Del Norte County, CA monthly real estate update

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July 5, 2023
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Del Norte County, CA monthly real estate update

Stacker compiled statistics about real estate prices in Del Norte County using data from Statistics are as of May 2023.

The median listing price in the United States was $441,445 in May, which is 0.91% higher than a year ago. Del Norte County has the 20th lowest median listing price per square foot out of 57 counties in California. Del Norte also has the 10th lowest active listings in the state.

Del Norte County real estate by the numbers
- Median list price: $447,450
--- 2.7% increase from April
--- 0.5% decrease from a year ago
- Active listing count: 78 (26 new listings)
- Median days on the market: 58 days
- Price increased count: 0
- Price reduced count: 14
- Median listing price per square foot: $268.0 per square foot

Counties with the highest median listing price in California
#1. Santa Barbara County: $2,017,500
#2. San Mateo County: $1,890,416
#3. Napa County: $1,781,750
#4. Santa Clara County: $1,592,625
#5. Marin County: $1,496,500

Counties with the lowest median listing price in California
#1. Alpine County: $41,175
#2. Modoc County: $229,950
#3. Lassen County: $312,500
#4. Siskiyou County: $357,000
#5. Imperial County: $359,900

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