Oklahoma is the #9 state with the most power outages in the last year

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November 20, 2021

Oklahoma is the #9 state with the most power outages in the last year

An aging power infrastructure and a growing climate crisis have left U.S. residents increasingly in the dark. Traditionally, power outages are caused by singular disruptions—a car rams into a pole, equipment fails, or a tree falls onto a power line. These incidents usually affect small areas for short periods. However, as the changing climate spurs more natural disasters, power outages also become more frequent and severe.

Stacker analyzed data from the Department of Energy to identify the states that have experienced the most power outages since the start of 2021. Data was available through June 2021, so it does not include more recent natural disasters like Hurricane Ida. These states do share one severe weather incident: the arctic blast that caused record low temperatures across 48 states in February 2021.

Read on to find out how many power outages your state has experienced this year, or check out the top 15 here.

Oklahoma by the numbers

- Total electric disturbance events (2021): 7
--- Most common cause: severe weather

- Total electric disturbance events (2020): 8
--- Most common cause: severe weather

High winds and lightning storms contribute to Oklahoma's power outages. In July 2020, winds of up to 80 miles per hour left 40,000 people in the Tulsa area without power. Three months later, the state issued its first-ever October ice storm warning and experienced its most severe storm in at least five years, which left more than 300,000 residents without power.

These outages are life-threatening in more ways than one. Power outages leave residents without air conditioning or heating, making them susceptible to heatstroke or hypothermia. Furthermore, improper use of alternative energy sources like grills or gas-powered generators can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

During an outage, hospitals resort to contingency plans to power only the most vital equipment. Accessibility is hindered as motorized stair lifts and elevators stop functioning. Prolonged power outages also disrupt the food supply chain. Factories pause or halt production, warehouses stop loading trucks, and stores lose perishable food.

Keep reading to see which states had the most and least power outages this year.

States with the most power outages in the last year

#1. Texas: 66 total electric disturbance events (2021)
#2. Louisiana: 19 total electric disturbance events (2021)
#3. California: 15 total electric disturbance events (2021)

States with the least power outages in the last year

#1. West Virginia: 1 total electric disturbance events (2021)
#2. Virginia: 1 total electric disturbance events (2021)
#3. Tennessee: 1 total electric disturbance events (2021)

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