How the avian influenza has impacted Montana

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July 25, 2022
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How the avian influenza has impacted Montana

The avian influenza appears to be winding down across the United States, following a precipitous drop off in reported cases since April. So far, zero commercial flocks and just seven backyard flocks have reported cases in July. 

Since the outbreak began in January 2022, more than 40 million birds across 201 counties have been killed, either by the virus itself or intentionally culled to prevent further spread of the highly pathogenic disease. Table egg layers, or domesticated chickens grown primarily to produce eggs for human consumption, represent 30 million of the total affected population.

Other affected groups include commercial chickens, turkeys, and ducks grown for meat sale, breeders, gamebirds, hobbyists' flocks, petting zoo birds, and wild birds.

Stacker compiled statistics on the avian influenza in Montana using data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The data is current as of July 24, 2022.

- Number of birds affected in Montana: 78,460
--- #16 most birds affected among all states
--- 0.2% of all birds affected nationwide

Counties with the most birds affected in Montana
#1. Glacier: 54,200 birds affected (69.1% of all cases in Montana)
#2. Cascade: 22,000 (28.0%)
#3. Pondera: 2,000 (2.5%)
#4. Fergus: 130 (0.2%)
#5. Missoula: 70 (0.1%)
#6. Judith Basin: 20 (0.0%)
#7. Gallatin: 20 (0.0%)
#8. Toole: 20 (0.0%)

States with the most birds affected
#1. Iowa: 13.4 million
#2. Nebraska: 4.9 million
#3. Pennsylvania: 4.2 million
#4. Colorado: 3.6 million
#5. Wisconsin: 3.0 million

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