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The richest country music stars

  • #6. George Strait

    - 2020 net worth: $300 million

    One of George Strait’s most famous songs almost didn’t make it into the world at all. After 10 years of a cool reception, the director of the movie “Pure Country” was looking for a song for the film’s end, and was directed to Strait’s “I Cross My Heart.”

  • #5. Garth Brooks

    - 2020 net worth: $330 million

    Garth Brooks is worth $330 million and still hard at work. The superstar is still touring, and in 2019 broke a record for ticket sales at Neyland Stadium where he sold more than 75,000 tickets for a single show.

  • #3. Toby Keith (tie)

    - 2020 net worth: $365 million

    Toby Keith is a famous country music star, but that doesn’t stop him from reaching out to new audiences. In 2019, the singer appeared on the ‘Late Night with Steven Colbert’ to perform a new song and reach any potential new fans who might not already be familiar with his work.

  • #3. Taylor Swift (tie)

    - 2020 net worth: $365 million

    The country singer turned international pop star has had a major 2020 with the release of her political coming out documentary and Sundance opener "Miss Americana" and mid-pandemic return to more humble roots via her newest album, "Folklore." Building on the tremendous success she's had since her discovery in Nashville at 15, Swift continues to stretch herself across new media ("Cats") and personally uncharted territory (social action) while using her growing wealth for good.

  • #2. Shania Twain

    - 2020 net worth: $400 million

    That Shania Twain has become one of the most successful country music stars of all time has not been because her path was always clear. The star had a vocal injury that resulted in the loss of her voice for 15 years, survived a violent childhood, and came out on top after an extremely difficult divorce.

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  • #1. Dolly Parton

    - 2020 net worth: $600 million

    Dolly Parton is worth half a billion dollars today, but the singer has been upfront in her music that she comes from essentially nothing. One of 12 children growing up in Appalachia, Parton’s family was poor—a reality she wrote about in one of her most famous songs, “Coat of Many Colors.”

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