Washoe County, NV monthly unemployment update

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June 28, 2023
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Washoe County, NV monthly unemployment update

Stacker compiled statistics about the unemployment rate in Washoe County using data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. County and metro unemployment rates are as of April 2023.

Washoe County had a 4.0% unemployment rate in April 2023, marking a 0.4 percentage point decrease from a month ago. Nevada reported a 5.4% unemployment rate in May, which is the highest in the country. The national unemployment rate last month rose to 3.7% but is still 0.1 percentage points higher than last year.

The unemployment rate in the Reno, NV metropolitan area was 4.0%. Reno has the 136th highest unemployment out of 887 metro and micro areas surveyed in the country.

Counties with the highest unemployment rate in Nevada
#1. Nye County: 6.1%
#2. Lyon County: 5.6%
#3. Clark County: 5.5%
#4. Mineral County: 4.6%
#5. Lincoln County: 4.5%

Counties with the lowest unemployment rate in Nevada
#1. Eureka County: 3.4%
#2. Humboldt County: 3.5%
#2. Lander County: 3.5%
#2. White Pine County: 3.5%
#5. Elko County: 3.7%

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