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The status of new cybersecurity laws proposed in Florida

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April 14, 2023

This story originally appeared on Drata and was produced and distributed in partnership with Stacker Studio.

The status of new cybersecurity laws proposed in Florida

As employers in the private and public sectors adjust to the advent of flexible work over the last two years, they're simultaneously trying to protect their organizations from attackers looking to steal and sell data.

2021 was a year defined by significant cyberattacks that crippled infrastructure and shut down hospitals, schools, and municipal governments. It's the same year the Colonial Pipeline, which supplies gasoline to millions living in the Northeast U.S., was hobbled by a ransomware attack that triggered a gas panic and elevated prices for consumers.

And lawmakers were paying attention—passing dozens of laws in 2022 aimed at training workers, securing government agencies, and funneling money into cybersecurity education programs.

Drata compiled a list of new cybersecurity-related legislation in Florida through February 2023 based on data collected by the National Conference of State Legislatures.

States that passed the most cybersecurity legislation in the past year:

#1. Maryland - 8 laws enacted

#2. Florida - 4

#3 (tie). Virginia - 3

#3 (tie). Kentucky - 3

Florida new cybersecurity laws in 2022
- Bills enacted: 4
- Bills failed: 10
- Bills vetoed: 0

FL HB 5001
- Description: Makes appropriations, provides moneys for the annual period beginning on specified date, and ending on specified date, and supplemental appropriations for the period ending on specified date, to pay salaries and other expenses, capital outlay buildings and other improvements, and for other specified purposes of the various agencies of state government.
- Read more about the bill here

FL HB 5003
- Description: Implements the 2022-2023 General Appropriations act, incorporates by reference certain calculations of the Florida Education Finance Program, provides that funds for instructional materials must be released and expended as required in the General Appropriations Act, extends for 1 fiscal year specified charter school capital outlay funding provisions, provides for the future expiration and reversion of specified statutory text.
- Read more about the bill here

FL HB 7055
- Description: Relates to cybersecurity, requires the Department of Management Services, acting through the Florida Digital Service, to develop and publish guidelines and processes for reporting cybersecurity incidents, requires state agencies to report ransomware incidents and certain cybersecurity incidents to certain entities within specified timeframes, requires the Cybersecurity Operations Center to provide certain notifications to the Legislature within a specified timeframe.
- Read more about the bill here

FL HB 7057
- Description: Relates to public records and public meetings, provides an exemption from public records requirements for certain information related to a cybersecurity incident or ransomware incident held by a local government, state agency, or sheriff.
- Read more about the bill here

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