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A movie to watch for everyday of this month

  • A movie to watch for everyday this month

    The most captivating films take on special meaning when watched in the right context. Loved ones curling up for a warm holiday viewing of “Love Actually” may feel a new sense of relatability while surrounded by friends and family. Meanwhile, taking in David Oyelowo’s “Selma” on Martin Luther King Day unlocks an even deeper sense of connection to the life of MLK. Picking the right time to take in a film can make the experience all the more compelling.

    For those looking for that ideal movie in June, Stacker looked to Carphone Warehouse’s “Massive Movie Calendar” which features a carefully curated film for each day of the month. Each film relates in a unique way to the suggested viewing day, drawing on anniversaries, milestones for the directors and cast, or a deeper historical significance for the theme and subjects involved.

  • June 1: Inglourious Basterds

    Why you should watch it: In chapter 3 of this war-action-fantasy about a fictional revenge squad hellbent on assassinating Nazi leaders, French Jewish orphan Shosanna Dreyfus assumes the identity of 'Emmanuelle Mimieux.' The film is set in early June 1944, after the D-Day landings.

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  • June 2: Quills

    Why you should watch it: The Marquis de Sade, whose writing conceived the term 'sadism', was born on this day in 1740. Quills portrays the exploits of the Marquis while imprisoned in an insane asylum.

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  • June 3: Ali

    Why you should watch it: Charismatic boxing legend Muhammad Ali dies. This biographical film charts ten years of Ali's life, from his early days in the ring, criticism of the Vietnam War and imprisonment, to his monumental comeback fight and 'The Rumble in the Jungle'.

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  • June 4: Dunkirk

    Why you should watch it: Parliament, 1940. Winston Churchill makes his wartime speech "We shall fight them on the beaches." The desperate horror of Dunkirk unfolds as allied troops wait to be evacuated before Nazi forces invade.

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  • June 5: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

    Why you should watch it: Ferris and friends skip school on this day, steal a car, ride into town and sing a Beatles song on a milk float.

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  • June 6: Saving Private Ryan

    Why you should watch it: The anniversary of the D-Day landings. Watch Steven Spielberg's depiction of the bloody horror and panic of the Normandy Invasion.

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  • June 7: Juno

    Why you should watch it: It's loveable nerd Michael Cera's birthday. Witness the painful coming of age of two high school students in this heartwrenching drama and odd-ball comedy.

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  • June 8: Coalition

    Why you should watch it: In 2017, Theresa May's snap election results in a hung parliament. This drama, based on the events surrounding 2010's hung parliament, looks back at the previous time this happened in the UK.

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  • June 9: Edward Scissorhands

    Why you should watch it: It's Johnny Depp's birthday. Watch his breakthrough movie, a Tim Burton classic about a kind hearted artificial human and outcast called Edward, who struggles to fit in to suburban life.

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  • June 10: The Crucible

    Why you should watch it: The first hanging in the Salem Witch Trials took place in 1692. This adaptation by Arthur Miller of his own play charts the mounting hysteria in the town of Salem after a jealous mistress is spurned by her older lover and accuses his wife of witchcraft.

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