Delaware girls high school basketball rankings

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March 27, 2023

Delaware girls high school basketball rankings

From the farm-fueled towns of the heartland to the bustling concrete canyons on the coast, high school girls basketball is a cultural touchstone.

Basketball engages nearly 400,000 girls to join high school teams per year, according to 2021-22 data from the National Federation of State High School Associations. With almost 18,000 high schools maintaining girls teams, basketball is the most widely offered girls high school sport, beating out track and field and volleyball. Such data paints a clear picture of the sport's cultural impact.

And girls basketball dates back over a century. Iowa, for instance, traces its girls state championship history to 1920. That timeline doesn't lag far behind boys' basketball: Illinois' boys state championship began just 13 years before Iowa's girls event. However, girls across the country weren't given equal representation and support in the sport until the passage of the gender equality act known as Title IX in 1972. Since the arrival of that legislation, girls participation in basketball—and sports as a whole—exploded. Now, girls play basketball in high school gyms across all 50 states.

To dig into competition data behind the ever-growing sport of high school girls basketball, Stacker compiled statewide rankings in Delaware using MaxPreps. MaxPreps' rankings factor in win-loss record, win quality, and strength of schedule. Keep reading to find out which schools top the girls basketball charts in Delaware.

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Division I

1. Cape Henlopen (Lewes): 20-3 (14-0 in Henlopen - Northern), 16.4 rating
2. Smyrna: 15-7 (11-4 in Henlopen - Northern), 8.4 rating
3. Polytech (Woodside): 16-6 (11-3 in Henlopen - Northern), 8.1 rating
4. Appoquinimink (West Middletown): 12-6 (6-0 in Blue Hen Flight - A), 7.5 rating, 3 straight losses
5. St. Georges Tech (Middletown): 11-8 (6-1 in Blue Hen Flight - A), 6.4 rating

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Division II

1. Sanford (Hockessin): 18-2 (8-0 in Independent Schools), 28.9 rating, 12 straight wins
2. Ursuline Academy (Wilmington): 22-2 (5-0 in Catholic), 27.8 rating
3. Tatnall (Wilmington): 13-4 (4-3 in Independent Schools), 20.4 rating, 3 straight wins
4. Caravel (Bear): 16-7, 18.1 rating, 2 straight losses
5. DuPont (Wilmington): 12-2 (3-0 in Blue Hen Flight - B), 12.6 rating

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