel Cabrera

- Net worth: $145 million
- Career span: 2003-present
- Nationality: Venezuela

Miguel Cabrera is one of his generation's greatest hitters but hasn't been an endorsement magnet. Cabrera did star in ads for Chrysler but made most of his nest egg through his on-field exploits—including 3,101 hits and 507 homers—by totaling over $400 million in contracts. Cabrera did have an investment in a candy company, but it went sour.

Justin Verlander pitching for the Houston Astros.
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Rich Schultz // Getty Images

#5. Justin Verlander

- Net worth: $150 million
- Career span: 2005-present
- Nationality: United States

With 244 wins and three Cy Young Awards, Justin Verlander is one of the richest pitchers in baseball history. Verlander, who is married to Kate Upton, has made over $320 million, and starred in commercials for Supercuts and Fathead.

Albert Pujols poses for a photo.
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Jennifer Stewart // Getty Images

#4. Albert Pujols

- Net worth: $170 million
- Career span: 2001-2022
- Nationality: Dominican Republic/United States

Albert Pujols was on video game covers and was one of Nike's most prominent baseball athletes during his 22-year career. Pujols retired after the 2022 season with 703 home runs and 3,384 hits. The majority of his $300-plus million career earnings came from a $254 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels.

Ichiro Suzuki takes a practice swing.
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Masterpress // Getty Images

#3. Ichiro Suzuki

- Net worth: $180 million
- Career span: 2001-2019
- Nationality: Japan

In Japan, Ichiro Suzuki remains one of the country's most marketable personas (Hall of Famer Rickey Henderson said Ichiro is like Elvis in Japan). Ichiro has been a loyal Mizuno supporter and did pick up some notable American endorsements like Upper Deck, but throughout his career, it seemed like he did not fully cash in on his U.S. earning potential. Still, the Japanese icon made more than $167 million playing in the States, where he amassed 3,089 hits in the majors.

Derek Jeter appears at an event for the World Baseball Classic.
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Eric Espada // Getty Images

#2. Derek Jeter

- Net worth: $200 million
- Career span: 1995-2014
- Nationality: United States

Derek Jeter has been a busy man in retirement. In 2014, Jeter launched The Players' Tribune, which was acquired in 2019 by Minute Media for an undisclosed amount. Three years later, Jeter was part of a group that bought the Miami Marlins for about $1.2 billion. Aside from making hundreds of millions on the field, Jeter also has endorsement deals with Jordan Brand and Gatorade.

Alex Rodriguez dressed up and wearing sunglasses.
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Maddie Meyer // Getty Images

#1. Alex Rodriguez

- Net worth: $350 million
- Career span: 1994-2016
- Nationality: United States

Alex Rodriguez's $252 million contract with the Texas Rangers broke sports records, but that was just the beginning for Celebrity Net Worth's richest MLB player. Rodriguez's A-Rod Corp. has big investments in real estate, sports, and media and has worked with MasterCard, Pizza Hut, and Ralph Lauren. Rodriguez, who also works as a TV sports analyst, was rumored to be pursuing an ownership bid of the New York Mets, but that deal ultimately went nowhere.

Data reporting by Jared Beilby. Story editing by Carren Jao. Copy editing by Robert Wickwire.

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