Pennsylvania is the #2 state that has hosted the most US Opens in golf history

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June 15, 2022
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Pennsylvania is the #2 state that has hosted the most US Opens in golf history

Like the Olympics, golf’s U.S. Open changes venues every time it’s held, moving from one prestigious golf or country club to another in different parts of the country. Some states have never hosted one, while states with numerous prominent golf courses have hosted many, led by New York’s 20. Oddly, though it is the state with the most golf courses in America, Florida has never been awarded a U.S. Open.

Stacker has ranked the 10 states that have hosted the U.S. Open the most times, using data from the U.S. Open website and other sources. The national ranking includes The Country Club in Massachusetts as the host of the 2022 U.S. Open, taking place June 16-19. Alongside the number of times each state has hosted the tournament, every course that has hosted is also listed, including the first and last in each state.

The U.S. Open is the third of four Grand Slam tournaments, also called the “majors.” The others are the Masters, the PGA Championship, and the British Open. The U.S. Open offers the biggest purse of the four.

Check out how many U.S. Opens your state has hosted below, or find the overall top 10 list here.

Pennsylvania by the numbers

- Times hosted: 17
- First: Philadelphia Cricket Club, 1907
- Last: Oakmont Country Club, 2016
- All host courses (times hosted): Oakmont Country Club (9), Merion Golf Club (4), Philadelphia Cricket Club (2), Philadelphia Country Club, Merion Cricket Club

No country club has hosted more U.S. Opens than Oakmont with its tight fairways, deep bunkers, and sloping greens. The Pittsburgh-area club has been the site of some stirring showdowns, notably Jack Nicklaus’ playoff win over Arnold Palmer in 1962. Nine years later, Nicklaus was on the losing end of a playoff against Lee Trevino on the Philadelphia area’s Merion course.

Among the other U.S. Open winners in the 20th century were Byron Nelson at Philadelphia Country Club in 1939; Ben Hogan at Merion in 1950 and Oakmont in 1953; Johnny Miller at Oakmont in 1973 (when he shot a U.S. Open record 63 on the fourth round); and Ernie Els at Oakmont in 1994.

British citizen Justin Rose at Merion in 2013 and Dustin Johnson at Oakmont in 2016 are the two most recent champions in Pennsylvania. The 2007 U.S. Open at Oakmont was arguably the most riveting as Argentina’s Angel Cabrera became the first South American to win the Open with a one-stroke win over Tiger Woods and Jim Furyk in 2007.

North Carolina will move onto the top 10 list soon as the PGA has announced that Pinehurst Resort & Country Club will host the 2024, 2029, 2035, 2041, and 2047 U.S. Opens as an “anchor” site for the event. Pinehurst has already hosted three U.S. Opens.

Read on to see which states have hosted the most U.S. Opens in golf history.

States that have hosted the most U.S. Opens in golf history

#1. New York: 20 times
#2. Pennsylvania: 17 times
#3. California: 14 times

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