Do you know your state's signature drink? Find out South Dakota's here

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March 24, 2022

Do you know your state's signature drink? Find out South Dakota's here

Every U.S. state has something it's proud of—and that's especially true of its signature drinks. These are drinks that locals love and ones tourists love to seek out. You know the ones we're talking about. Can you imagine a trip to California without a glass of Napa Valley red wine? Or breezing through Seattle without a piping-hot cup of coffee? Sometimes it's the signature drink that helps to solidify a destination's character.

There is no hard-and-fast rule when it comes to defining a state's signature drink. Some states even have drinks that are designated as their official state beverages. In fact, the most popular state beverage across the country is, believe it or not, milk—19 states claim milk as their official state beverage. And then there are other states that are well-known for their drinks, like Nebraska and its Red Beer, a concoction of beer and tomato juice similar to Mexico's "Ojo Rojo" hangover cure. There are also drinks like sweet tea with vodka from South Carolina or Jack Daniel's from Tennessee. These drinks are state icons, even if they don't have official state symbol status. Tourists and locals alike always seem to find a reason to seek them out and do a taste test for themselves in order to embrace the flavors of our 50 states.

So what are the signature drinks from every state? Stacker looked at official state websites, news, culinary profiles, and historic reports that tie specific beverages to states across the country. Some states had several drinks in the running, so in those cases, the majority ruled.

Are you ready to discover signature beverages from across the country? In fact, do you even know the signature drink from your home state? Read on to discover which drink is your state's favorite, or explore the entire national list here.

South Dakota: South Dakota martini

It's not fancy or elaborate, but it's a South Dakota classic. The South Dakota martini is simple: take any light draft beer and add a briny pickle spear, per the Argus Leader. That's about it, and it's all you need.

Continue reading to see other signature drinks in your region.

Iowa: Frozen blue water margarita

West Okoboji Lake is one of Iowa's biggest claims to fame. In fact, the naturally blue lake is so beloved that it inspired Iowa's signature drink, the frozen blue water margarita. According to Taste of Home, the cocktail is made like the classic margarita with tequila, Cointreau, and lime. The brilliant blue comes from Blue Curacao.

Minnesota: Milk

Producing more than 9 billion pounds of milk per year, according to the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State, the state designated—you guessed it—milk as its official beverage in 1984. Minnesota ranks eighth in dairy production in the United States.

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