Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' questions about dogs?

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August 22, 2022
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Can you answer these real 'Jeopardy!' questions about dogs?

Do you know your Boston terriers from your French bulldogs? What about the lineage of the original boxer, or the name of the dog who waited faithfully for his dead owner to come back from a train station in Japan? If you're a trivia hound—or a fan of trivia about hounds—you'll want to put your knowledge to the test.

Stacker compiled a list of 25 trivia questions about dogs, covering everything from breed origins and name translations to pup superstars and their ancestors. All of the clues and answers are pulled from real-life "Jeopardy!" questions using the J! Archive, a fan-created database of "Jeopardy!" games, players, and scores.  

You don't have to love dogs to appreciate this list—"Jeopardy!" fans will be equally impressed. For each clue, you'll learn what category it was in, how much it was worth, and when the episode with that clue originally aired. And, of course, you'll learn the correct response. Has your favorite dog breed been featured on "Jeopardy!"? Read on to find out.

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Clue #1

- Clue: Bred for draft work, this state dog of New Hampshire shares its name with a wind, a salmon, and a helicopter.
- Category: American Dogs
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: June 7, 2018

Answer #1: What is a Chinook?

The first the world heard of a Chinook was from an Antarctic expedition in the 1920s. They were bred to be sled dogs; now, they enjoy all types of outdoor activities.

Clue #2

- Clue: Nick Carter, one of the most famous of this breed, was able to follow a trail more than 100 hours old.
- Category: Don't Hound Me!
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: June 1, 2015

Answer #2: What is a bloodhound?

The ancestor of today's bloodhound is the St. Hubert Hound. It is believed that William the Conqueror brought them with him to England in 1066, and 800 years later, the bloodhounds we know today appeared.

Clue #3

- Clue: This dog, of which there are more than 20 breeds, takes its name from the Latin word for "earth."
- Category: Word Origins
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: Nov. 19, 2010

Answer #3: What is a terrier?

Terriers of all types have high energy levels, thanks to their being bred as hunting and guard dogs. To keep them looking up to kennel club standards, they require a special grooming style called stripping.

Clue #4

- Clue: This dog famous for the crest along its spine was developed in South Africa.
- Category: Dogs
- Value: $1,000
- Date episode aired: Nov. 16, 1994

Answer #4: What is a Rhodesian ridgeback?

The ridge along the Rhodesian ridgeback's back is hair growing in the opposite direction than the rest of its coat. It runs from the shoulders to the hips, with matching whorls on either side of the ridge at the top.

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Clue #5

- Clue: John Steinbeck really went on "Travels with Charley"; Charley, or Charles le Chien, was this breed of dog.
- Category: John Steinbeck
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: June 26, 2012

Answer #5: What is a poodle?

Poodles are known for being hypoallergenic, shedding very little, and often having interesting haircuts. They need mental stimulation to be happy because they're an intelligent breed.

Clue #6

- Clue: For 10 years after his master's death, a dog of this breed waited daily for his return at a Tokyo train station.
- Category: I'll Be Doggone
- Value: $1,000
- Date episode aired: Dec. 22, 2009

Answer #6: What is an Akita?

Hachiko, the dog that waited for his deceased owner outside the train station, had a movie made about him in 2009. It's called "Hachi: A Dog's Tale" and stars Richard Gere.

Clue #7

- Clue: This dog breed was named for the German who developed it in the late 1800s.
- Category: I Love You, "Man"
- Value: $1,200
- Date episode aired: Sept. 23, 2013

Answer #7: What is a Doberman pinscher?

Karl Friedrich Louis Dobermann, a German tax collector and dog breeder, invented this breed to take with him when he went to collect taxes. They're often used by police and the military.

Clue #8

- Clue: Welsh for "dwarf dog," this herding dog was first raised in Cardigan, Wales.
- Category: Cats & Dogs
- Value: $1,700
- Date episode aired: March 17, 1988

Answer #8: What is the corgi?

Cardigan corgis are a different breed from Pembroke corgis. The Cardigan corgi has a tail and round ears, while the Pembroke corgi has a short or missing tail and pointed ears.

Clue #9

- Clue: An ASPCA program begun in 1992 promotes the adoption of these dogs when they retire from racing.
- Category: The ASPCA
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: Oct. 8, 1999

Answer #9: What are greyhounds?

Even though they compete outdoors, greyhounds are typically indoor pets. They have very short hair and little body fat, making them sensitive to cold temperatures.

Clue #10

- Clue: The xoloitzcuintli, resembling the Chihuahua, is the national dog of this country.
- Category: The Truth About Cats & Dogs
- Value: $600
- Date episode aired: July 7, 2000

Answer #10: What is Mexico?

The xoloitzcuintli is also known as the Mexican hairless dog. In folklore, he guided people to the underworld and was known to be a prophet.

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Clue #11

- Clue: A dog called Hooper's Judge is the ancestor of most of the modern dogs of this breed.
- Category: Boston Accents
- Value: $2,000
- Date episode aired: Nov. 24, 2014

Answer #11: What is a Boston terrier?

