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Here are the top-selling used cars in the New York metro area

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September 18, 2023
This story was produced by CoPilot and reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media.

Here are the top-selling used cars in the New York metro area

CoPilot analyzed national sales data to uncover the 50 top-selling used cars in the New York-Newark-Jersey City, NY-NJ-PA metro area.

New York City is a melting pot of cultures and lifestyles, all on the move. Gone are the days when just any car would do. Today's New Yorkers crave versatility. Having the right car is key – reliable, versatile, and ready to tackle everything from city streets to weekend getaways. Let's take a closer look at the top-selling used cars in the New York metro area!

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The 50 top-selling used cars in the New York metro area

New York City, a city that never stops moving, needs cars that can keep up. Looking at the top 50 used cars in the NYC metro area for May 2024 reveals a fascinating mix of practicality, efficiency, and a touch of luxury.

Crossovers are the undisputed champions, with the Honda CR-V, Toyota RAV4, and Nissan Rogue leading the pack. These versatile vehicles offer the perfect blend: city maneuverability for navigating tight streets, comfortable seating for passengers, and enough cargo space for a weekend escape from the urban jungle. Their higher ground clearance might even come in handy for conquering the occasional pothole or uneven city street.

However, practicality isn't the only factor influencing car choices in NYC. A touch of luxury is evident with the inclusion of BMW and Lexus models like the 3 Series and RX. This suggests a niche market for those who prioritize a more refined driving experience and premium features, even in a used car purchase.

Interestingly, fuel efficiency is emerging as a potential contender in car buying decisions. Though hybrid and electric vehicles haven't cracked the top 10 yet, the presence of models like the Toyota Highlander, known for offering hybrid options, hints at a growing interest. Rising gas prices or environmental consciousness could be driving this trend, and it's one worth watching as it might influence future used car markets.

The popularity of crossovers could also be linked to the city's proximity to outdoor recreation areas. These versatile vehicles provide the capability to handle both city streets and weekend escapes into nature. While the lack of minivans in the top 10 might suggest a preference for smaller, more maneuverable vehicles in the city's dense environment, the presence of the Honda Odyssey and Toyota Sienna in the latter half of the list indicates a market for families who prioritize practicality and spaciousness.

The NYC metro area's used car market, much like the city itself, is a dynamic and practical place. Crossovers reign supreme for their versatility, while reliable sedans remain popular for everyday commutes. Trucks cater to specific needs for work or recreation, and a measured presence of luxury vehicles offers a touch of refinement. Whether you prioritize practicality, efficiency, a touch of luxury, or the versatility of a crossover, the NYC used car market offers a diverse range of options to match your needs.

The list of top-selling used cars was created with CoPilot's proprietary PricePulse data, which monitors the online inventory of virtually every dealer in the country, every day. The vehicles sold in the area were tracked and aggregated. The data was then ranked from highest to lowest in terms of sales to create the top 50 top-selling used cars list. Read more here about the most popular used cars across the U.S.

This story was produced by CoPilot and reviewed and distributed by Stacker Media.


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