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Biggest blown leads by the San Francisco 49ers

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May 5, 2022
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Biggest blown leads by the San Francisco 49ers

When the Cincinnati Bengals blew a 4-point lead over the Los Angeles Rams with 1:25 left in the 2022 Super Bowl, crushing though it was for Cincy fans, it fell far short of the biggest blown lead in Super Bowl history. That dubious honor falls to the 25-point margin the Atlanta Falcons gave up to the New England Patriots five years earlier. Nor did it come close to the record 32-point blown lead in one particular 1993 NFL playoff game.

Any time your favorite team blows a lead, it's heartbreaking. On the flip side, nothing is more thrilling than seeing your squad come back from a seemingly insurmountable deficit to take the win. Every football fan has certainly been on both sides of that equation, but it's those blown leads, those wasted advantages, that linger in the heart and mind and draw up calls for tougher effort and smarter play-calling in post-game press conferences.

To that end, OLBG researched details on the biggest blown lead by the San Francisco 49ers and ranked them by just how crushing the comeback was. In the case of a tie, rank was awarded to the most recent game.

The 2022 Super Bowl stung and astounded in equal measure. As a very recent example of the kind of roughshod, take-it-in-the-teeth result every team in the league has faced, for good or ill, its memory serves as a good appetizer to this list of each team's worst (or best, depending on your allegiance) day.

Keep reading to find out your team's biggest blown leads, or see the list for every NFL team here.

#5. San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings (10/24/1965)
- Blown lead: 21
- Final score: Minnesota Vikings 42, San Francisco 49ers 41

#4. San Francisco 49ers vs. New Orleans Saints (11/23/1969)
- Blown lead: 21
- Final score: New Orleans Saints 43, San Francisco 49ers 38

#3. San Francisco 49ers vs. San Diego Chargers (12/20/2014)
- Blown lead: 21
- Final score: San Diego Chargers 38, San Francisco 49ers 35

#2. San Francisco 49ers vs. Phoenix Cardinals (11/6/1988)
- Blown lead: 23
- Final score: Phoenix Cardinals 24, San Francisco 49ers 23

#1. San Francisco 49ers vs. Minnesota Vikings (12/4/1977)
- Blown lead: 24
- Final score: Minnesota Vikings 28, San Francisco 49ers 27

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