Bostons, also known as the American Gentleman, have unique personalities that vary based on the dog. They love to play, but don't need an overly large amount of exercise, making them good apartment dogs.

Clue #12

- Clue: The Saint Bernard rescues men from mountains; the Newfoundland rescues men from this.
- Category: Dogs
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: Dec. 23, 1985

Answer #12: What is the sea?

Newfoundlands have webbed feet, so they can swim quite well. Not only are they strong enough to save someone from drowning, but they can also pull up heavy fishing nets.

Clue #13

- Clue: In the early 19th century, Barry, a dog of this breed, saved more than 40 people in the Swiss Alps.
- Category: Good Dog!
- Value: $100
- Date episode aired: June 21, 2001

Answer #13: What is a Saint Bernard?

In the 1600s, Saint Bernards became known as rescue dogs. They were quite skilled at finding lost people in the snow and keeping them warm by snuggling beside them and licking their faces.

Clue #14

- Clue: Like the chow, the shar-pei is noted for having this blue-black organ.
- Category: Cats & Dogs
- Value: $300
- Date episode aired: Jan. 17, 1996

Answer #14: What is the tongue?

"Shar-pei" refers to the dog's coat; it means "sand skin" in Chinese. The typical shar-pei coat is short and rough like sandpaper.

Clue #15

- Clue: A dog of this breed, named Buddy, became the first guide dog in the U.S. in the 1920s.
- Category: A Real Dog & Pony Show
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: Oct. 22, 2002

Answer #15: What is a German shepherd?

German shepherds train well, making them the perfect working companions for police and first responders. These dogs helped with search and rescue missions during 9/11.

Clue #16

- Clue: It's the national dog of France, even though it originated in Germany.
- Category: Dogs
- Value: $400
- Date episode aired: Nov. 29, 1989

Answer #16: What is the French poodle?

Technically, the "French poodle" breed doesn't exist. In France, they're known as the Caniche and hunt ducks.

Clue #17

- Clue: A breed of dog: "CLL."
- Category: Missing Vowels
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: Sept. 30, 2003

Answer #17: What is a collie?

Originally, collies were bred to herd sheep and cows. They became indoor family pets in the 19th century when Queen Victoria took a liking to them.

Clue #18

- Clue: This dog got its name from the habit of striking out with its front paws.
- Category: Dogs
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: Nov. 29, 1989

Answer #18: What is a boxer?

The American boxer became popular in the late 1930s thanks to four dogs: Sigurd, Lustig, Utz, and Dorian. They all became champions after coming to the U.S. and were referred to as "The Four Horsemen of Boxerdom."

Clue #19

- Clue: This toy dog seems to be named for a Mediterranean island, but might be named for Melita, Sicily.
- Category: Walking the Dog
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: July 21, 2004

Answer #19: What is a Maltese?

Malteses would choose to sit on your lap and lounge around all day if they could. But they need firm boundaries, exercise, and a clear idea of who's in charge.

Clue #20

- Clue: This smallest recognized dog breed may derive from another tiny animal, the fennec fox.
- Category: It's a Small World
- Value: $1,200
- Date episode aired: July 4, 2011

Answer #20: What is a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are best suited for single-dog households. They can be jealous and protective and often prefer to cohabitate only with other Chihuahuas.

Clue #21

- Clue: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a Bouvier de New York; a fine cattle-herding dog is the Bouvier de this.
- Category: Cats & Dogs
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: Oct. 19, 2005

Answer #21: What is the Bouvier des Flandres?

These dogs have a massive head, complete with a beard, mustache, and shaggy eyebrows. They're huge, but calm and docile as well.

Clue #22

- Clue: This hound with a six-letter name hunts by sight, not scent, and was used to hunt wolves in Russia.
- Category: Dogs
- Value: $1,600
- Date episode aired: Oct. 20, 2006

Answer #22: What is a borzoi?

The borzoi used to be called the Russian wolfhound. The name was changed in 1936 to match international kennel names. "Borzoi" means "swift" in Russian.

Clue #23

- Clue: This was the first dog breed to collect admissible evidence for American courts of law.
- Category: Animals
- Value: $800
- Date episode aired: Sept. 23, 2016

Answer #23: What is a bloodhound?

Bloodhounds excel at tracking. They have a higher number than normal of olfactory sensors in their noses—300 million, in fact, the most out of all dogs.

Clue #24

- Clue: Hey, Lassie, the name of this dog breed may come from a Scottish word meaning "sooty with coal dust."
- Category: Word Origins
- Value: $200
- Date episode aired: Nov. 12, 1997

Answer #24: What is a collie?

Contrary to popular belief, collies were not bred to be rescue dogs. They tend to be standoffish toward other people, choosing instead to observe instead of participating in search and rescue.

Clue #25

- Clue: This royal dog of Egypt was named for a town in Arabia.
- Category: What's in a Dog's Name
- Value: $1,000
- Date episode aired: Jan. 10, 2000

Answer #25: What is a Saluki?

Salukis were once hunting dogs for kings. They're tall and slim but will eat the food of any other animal in the house if they're not watched.

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