Nazareth: A town in Pennsylvania or just festive vocabulary?

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December 10, 2021
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Nazareth: A town in Pennsylvania or just festive vocabulary?

Can you imagine living in a town where it's Christmas all year round? From coincidental names like Garland and Snowflake to over-the-top holiday tributes (like the town that changed its name to a Secret Santa website), cities across the country are more than happy to embrace their wintry names—regardless of season or climate.

Using information from the United States Census Bureau, Stacker found 29 cities and towns across America with names that embody the spirit of Christmas. Some towns take the festivities more seriously than others—think Christmas-themed streets, year-round Yuletide attractions, and huge holiday markets—while others reflect on the story behind the season. Let's take a virtual sleigh ride across America as we learn about these festively named locations and the different ways they celebrate.

Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

- Founded: 1741

About two hours north of Philadelphia, the city of Bethlehem calls itself "Christmas City, USA." Originally a Moravian settlement, the community was christened Bethlehem on Christmas Eve of its first year in existence. It now pays tribute to its German roots with its annual Christkindlmarkt, a European-inspired Christmas market recognized as one of the best in the country.

Nazareth, Pennsylvania

- Founded: 1740

Like Bethlehem, Nazareth is another Pennsylvania community founded by Moravian missionaries and named for a town from the Bible. To celebrate the season, the local Moravian Historical Society hosts an annual Christmas in Nazareth event that features storytelling, traditional treats and decorations, and craft merchants.

Continue reading to learn about other cities and towns named after Christmas in your neck of the woods, or read the national story here.

New York

- Founded: 1949

Nestled in New York's Adirondack Mountains, North Pole is a small town that pulls out all the stops. It's the home of Santa's Workshop, one of the first American theme parks, which is open year-round for visitors craving holiday magic. Naturally, the festivities peak in December, with this charming destination holding special family weekends and events throughout the month.


- Founded: 1846

Here's yet another town dedicated to old Saint Nick. Originally called Santa Fe, this Indiana town changed its name to Santa Claus and was once home to a decorative sleigh manufacturer. The area features a theme park called Holiday World & Splashin' Safari, an annual 1.2-mile Santa Claus Land of Lights, and a live reindeer exhibit.

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