Best community colleges in Maine

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March 15, 2022
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Best community colleges in Maine

Long gone are the days when education levels weren't inherently tied to income levels. Twenty-first-century teens as young as high school freshmen consider what colleges are available to them sooner rather than later to make a decent living in the long run.

Be it grades or money, many young adults choose the more convenient option of community college to begin their undergraduate education: 41% of all undergrads are in a two-year school, according to the American Association of Community Colleges. When it comes down to education and numbers, a community college's annual tuition and fees are significantly less than four-year schools no matter which way the data is sliced. Stacker compiled a list of the best community colleges in Maine using rankings from Niche. These community colleges offer a great reason to consider a two-year education before moving on to a four-year school. If considering a continued education, these community colleges are a perfect place to start.

#3. York County Community College (Wells)
- Niche grade: B-
- Net price: $8,456

#2. Northern Maine Community College (Presque Isle)
- Niche grade: B-
- Net price: $9,262

#1. Eastern Maine Community College (Bangor)
- Niche grade: B-
- Net price: $10,228

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