20 quirky monthly subscription boxes

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August 27, 2018
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20 quirky monthly subscription boxes

Hate leaving the house to buy stuff? You’re in luck: Companies like Amazon and Instacart deliver necessities like toilet paper and laundry detergent as well as groceries the same-day they’re ordered. New subscription services have made it even easier to avoid running to the store. These monthly boxes keep customers stocked up on everything from diapers to coffee.

Since 2014, visits to subscription company websites have grown by 890%. In 2018, beauty, apparel, and food categories were the most frequented. Popular sites included Ipsy, which sends five personalized makeup products; Blue Apron, a food-company that sends chef-designed meal kits; and Stitch Fix, a company that sends a box of clothes tailored to a buyer’s personal style.

Customers can get pretty much anything they want delivered by the month, including vegan jerky, slime, and Lil Bub-inspired goods. Stacker combed through subscription sites to find 20 quirky things to get on the regular.

Click through for some interesting finds. Remember: Subscriptions often auto-renew. Make sure to read the fine print or cancel when you’re done to avoid unwanted charges.



House of Rituals Box

The House of Rituals Box by Tamed Wild is a fun option for the modern Wiccan in need of supplies for rituals, spells, prayers, or intentions. For $19 a month, a box of candles, incense, crystals, and other “old world tools” are shipped between the 15th–22nd of the month. Each package includes a parchment keepsake page, which the site encourages subscribers to add to their grimoire—a book of magic spells—or book of shadows.


DoggieLawn will ship busy dog owners a fresh patch of grass for their pooch to use as a potty. Subscribers can pick a lawn for small, medium and extra-large—or multiple—dogs. Plans start at $26 per shipment. Customers can get replacement lawns delivered on their own schedule, whether that’s once a week or once a month. Packages are shipped for free through FedEx.

Hunt A Killer

Crime-solving subscribers receive a new “episode” to solve each month. Mystery boxes include objects, letters, and clues sent from a fictional serial killer. Only 200 applications are accepted a day, but those who qualify can join a monthly plan for $30, plus $3.95 for shipping. For those who want a longer subscription, opt for the six-month pass for $27.50 with free shipping or sign up for a year at $25 a month with free shipping. Future episodes ship on the customer's renewal day.

Cryptid Crate

Sign up for Cryptid Crate to get a monthly box filled with cryptozoology—the study of creatures that may or may not exist—and paranormal themes. Starting at $19.99, Cryptid Crates ship on the first of each month and include shirts, home decor, collectibles, and media. Shipping is free for U.S. customers.

Succulent Studios

Plant-lovers can get two organically grown, sustainably raised succulents delivered right to their door for $10 a month, plus $6.95 for shipping. These hardy plants provide a dose of greenery without needing much care, so they’re perfect for people who tend to forget to water.


Feel like a mermaid deep down? Sign up for a subscription to Mermaidful. For $19.97 a month, subscribers receive a box of three to six mermaid-themed items including clothing and accessories. The Luxury Mermaid Box, $29.96 a month, includes four to nine pieces.

Dive Bar Shirt Club

For $23 a month, dive-bar lovers can get a unique T-shirt and postcard with information about the bar it came from. Customers can also pre-pay for three-, six-, nine-, or 12-month memberships.

Hygge Box

This subscription box is for anyone who needs to live with a little more hygge, the Danish-style art of being cozy. For $39.95, subscribers get a Deluxe Box with five to seven seasonal items from around the world. Boxes include items like candles, fairy lights, tea, hot cocoa, coffee, biscuits, and chocolate.

Blackwing pencils

Writers who love to put pencil to paper instead of typing can get limited-edition pencils sent four times a year. Blackwing subscribers get a 12-pack of each new design for $99 a year, plus $12 for shipping. Past pencils have paid tribute to John Steinbeck and Ada Lovelace. Each shipment includes a sealed pencil archive tube and other goods just for the subscriber. The next edition is available in September.

Skulls Unlimited Bonebox

This monthly box of bones includes osteological specimens, or items relating to the skeleton. For $24.99 a month, bone collectors can get professionally cleaned natural animal bones prepared with the use of dermestid beetles. Past boxes have included skulls, teeth, baculum, claws, and other skeletal remains. Due to wildlife export restrictions, the Bonebox is only available to the lower 48 states, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Bullymake dog toys

Dogs who have been dubbed “power chewers” can destroy toys quickly. Bullymake fills monthly subscription boxes with durable goods meant to last for at least two weeks.

Starting at $39, subscribers get five to six toys, and treats tailored to a dog’s weight and allergies that are guaranteed to hold up for at least 14 days.


Dogs aren’t the only pets that can get monthly treats and toys. Starting at $11, rat owners can get a box of three items a month for their furry friends. Have more than a couple of rats? A $20 subscription gets owners a box of six items. Guinea pigs can get their own box, too.

Papirmass art box

For those who want to keep up with new artists, check out the art box from Papirmass. A three-month subscription costs $36—$12 a month. Sign up for a year and pay $96—$8 a month. Each box contains a print, a creative activity, and an interview from the artist.

Try The World food box

Food-lovers can experience flavors from around the world with a subscription to Try The World. For $39 a month, get a box of seven to eight international gourmet foods, including drinks, snacks, and cooking ingredients. Just want snacks? Try the $19 option.  

Avocado Monthly

Never run out of ingredients for avocado toast again. Get six avocados a month for $29.50. Want more? Opt for a box of nine for $40. Subscribers can also choose three-, six-, or nine-month supplies.

WinkCrate prescription glasses

Tired of wearing the same pair of glasses every day? For $32.95 a month, WinkCrate offers a monthly subscription that sends a different pair of prescription glasses with each box.


The popularity of this gooey, tactile substance is on the rise. Now slime-lovers can join the subscription game for $15 a month. Each shipment includes slime itself and slime-themed items and candy.   

Cat Lady Box

There is no shortage of subscription boxes for cat owners. For $34.99, the Cat Lady Box sends two to three cat-themed items like clothing, jewelry, or decorations for the home. Sorry, no items for actual cats come in the box.

Just Married Box

This subscription nudges newly married couples to turn their wedding day into a wedding-year celebration. Get one box of memory-making ideas, like making breakfast in bed, for $35. Get three boxes for $33 each or six boxes for $30 apiece.

Fancy Sprinkles

Bakers who like some variation in their decorations can subscribe to Fancy Sprinkles. For $21, get a new box each month with a set of three 4-ounce jars of premium sprinkles. Each shipment contains two deluxe sprinkle blends and one metallic sprinkle blend.

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