Where people in Cumberland are looking to buy homes

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November 15, 2023

Where people in Cumberland are looking to buy homes

Home prices are largely starting to normalize across the country, but remain high even as the number of homes for sale continues to decline.

Record-high mortgage rates are keeping homes largely unaffordable for most buyers. Even a percentage point increase can increase a monthly mortgage payment by more than $100.

That's causing potential homeowners to expand their searches outside costly urban cores, especially when they can work from home.

Stacker examined data from Realtor.com's Cross-Market Demand Report to see where people in Cumberland are looking to buy homes. View share is based on page views of active listings during the third quarter of 2023 on Realtor.com. It does not include international viewers.

Continue reading to see where people in Cumberland are shopping for their next house.

#10. New York, New York

- Makes up 1.7% of all page views

#9. Somerset, Pennsylvania

- Makes up 1.9% of all page views

#8. Salisbury, Maryland

- Makes up 2.6% of all page views

#7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- Makes up 2.8% of all page views

#6. Baltimore, Maryland

- Makes up 3.2% of all page views

#5. Hagerstown, Maryland

- Makes up 3.5% of all page views

#4. Winchester, Virginia

- Makes up 3.9% of all page views

#3. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

- Makes up 4.1% of all page views

#2. Washington, Washington D.C.

- Makes up 5.5% of all page views

#1. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

- Makes up 17.5% of all page views

This story features data reporting and writing by Elena Cox and is part of a series utilizing data automation across 313 metros.

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