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100 best 'SNL' episodes

  • #90. Season 39, Episode 7 - Josh Hutcherson/HAIM

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 211
    - Air date: Nov. 23, 2013

    Josh Hutcherson's episode came early in a season that introduced several new cast members including Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett, and Mike O’Brien. The episode allowed all of them to showcase their talents, especially Bennett, who earned much praise from his excellent "Baby Boss" sketch.

  • #89. Season 40, Episode 9 - Martin Freeman/Charli XCX

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 217
    - Air date: Dec. 13, 2014

    From Taran Killam's take on Charlie Rose to Martin Freeman and Leslie Jones' doomed couple sketch, this holiday episode stands out as an absolute classic. Other memorable sketches include Freeman’s “Hobbit” / ”Office” mashup and Killam's version of “a comically robotic Alan Rickman.”

  • #88. Season 41, Episode 3 - Tracy Morgan/Demi Lovato

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 227
    - Air date: Oct. 17, 2015

    This episode marked Tracy Morgan's first appearance on “SNL” since his tragic car accident in 2014. He came on and delivered the classic jokes his fans have come to expect, while also reminding viewers that “SNL” is capable of poignancy, too.

  • #87. Season 39, Episode 1 - Tina Fey/Arcade Fire

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 233
    - Air date: Sept. 28, 2013

    With health care on everyone's minds, it was no surprise that the topic fueled much of the political material touched upon in the season 39 premiere. The material was given an extra boost thanks to several guest appearances by “Breaking Bad” star Aaron Paul.

  • #86. Season 1, Episode 1 - George Carlin/Billy Preston/Janis Ian

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 322
    - Air date: Oct. 11, 1975

    The first ever episode of “SNL” had to have nothing short of a legend as the host. George Carlin performed monologues throughout the inaugural outing as original cast member, as Chevy Chase, Garrett Morris, Dan Aykroyd, and Gilda Radner ushered in one of TV's most influential shows.

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  • #85. Season 42, Episode 2 - Lin-Manuel Miranda/Twenty One Pilots

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 351
    - Air date: Oct. 8, 2016

    "SNL" played on Lin-Manuel Miranda’s playwright background for an outrageous sketch called “Crucible Cast Party.” The highlight may have been the “Stranger Things” parody, however, in which the “Hamilton” creator plays Dustin.

  • #84. Season 42, Episode 1 - Margot Robbie/The Weeknd

    - IMDb user rating: 7.6
    - Votes: 374
    - Air date: Oct. 1, 2016

    Season 42 kicked things off with two new head writers—Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider—and a hysterical faux presidential debate between Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon's Hillary Clinton. It's amazing to think that the skit was so good that it overshadowed a superstar duo in "The Wolf of Wall Street" star Margot Robbie and R&B sensation The Weeknd.

  • #83. Season 4, Episode 7 - Walter Matthau

    - IMDb user rating: 7.7
    - Votes: 51
    - Air date: Dec. 2, 1978

    The late actor and comedian Walter Matthau hosted the December 1978 episode without a musical guest. The ensemble cast picked a soft-drink war at a Greek restaurant, and in lieu of the typical band appearance, Garrett Morris performed Mozart at Matthau’s request.

  • #82. Season 5, Episode 1 - Steve Martin/Blondie

    - IMDb user rating: 7.7
    - Votes: 65
    - Air date: Oct. 13, 1979

    At the “Weekend Update” desk, Jane Curtin and Bill Murray took on the headlines of the day, including the announcement of the 1980 Republican nominees and a visit to America from Fidel Castro. Steve Martin and Murray also play two tourists who wander onto the set of a TV show, shocked and confused by the studio audience.

  • #81. Season 3, Episode 15 - Christopher Lee/Meat Loaf

    - IMDb user rating: 7.7
    - Votes: 68
    - Air date: March 25, 1978

    The late Christopher Lee, famous for playing Count Dracula in a series of films from the 1950s–1970s and most recently Saruman in “The Lord of the Rings,” hosted the 1978 show when Dan Aykroyd was still writing and John Belushi still acting. Meat Loaf performed the hit “Two out of Three Ain’t Bad.”

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